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A Cyclist gets up in the morning, knowing that they will need to ride their bike regardless of the weather or temperature. They are born warriors and will champion through the toughest of rain or the coldest of the winter nights. However, they will always thank their equipment for helping carry them through the harshest of weather.

Amongst a cyclist’s gear, you will always find a durable, heavy-duty outer layer that has protected them during all those difficult rides. Most riders prefer a jacket, but some will go for the vest instead, and this is where the Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest comes into play.

The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest may become a part of your daily riding gear shortly. With its sleek design, comfortable inner layer, and performance material, any rider can fall in love with a vest that hugs them while riding in the great outdoors. Whether through the wet or dry season, having something like this cycling vest can provide grest versatility and comfort to enhance your ride, wherever you may be going.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Excellent construction

Tight fitting

Well insulated

Keeps heat in

Soft fabrics


Sizes are too small

Weak water resistance

Material feels thin


Often we hear cyclists complain about the lack of accessories in a vest or jacket. There is always a need for more pockets to place wallet or keys, need for reflective lining along the side of the outerwear, or need for side zippers that allow their jacket to breath more. Unfortunately, with more accessories, the price usually drives up significantly.

With the Proviz PixElite Cycling vest, it comes with a deep pocket on the lower back of the vest. It is a perfect place to put personal items such as a wallet or phone. The pocket is approximately six wide and ten inches long, allowing the rider to forgo the backpack and just carry everything with them on their vest.

A different version of the Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest has an additional pocket on the front left side that gives riders even quicker access than the rear pockets. The only drawback of the vest pocket in the back is that if one needs to carry a backpack, then the pocket items can make it uncomfortable for the rider as the pack is not flush against their back.


On those hot summer days, your outerwear needs to be able to breathe while you ride. With all the sweat build-up, it’s easy to soak up the sweat absorbant material and cause bacteria to build up. Sweat bacteria also cause a foul smell and can cause skin rashes.

Therefore, breathability is a high requirement for any cycling outerwear. The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest, with its 70% polyester build, absorbs and wicks sweat easily. It is mixed with a cool blend of Elastane, a highly flexible, elastic material that is used in most tight-fitting clothing. The hybrid blend creates a perfect layer of protection that is great at trapping the cold out on the cold days, and for seeping the heat and sweat out on the hot days.

The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest is woven with microscopic holes that fit tight to the body but also allows the skin to breathe out these small crevices, especially from the shoulders, armpits and neck areas. Users have reported that the material wicks sweat the best when wearing an undershirt with the vest.


It is a given that people want their purchased items to last. This is so they do not need to spend extra time and money shopping for a new one. The extra time spent shopping can be used for things that matter in your life. The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest was created to be incredibly durable so you don’t have to worry about it tearing any time soon.

One of the ways the Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest does this is by using patented microtread stitching. This is a patented sewing process that only the manufacturer can use. By sewing the seams in this way, it can prevent them from bursting or ripping. This is especially important for cycling vests as they are constantly put through movements that fabrics are not used to.

This particular product is also made with very durable fabrics that are tear-resistant. This is important as cyclists use as a lot of twisting and turning motions. The premium quality materials will help ensure the elasticity of the vest so that it reverts to its original shape every time.


Like any other article of clothing, the fit is incredibly important. An ill-fitting piece of clothing can drive you completely nuts after a long day. The discomfort level will rise as you go about your day, eventually causing you to lose focus. Rather than spending time on the important things, you will only be able to think about how uncomfortable you are.

The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest is designed to fit users well. There is a sizing chart that you can follow and measure your body to ensure the proper size. The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest was made to be form-fitting. This allows you to be more streamlined when you are cycling and not have to worry about being hindered by drag from your clothing.

A great way to tell if the vest fits you is the waistline. The vest should end right about your hips so that you can twist and turn without the vest catching your lower body. This particular vest also uses materials that stay in place and prevent unnecessary ride up when you are moving.


The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest has a unique blend of material that makes it more similar to yoga gear than cycling gear. It comes with 70% Polyester, 16% reflective beads, 10% Elastane, and 4% Polyurethane. While polyester is a standard material used in many clothing, it is the other 30% that makes this product stand out against its competitors.

Elastane is a stretchy spandex material that allows the fabric to form fit. It is used extensively in yoga wear, underwear, and form-fitting clothing, and in this case cycling wear. Polyurethane is something that is found in sponges. Together they create the ultimate duo when it comes to creating a product that can withstand the test of time.

