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If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, thrill seeker, skier, hiker, biker, or virtually anything else, you can benefit from wearing an athletic belt. These are very similar to the fanny pack, they just got a major makeover. They are much more convenient and versatile now, with a much sleeker look.

This belt features a pocket for the soft eight-ounce flask that is included in your purchase. This pocket is on the front and it is expandable. On the back of the belt is a pocket that can easily fit your phone and headphones, unless you have a large phone. You can spin the belt around to have the back pocket in the front if you prefer. One customer reported that their Galaxy Note 9 fits in the pocket and that if the phone pocket is in the back it does not bounce, but it does in the front.

The belt as a whole is adjustable via a velcro strap. This belt is constructed from Polyamide, Elastane, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), and Polyester. These materials together will provide you with stability, flexible, stretchy comfort, and a lightweight load.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Ample storage for purpose
  • Trusted brand
  • Quality materials
  • Limited warranty
  • Some prefer buckle over velcro closure
  • Back pocket doesn’t close


With a passion for the French Alps, Georges Salomon opened his first workshop in 1947, focusing on ski edges at first. However, in 1957 he invented the first Salomon brand ski binding straps, called ‘le lift’. In 1966, the binding got an upgrade with a heelpiece that is self-released. This year also brought Salomon bindings to the Olympic Games for the first time, in Portillo, Chile.

In 1972, the company became the first binding manufacturer that sold more than one million pairs of bindings in one year. When the alpine boot line hit stores in 1979, it was an instant success. In 1980, France and Sweden were graced with the rolling out of the Nordic system binding and boots. Salomon opened doors to a new headquarters in Annecy in 1985. This year, sales also reached two hundred and fifty million euros!

By 1990, Salomon had already sold over five million pairs of cross country boots and over ten million pairs of their alpine boots. They launched their very first ski this year, naming it the s9000. Finally shining some light on summer sports, Salomon came out with their hiking shoes in 1992. It was also this year that their products made another appearance at the Olympic Games, this time in Albertville. Apparel finally joined the ranks in 2001.

Salomon’s passion for the outdoors, sports, up to date technologies and expert craftsmanship has always been what drives the company. So, invest in some gear and get yourself the sweet taste of freedom by challenging yourself with adventures outdoors.


In any product you’re shopping for, the material that is used in the construction of that product is very important. You are going to want to look for materials that will not only get the job done but last for a while too. You also will want to make sure it’s going to be comfortable and come with added benefits. With exercise belts, you want to know your items are safe, that the belt won’t come undone or fall off, and that it won’t irritate your skin.

The materials that are used in the construction of the Agile 250 are Polyamide, Elastane Vinyl Acetate (EVA), and Polyester. Together, they will work to provide you with the best possible stability, flexibility, stretchy comfort, and a lightweight load. You aren’t going to want any extra weight hanging off your waist no matter how much or how little you plan on exerting yourself.

Polyamide fabric is also commonly known as nylon. This fabric is made from plastic, therefore it is a polymer that is manmade. The material is chemically produced using high pressure and heat on fossil fuels.

EVA is a copolymer foam that is used effectively as a substitute for some materials that are commonly used in production. Some of these materials are rubber, neoprene, vinyl, PVC, and fiberglass.

Polyester is a manmade polymer and it has eighteen percent of the market share of production of all plastic materials. It is third, behind polyethylene and polypropylene.


You don’t have to be an outdoors enthusiast, athlete, or nightwalker to benefit from safety measures. Anyone could get stuck outside in the dark or poor lighting at any time for any reason. And if it happens to you, you’ll be grateful for the reflective detailing in this belt.

For instance, you could be out to dinner or a movie or a business meeting and end up getting out of the occasion a lot later than anticipated. You walk outside and it’s surprisingly dark. However, you can’t just walk to your car and drive home because you walked the three blocks. If you’ve got your Agile 250 around your waist you’ll feel much more secure knowing that you’re visible to passersby.

If you’re a biker or you walk on the side of the road that traffic is going in your direction on then you can simply turn the belt around so that the reflective pieces will light up for vehicles approaching from behind. The more visible you can be, the better, even during the day. Today, more than ever, there’s a problem with distracted driving. Between movies for the kids, changing the music, eating, drinking, texting, talking, doing makeup, etc, there is always something taking our attention from the road. In order to help combat the issue, you can make yourself more visible.

If you’re going to be outside or on the road in any capacity, it is always smartest to be safe. Why not use a waist pack that will hold your essentials and keeps you visible to those around you?

