Remedy Antifungal Soap

  • This Remedy Antifungal Soap is packed with skin-nourishing ingredients.
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Few body washes can handle all the woes of the skin. Remedy Antifungal Soap is one of the few. With completely natural ingredients, this formula both prevents and repairs the most common skin ailments. Its refreshing scent is perfect for anyone who wants to feel and smell brand new. Those relying on additional oils or soaks in their skincare regimen can just swap their soap for the Remedy Antifungal Soap instead. 

Tea tree oil alone is a miracle worker but the Remedy Antifungal Soap blend packs even more miracles in. Some felt it wasn’t sensitive enough for all areas of the skin but negative experiences were few and far between. If you’re tired of fighting fungus and bacteria with chemicals and prescriptions, give the more natural Remedy Antifungal Soap a try.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Natural And Organic



Repairs Skin

Soothes Irritation

Won’t Dry Skin


Strong Smell

Can Irritate Sensitive Skin

All Natural

Without a prescription, it can be hard to get effective fungal or bacterial treatment. Many have to rely on antibiotics or prescription formulas to fight natural problems that happen to everyone. Remedy Antifungal Soap is a refreshing blend of ingredients with natural healing qualities.

Without having to use harsh chemicals, this fully organic blend can change the way you wash. Instead of having to avoid sensitive areas, rashes, or breakouts, you can use the Remedy Antifungal Soap without pause. It is freeing to not have to fear further irritation when using soap that claims to have medicinal benefits.

Since all their ingredients are easy to read and straight forward, you can easily see if you will have any interactions with the formula. This is amazing for those with allergies or limitations on the products they use. Remedy Antifungal Soap helps prevent and cure issues that are usually reserved for medical intervention.


Tea tree oil is an amazing remedy for fungus. As one of the ingredients in this Remedy Antifungal Soap, tea tree oil fights a certain type of fungus found most commonly in toenails and athlete’s foot. Soaks and oils specifically for foot fungus can add up very quickly. Many of them are very strong and can end up being drying.

If you are looking for something more versatile but still need protection from fungus, the Remedy Antifungal Soap has more benefits than just being antifungal. Plus, it is at a more affordable price than many other antifungal options. Athlete’s foot is so common because tinea is very easy to contract.

Contact from surfaces where the tinea fungus has come into contact with as well can easily transfer it to another person. That makes foot fungus an increasingly common affliction that affects a whole range of people. Simple body wash being able to combat fungus makes a more accessible solution for those looking for one.


This soap boasts a whole lot of benefits that you won’t want to miss out on. If you are a gym frequenter that is susceptible to jock itch, throwing the Remedy Antifungal Soap in your gym bag can help combat an uncomfortable situation. If you have experienced ringworm, the Remedy Antifungal Soap can fight those circular, moldy marks on the skin.

Not only can this treat bacteria and fungus, but it has less medical uses too. If you are looking to deodorize stinky feet this can help in a cinch. If your skin is dry and very flaky, Remedy Antifungal Soap can give moisture back into your skin without making it greasy thanks to the aloe vera.

If you have body acne that you can’t seem to get a handle on, this soap can be the solution of your dreams. After a few uses, you will see a visible reduction in your blemishes. There are healing properties that can give relief to broken or irritated skin as well. There are endless beneficial possibilities with the Remedy Antifungal Soap.


Reviewers loved how packed this was with natural ingredients that they were familiar with. These whole natural ingredients all have different healing properties that they bring to the table. Remedy Antifungal Soap is one of the most well-rounded combinations on the market if you’re looking for a way to refresh your grooming routine.

There is tea tree oil for fungus and it quickly will target the source of fungus to put a stop to any worsening of fungal infections. Organic coconut oil and aloe vera help to soothe and moisturize the skin, even when it is especially dry, cracked, or irritated. Anyone looking for a way to have a more natural, skin-healing soap will find a new solution here.

Jojoba oil and olive oil can both help with redness and inflammation. This stacked list of ingredients makes the Remedy Antifungal Soap a unique hygiene option that does much more than clean. Rosemary extract adds a rounded herbal scent to the mix, as well as aiding the jojoba and olive oil in the reduction of inflammation. You will be set for skincare once you try this Remedy Antifungal Soap.

The peppermint oil also helps to awaken your sense. This creates a refreshing experience when using the Remedy Antifungal Soap. After trying this body wash in the morning, you won’t want to go back to others.

Odor Eliminating

Odors are caused by bacteria, and when bacteria find a place it likes on the body, it can thrive. When this happens, it can be hard to eliminate odors and feel clean. This is especially true for fungal problems. Once one starts, it can not only have an off-putting, almost sour smell, but it can be downright repulsive to the person experiencing it.

