5 Quick Cures for Smelly Feet & Shoes

5 Quick Cures for Smelly Feet & Shoes 5 Quick Cures for Smelly Feet & Shoes www.walkjogrun.net

Everyone’s been there before. Pick up your shoes to put them on a catch a whiff of something foul. You need not be an excessive sweater to end up with bad smelling shoes. Just wear a pair of trainers to the gym for long enough and you’ll get there probably.

Same goes for hiking boots, soccer shoes, baseball cleats, rock climbing shoes or really any type of active shoe. Sometimes a foul smell is an indicator that it’s time to let this pair go but a lot of times it’s simply a nuisance as they have plenty of life left in them.

In other cases the culprit is your feet and the shoes are simply the symptoms. But paying a bit more attention to hygiene can be the solution to your smelly feet and shoes.Whatever the situation, this article is about quick and easy solutions to nipping that gym like smell in the bud. Without further ado here are five quick cures for smelly feet.

Quick Cures


  1. Inspect and dry – Make sure that the integrity of your insoles are not damp or worn out. If you have either of these issues going on, take them out and dry them, or purchase insoles that are specially designed to prohibit bacterial growth (odor causing). Beyond a simple once over, make sure your kicks are 100% dry. Remove the tongue and laces and set out in the sun for an afternoon. In some cases that can remedy the problem in and of itself.
  2. I’ve you’ve done step one and it seems to make little or no difference you can proceed to step two which is a little more involved. Throw your shoes in the washer and run them for a solid cycle. Obviously exercise common sense here as not all shoes are meant for the washer. But this is a great option for synthetic shoes. Be sure to run the wash cycle in cold water. Upon drying hit them with the next step.  Put your smelly shoes in a seal-able plastic bag, and then put them in the freezer overnight. The next day let them thaw naturally, in the sunlight if possible. Some anecdotal evidence suggests this is an effective way to finish off bacteria that is investing your shoes and causing the funk.
  3. If the DIY methods don’t seem to be fully cutting it, you can opt for a handful of deodorizing products or anti-fungal foot powder, or an antibacterial spray. that are specifically formulated to take on odors. Rocket Pure and Lumni Outdoors are some of the best sellers. Results appear to be somewhat mixed, some people are more than satisfied others left wanting. Choose carefully however and be sure you like the smell of the product you choose. There’s nothing worse than some artificial smell you don’t like mixed with foot sweat.
  4. Get creative. There are many many different ways to approach this problem so don’t limit yourself to the most conventional ones. There is always kitty litter. I know, I know — but hear me out. It may sound a little off but don’t be fooled, fresh kitty litter is clean and highly odor absorbing. Fill a sock with it and stuff it in your shoe. If that doesn’t strike your fancy give a water/vinegar spritz a try. Spray your shoes with a combination of 50 percent water and 50 percent white distilled vinegar. Let it air dry for a bit and follow it up with a heavy layer of baking soda.
  5. Last and most critical of all take care of your feet! Treating the shoes is really focusing on a symptom and not the cause. So pull the weed out from its root. There are a number of different things you can try if your feet are a bit smelly. These include:

A Few More Tips

A pair of dress shoes steaming after a hot day of wear and tear. Image can also be used to infer someone has disappeared or vanashed from their shoes.

  • Wash your feet thoroughly — may seem obvious but it’s easily overlooked during a quick shower.
  • Look into using some foot antiperspirant — may some like a hassle and a bit extreme, but if this is a problem for you there are plenty of great products that can help, many of which are specifically marketed to inhibit excessive sweating,
  • Try proven home remedies — There are a lot of wives tales floating around out there as to what works. We are not medical experts, but the following seems to have proven somewhat effective. Vinegar baths, Tea Soaks( aim for 4 or 5 tea bags to a quart of water) Powders (Baking soda, baby powder, cornstarch, and talcum powder).
  • Buy a quality pair of shoes and socks — In terms of socks you obviously want a pair that breathes and does not suffocate your feet. Natural cotton and wool are generally more breathable than many synthetic materials. The right socks can really help you out in this department. The same general theory goes for shoes, the more ventilation you have in a pair of shoes the less the chances are that sweat is going to accumulate and promote bacteria growth. This should go without saying for many reasons, but never wear shoes without socks. This certainly won’t help your cause and could lead to blisters.
  • Last be sure to rotate your shoes and socks regularly and wash your socks as often as possible. It’s tempting to reuse we know, but resist that temptation and get bonus points in the odor fighting game.

So there you have it, our best recommendations to deal with the issue of foot odor. Some are a bit of common sense, but often the thing that leads to smelly feet or shoes is abandoning our common sense and allowing for bad habits to take over. Or perhaps you simply live in a really humid environment. Either way, we hope this is a good reminder or strategy outline on how to deal with this issue. Did we miss a great remedy? Let us know your thoughts below!