Reebok One Series Shorts Review

  • Here you can see the longer liner of the Reebok One Series 2-in-1 Short.
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Creativity is incredibly important to Reebok. With everyone doing the same thing, the brand strives to be different. Their One Series is another example of them embracing creativity. This two-in-one option by Reebok is perfect for running but is truly up for anything you are. The material wicks away moisture and looks fantastic while doing it. These provide a wide range of motion to athletes, casual wearers, and everyone in between.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • 360-Degree Reflectivity
  • Chafe-Proof Liner
  • Mesh Panels
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Waistband Storage
  • Speedwick Technology
  • Not Many Features
  • One Small Pocket


Keeping cool during workouts is a must. To help you have endurance no matter what activity you’re tackling, your clothing should help you to continuously feel fresh. Something lovely about this One Series bottom is that it not only has a breathable, polyester build but inserts to help move air through the fabric. For those seeking a new summer short, this is a must for warm weather. Mesh inserts help to ensure you get that nice, breezy experience whenever you wear this Reebok option. Polyester alone is extremely breathable as is, so the additional benefits of the mesh areas will only add to the overall temperature control of the One Series. Thanks to Reeboks Speedwick technology that encourages cool air to circulate, these will maintain a dry environment even on the hottest days during the most grueling cardio. Athletic bottoms need to keep up with you in terms of working against the heat and sweat that builds up during intense activity and this one does.


Two-in-one designs are quite useful when it comes to performance gear. They can eliminate the need for an additional accessory for many runners. Some prefer to wear a tighter bike short or something similar underneath their looser pair of bottoms for cardio and running. This style could save those who do money and shopping time by combining the two. Keep in mind this isn’t a compression short underneath, just a tight, support liner to reduce chafing and allow you to go commando when wearing them. Aesthetically, the design is sporty and simple. The Reebok logo is on the leg to represent the brand but otherwise, the look is clean and streamlined. This would be an easy option to go from cardio to errands and then back home with no fuss. If you are a fan or really simple designs that can easily match with anything, this One Series is going to be a fitting choice for you. These have a slimmer silhouette making them a contender for more cardio workouts besides running, so there is quite a bit of versatility in their use. Neat shorts are often made neon or very bold. Reebok made a subtle, sporty design that is as easy to wear as it is to pair with your favorite shirt. For anyone who has diversity in their exercises that feel that basketball shorts are too heavy and loose for their liking, these are a fantastic alternative.

Ease of Wear

As mentioned, being two-in-one helps to cut costs and effort when shopping for new performance gear. The longer liner helps you to forget about chafing worries and just get your head in the game, so to speak. This short is very soft and has an elasticized, adjustable waist. Simple to just throw on and go. When you are in the process of buying bottoms, looking for ones that can be tossed on and adjusted to your size is ideal. Since these are intended for cardio, many who are just starting cardio go through weight fluctuations until they can find a good balance in their fat burning routine. A waist that can cinch to your exact size makes it simpler when you’re dealing with these fluctuations. Also, after wearing a short for some time, the waistband can naturally loosen. It is always useful to be able to get a more snug fit for higher intensity movements where you can’t be worried about whether or not your shorts will stay in place.

Fabric Endurance

Polyester is a phenomenal fabric for athletic wear. It often gets a bad rap due to the fact it is synthetic. People frequently associate synthetic materials with cheap, ineffective, plastic derivatives, but the opposite is true. Polyester performs wonderfully on a variety of fronts. Firstly, it is breathable and naturally moisture wicking, without much intervention with technological fabric blends. It won’t be damaged by sweat or moisture, even if you perspire very heavily. Polyester has functional properties that make it the proper choice in so much workout gear. With the rise in the use of recycled plastics to make it, it is a more sustainable choice too. Though Reebok does not state their material is recycled, the One Series still benefits from the use of this versatile material. Polyester lasts an extremely long time, meaning it won’t rip, tear, or degrade even after seriously intense use. The liner that prevents chafing will also help to protect the seams of the short from becoming frayed due to excessive rubbing or bunching in the area between the legs. If you think natural material blends aren't holding up to your standard, this polyester pair could be your match.


