Rainy Day Dog Must Haves

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I don’t know about your fur baby, but mine absolutely refuses to step outside in the rain. The second the elevator doors open and he sees the wet, puddle-filled sidewalks, he quickly tries to turn right back around, and go back upstairs to bed. Trust me, buddy, I want to stay inside just as much as you do, but you don’t have a choice, rain or shine the show must go on. Unless your pup actually enjoys the rain, going outside in torrential weather will never be a fun task, but there are a few ways you can make it less work than it needs to be.

Keeping your dog safe and clean when raining

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Proper Rain Gear

A good rain jacket is a must-have if you live anywhere that rains at least a few months out of the year. It will really help to make the entire walking experience better. Your dog may still not like the idea of going out, but when they realize they aren’t actually getting too wet, they will go about their business much quicker. There are so many cute and comfortable options to choose from, just ensure you get one that keeps them dry and warm.



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Protecting your furry friend’s paws are optional, and not necessary for everyday walking, but if you’re somewhere very cold or snowy dog boots are highly recommended. Aside from protecting against the snow itself, many dog owners aren’t aware that deicers, and snow salts can actually be toxic to dogs. Their paws are of course much tougher than our feet, but when it comes to extreme temperatures, if you wouldn’t walk outside barefoot, why should your dog. Ensure they are a comfortable fit, waterproof, and non-slip, and give your pup plenty of time to get used to them, but it will be odd for them at first.



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Stop your wet dog in his tracks

The worst part of taking your dog out in the rain is having to keep him contained by the front door while you tediously wipe and dry every inch of him. Products like the Snuggly Dog make it so easy to get your dog cleaned up and dry in no time. It is essentially a wearable towel, that is super absorbent, so you can quickly put it on them right when you get in the door and have no hassle.


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Stay Indoors

If you are lucky enough to live in a city with dog-friendly restaurants, they are the perfect place to go on a cold, rainy day. Put your pup in a cozy sweater, and venture to your local coffee shop or restaurant for some snacks and time out of the house. If that isn’t as common where you are, see if you have any local indoor dog parks. They are a great way for your dog to still get all of his energy out playing with friends, just somewhere warm and dry.

You may not be as motivated to get out during the colder months, but it is important for you and your pup to stay active year-round. Try to keep a positive attitude, and enjoy the fresh air and time spent with your little one. It’s worth it once you get home and dried off, and can enjoy some warm snuggles on the couch.