To nip bad smells in the bud, you need to focus on the cause of those smells. This antibacterial and antifungal Remedy Antifungal Soap does just that. It attacks the source of the odor and handles it without having to mask. This isn’t a bandaid for odors, this is a cure.

If you have been dealing with bad smalls due to fungus and bacteria for a long time, this is a solution that could change your world. You can tackle odor head-on by just popping this into your gym bag or washing with it in the morning. Say goodbye to embarrassing smells when you kick off your shoes after a long day or take off your blazer for a night out! You will feel fresher than ever with the help of the Remedy Antifungal Soap.


Reviewers were divided on the scent of the Remedy Antifungal Soap. It seems that it might not always be consistently blended due to reviews but it is worth keeping in mind some have more sensitive noses than others. A few felt that it may be lacking in essential oils because they didn’t smell them strongly when using it, but this doesn’t seem like a consistent feature of the Remedy Antifungal Soap.

Others said that it hit them like a brick whenever they used it, and it was a bit too much for them. If you like the smell of tea tree oil, rosemary, and the nutty scent of jojoba oil, you probably won’t mind this fresh and earthy blend. If you’re sensitive to very minty scents, you may not be wild about the smell of this Remedy Antifungal Soap.

This scent is almost similar to the sharp smell of eucalyptus, despite not containing any in the blend. If you are a fan of refreshing and herbal scents, this won’t be overpowering for most people’s tastes. If you shy away from strong scents, even when pleasant, you might want to skip the Remedy Antifungal Soap and instead go for repairing oil.

Skin Repair

So many elements of the Remedy Antifungal Soap aid in repairing the skin. Jojoba oil and aloe vera both contributing to this skin soothing and repair. If you are someone who works a job where you’re frequently breaking your skin and getting cuts, this can help speed up the healing process.

For those who have dry and cracked skin that is prone to infection, Remedy Antifungal Soap can both treat the underlying bacteria or fungus. Rough or dry hands can benefit from using this to wash your body without extra effort. Dry and flaky skin won’t stand a chance against a thorough washing with Remedy Antifungal Soap.

Jobs that cause a lot of wear and tear on the skin can hinder work performance and leisure time. Adding a new soap into your routine that can solve the problem without additional intervention is not only convenient but necessary. Chafing is easier to manage and faster to heal with the introduction of this soap. Once a day washing can eliminate raw skin quickly and efficiently.


Relaxing after a long day isn’t always easy. This may not seem like its soothing due to its invigorating fresh scent but it is extremely calming on the skin. Many of its ingredients aid in inflammation and infection, two large causes of irritated skin.

Using this in the shower after a long workout or outdoor adventure can put you in a completely different state of mind. This is amazing for healing and relaxing the skin, even in areas of rash or infection. You can feel the difference when you start using the Remedy Antifungal Soap.

Inflammation and acne can also become much easier to deal with when you have a preventative soap on your side. Once you get the inflammation to go down a bit, you can keep it maintained with consistent use of the Remedy Antifungal Soap. It can be like night and day once you start using this soap to soothe problem areas.


What's nice about this Remedy Antifungal Soap is that it can be used by any genders. The scent isn’t too overwhelming, nor is it a masculine or feminine scent. This is safe to use on genitals when dreaded situations below the belt arise.

People who are commonly affected by yeast infections will feel relieved that the Remedy Antifungal Soap. It is safe to use on jock itch as well. These really sensitive areas won’t be irritated at all by the Remedy Antifungal Soap. It will target the Candida fungus and help relieve itchy and discomfort.

If you are having a serious flare of discomfort, you can wash twice without it being drying on the skin. This is a fantastic addition to your daily washing regimen to keep bacteria and fungus in check, anywhere on the body.


Not only does this work for a large array of problems but it can be used by even a larger array of people. The options are endless for what you can use the Remedy Antifungal Soap. From jock itch that is getting in the way at practice, to athlete’s foot making you a social pariah in the locker room, you can get in control of your fungus with the Remedy Antifungal Soap.

This is going to be too strong for very young users, however, so keep that in mind when you are putting it in a shared bathroom. It should be kept out of contact with the eyes, but otherwise, you will be fine using this from head to toe. Don’t feel held back by fungus or bacteria again.

If you just need something to boost your skin’s healing power, Remedy Antifungal Soap can handle that too. Whatever your needs are, they are sure to be met with the inclusion of this miracle soap. Skin irritation won’t have to irritate any longer!

Bottom Line

Remedy Antifungal Soap is a phenomenal solution to many of the skin woes we come to expect. From jock itch and yeast to acne and inflammation, this can take it all on with ease. With peppermint oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil, this all-natural Remedy Antifungal Soap has all the plant power you need to face even the worst fungus or irritation. The smell was a bit too strong for some users and it isn’t a sensitive enough formula for some skin types, but these are only a detriment to some wearers.