Keep in mind that the pocket designed for your cell phone and other small items does not close entirely. There is an opening in the corner to slide the items into, but it does not close. Make sure your items are going to be secure before taking off.


There are more and more products popping up on the market today that are vamped up versions of the once so popular fanny pack. Some of these are made of spandex material and don’t have any options for adjustments. For some people, this is fantastic! But for some others, their body types don’t work well with these materials.

If you have a more curvaceous body or a very slim body, the spandex has a higher chance of just sliding around and up and down. You’ll be more focused on fixing your waist pack than to what you’re actually trying to do.

One great thing about the Agile 250 is that it is adjustable. It has a strap that can be adjustable through a loop and secured with velcro. This way you have the freedom to adjust your belt to the desired snugness. If you do need to adjust it in the middle of your activity, that’s when you’re going to most appreciate the adjustment feature. All you have to do is reach down, undo the velcro, adjust the fit, and secure the velcro again.

Another perk of the strap is that it is extra wide. The wider the strap, the more comfortable. The thinner, the more it will dig into your skin. Also providing comfort will be the padded and ventilated material that will be resting against your body.


The thickness of the strap will give you more than just comfort and protection from skin irritation. It will also make the belt more durable as a whole. The strap is the most important component of a belt because it is what is keeping the belt on your body. If you have a thin strap, it’s going to be able to endure less wear and tear, therefore shortening the lifespan of the product altogether.

People often wonder about the durability of velcro. While it is susceptible to damage from excessive moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and heat, velcro can be opened and closed up to or exceeding ten thousand times. Velcro can get clogged up with hair, lint, and other debris which will keep the hooks from being able to latch onto the opposing loops. When it does begin to not work as well there is no need to panic. There is a quick fix. All you have to do is clean the debris out of the hook side of the velcro so that it can begin to latch to the loops again.

The attention to detail and the quality of the materials used in the construction of this athletic belt will ensure a longer life and many adventures.


Problem solvers and critical thinkers have been working on finding the perfect solution to portable storage for a long time. The wildly popular and revolutionary fanny pack was popular for a while, however, it is now outdated. Armbands were a brilliant idea, but they hold little more than a phone and sometimes a key. So people began using both fanny packs and armbands to be able to carry around all their junk with them.

It is time to say goodbye to both armbands and fanny packs and get with the times with the Agile 250 athletic belt. There are two pockets on this belt. One pocket is located in the front. It is big enough for an eight-ounce bottle of water. There is a soft flask provided with the purchase of this belt. This pocket is also expandable. If you don’t want to use it for your water you can put medications, ID, credit cards, and chapstick in it.

The second pocket is located at the back of the belt. You are free to turn the belt around depending on which pocket you want where. This pocket is for small items such as your phone, headphones, keys, or inhaler. This pocket does not seal at all, so be sure that your items are secure. Since the pockets are located in the front and back, the weight will be distributed more evenly, keeping the belt from bouncing uncomfortably in one area.


A warranty does come with all products sold by Salomon. Different products do have different warranty periods and will be listed below. The warranty begins the day that you purchase the product. If there are multiple parts to the product, they may have different warranty periods. Be aware of that.

The warranty period for alpine ski bindings is five years, pants and jackets for winter sports are covered for three years, and all other products are covered for two years. This warranty only applies to defects that are discovered within the warranty period and can only be used by the original buyer. This period will never be renewed or extended.

If you get repairs or replacements, be sure they’re from Salomon or a retailer that Salomon has authorized. Otherwise, the warranty will not apply to those parts. In some countries, there may be other warranties that play a rule. This warranty does not override those.

Wear and tear from normal use will not be covered. Defects caused by transporting or storing your products can not be covered. Defects due to poor maintenance will not be covered. If you don’t follow the user manual and end up with a defect, it will not be covered. You can not use your warranty on modified parts. You will need to provide proof that you yourself purchased the product, so keep your receipt safe.

Bottom Line

It is important to know that you should not dry clean, bleach, iron, or tumble dry this product. Hand wash it in thirty-degree celsius water.

At the end of the day, whether you’re fifteen or ninety-nine, the Agile 250 could be a key item in your everyday attire. Keep one on hand for daily use and keep one stashed in your trunk in case of emergencies. You can have one that is designated for walks on the bike trails and days at the parks. Pack antibiotic ointment, bandaids, hand sanitizer, bug spray, or your water in the front pocket. Keep your phone in the back pocket. Or any combination of items, obviously.

Whether you plan to wear the belt to the store, out on the roads or trails, at the gym, or on vacation, this belt is going to help keep you hands-free and keep your items safe by your side the whole time.