Having a liner in your shorts is honestly so much easier than separately wearing and washing performance undergarments. You wash them when you wash the shorts, as they are attached. When you’re done working out you just slip out of the whole short and can shower and get into fresh clean clothes without wasting an additional undergarment for a workout. This polyester liner has the Speedwick technology built in. It physically prevents chafing by coming down your thighs and creating a barrier between the skin and material. This isn’t the only way it helps to improve your skin’s health and comfort. This material will wick away moisture and keep you dry. Excess moisture is a large contributor to chafing, as it creates more friction, causing your thighs to catch on each other. Rubbing like this sometimes creates irritation, but in the worst case can cause a rash or worse. It is extremely bothersome already but it can break the skin and introduce you bacteria, in turn interrupting your running schedule and workouts. Reebok’s liner on this One Series short goes above and beyond. It helps to regulate temperature, cut back on moisture, increase your endurance, and protect the health of you and your skin.

Quick Drying

Speedwick technology can bring moisture to the surface of the short and eliminate it, not only effectively, but extremely quickly. The cycle of ventilation on this short is extremely effective, it works with the materials and physical elements like perforation to properly allow moisture to dissipate leaving the wearer feeling fresh. A drier environment within your workout wear is an inherently healthier environment. Moisture is what causes bacteria. Bacteria cause odor and create a risk of infection. Sweat alone can cause itching when it stays on the skin, even before it has the chance to dry naturally. Technology that helps circulate the air and maintain a cool, crisp material against your skin helps you to avoid these common discomforts caused by certain exercises. Many people, even seasoned runners, have what is called cholinergic urticaria, which is a sensitivity to heat and sweat. Keeping these at a minimum by wearing gear designed to prevent them is a good way to help manage this ailment.


Safety details on running and cardio gear is a feature that sometimes gets forgotten. Now, with a gym every few blocks in most cases, many athletes take to indoor workouts, allowing for much performance gear to do without safety measures like reflectivity. Reebok was careful to include not only reflective detailing but extensive detailing at that. There are three hundred and sixty degrees of reflectivity on this One Series short. That means no matter what angle you are being viewed from, there will be the reflective fabric to catch the light. This is fantastic news for anyone who runs on the road, whether in the big city or suburban areas. It will ensure that you are seen no matter what, protecting your safety and the safety of those who are on wheels as well. You can’t see this detailing much in normal light, which makes it easier to wear the shorts in more casual situations like on errands or around the house. It is very subtle, helping give you the confidence to wear these in any situation, despite being prepared for road running at night.

Special Features

While this is a fabulous basic option for cardio workouts, there a few special added features that make it stand out from the rest of the shorts in its category. Though this performs well for a general athletic short, either for the gym or outdoor cardio exercises, it doesn’t have any wow factors that contribute to it. The material and Speedwick technology is the source of most of its features. Its two-in-one styling makes it a more convenient short, but there are similarly convenient shorts that add factors like hidden pockets or compression elements. Reflectivity is one of its most unique features, a few performance items have all over reflective detailing when they are intended for a variety of cardio workouts. There isn’t anything wrong with simplicity but this has very little beyond its ability to keep you cool and dry going for it. Being comfortable, safe, and feeling fresh are all key in helping you be at your best when working out. Reebok fails to realize that every brand making performance gear generally considers these elements and then some. The One Series gets redeemed though for being a great value. They are very affordable and that is probably in part to their back-to-basics attitude.


Wearers have come to expect pockets and storage capacity in most workout gear these days. Depending on the activity that the shorts are designed for, you can often find a range of compartment options, such as multiple small storage areas and hand pockets, to nothing at all. These are somewhere in between. With only one storage pocket on the back of the short, with not much room in it, these leave a bit to be desired. It is securely zipped to keep everything in the pocket no matter what. This is at the back of the short in the waistband, making it slightly difficult to access when on a run or doing exercise. Reebok says that this pocket is perfect for storing energy gels, however, it isn’t easily accessible due to its positioning. Additionally, a pocket like this is usually intended for phones or wallets but this one doesn’t have the depth or length to be able to carry larger items such as this.


In other sections, polyester was mentioned for its array of good qualities that frequently get overlooked. Another reason to appreciate polyester is due to how lightweight it is. This woven polyester helps air flow through it while maintaining a cloud-like experience. Reebok has created a pair of bottoms that feel barely there, which helps you to not feel held back or weighed down. Those who struggle with chafing often resign to longer, heavier fabrics, the One Series proves that you have other options. The two-in-one short protects you without any of the bulk, which is something to be grateful for in those hot summer months. You will feel prepared and inspired to push yourself harder without any of the unnecessary discomforts that come with it.

Bottom Line

Reebok made something basic but effective with this One Series bottom. The two-in-one design simplifies the search for the perfect performance gear. Breathable fabric is used in the liner for a chafe-free experience. Its back waistband pocket leaves a bit to be desired and it doesn’t have a ton of features but it doesn’t need to. Reebok made an inexpensive option that many people can benefit from due to its durable versatility.