The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest has the very strong sweat absorbing capabilities, the stretch and fit of yoga pants, and the reflectivity that can dazzle cars as soon as their headlights hit you.
The materials of this vest also create a triple layer to provide maximum wind protection from all sides.

The interior of the jacket is woven with brushed microfibres that offer thermal regulation and warmth. With this incredible blend of materials, it’s no wonder that this vest is highly rated amongst the cycling community.

Machine Washable

People that are serious in their cycling sweat a lot during their time. They go home and don’t want to think about putting their equipment and gear away, especially after a long tiring day of exercise. The easiest thing would be to put their riding clothing into the washing machine, shower, and relax. Unfortunately, a lot of gear is either not machine washable as it ruins the material, or cannot be machine dried as it will shrink.

The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest is neither and can be both machines washed and dried. The blend of polyester, elastane and the brushed thermal microfiber is strong and allows the fabrics to stretch. The washing machine is unable to damage it, even after numerous washes. The materials of the jacket can withstand the aggressive twisting and turn off the machine.

The elastane expands so that even if the dryer pulls it together with heat, it is easy to stretch it back out once you put it on your body. The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest is initially tight around the armpits and waist after a wash but will adjust back to normal size after a short period of wearing.

Reflective Features

Most riders prefer cycling during the day time simply because there are more lights and it is safer. However night time cycling may be the only option for those that are training for a marathon or can only cycle after work. The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest has an interesting design that incorporates the use of reflective grey yarn to help drivers see them better.

Each armhole is highlighted by the reflective yarn and there is also a large band that goes across the backside. The shiny band around the arms will help highlight the cyclist regardless of whether the driver is at the front or the back. The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest also has a large logo on the front breast pocket that will reflect light during the dark.

The idea behind these designs was so that people riding their bikes can stay safe regardless of lighting. Unlike plastic reflective pieces melted onto the vest, reflective yarn was incorporated into the design so that it does not wear out. Unless the vest breaks, the yarn will always be a constant source of reflection.


Accidentally buying a product that does not fit well can be both frustrating an uncomfortable. Purchasing clothing apparel online can be quite stressful as some manufacturers are more accurate with their sizing than some. It can be quite hard to say how well it fits until you purchase it and try it on.

One of the concerns that the Proviz PixElite Cycling vest has is that the sizes are a little small. This is because their product originates from Europe, which uses a different scale to size. As a result, this can become confusing for many North American buyers. Having a different scale of sizing can cause you to end up being between two sizes, which is very frustrating.

The company that creates the Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest has also acknowledged this issue and recommends that consumers purchase one size up. This can help fit you better. A properly fit vest should be able to offer you a completely unrestricted movement and not feel tight. It should also have enough length that your skin does not become exposed when you bend over your bike.

Temperature Control

A potential issue that daily riders encounter is the problem of temperature control. It may be too hot during a ride if there is a lot of mountainous terrains, thus causing an increase in sweat. However, an early morning ride in the dark with light rain can be quite chilly if not cold.

Outerwear companies around the world often have difficulty making clothing that is suitable for both scenarios. It is a constant battle to try and figure out how to keep the heat from seeping out while keeping the vest breathable and comfortable at the same time. The Proviz PixElite Cycling vest does temperature control tremendously well.

The patented microfibre and form-fitting sizing have users praising it for its ability to keep the heat in during cold days. The tri-layer stitching and overlapping also allow it to provide significant windproofing. The high collar, fitted with a non-slip silicon hem provides excellent heat retention.

For those hot days, the polyurethane properties of the Proviz PixElite Cycling vest shine, as it provides moisture absorbing and wicking capabilities, allowing the rider to sweat and dry quickly. All without worrying about becoming sick from the constant temperature changes in their body

Water Resistance

Rain can be incredibly frustrating and annoying for some cyclists. It is slippery, wet, and creates very hazardous and dangerous riding conditions. Car’s will often have a harder time seeing you and the chances of an accident are much higher. The last thing a cyclist needs to be worried about in these conditions is whether their gear will keep them warm, insulated, and most importantly dry.

The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest is advertised as a water-resistant vest, which is somewhat accurate. Users have reported that the vest was great at holding out during a small drizzle or light showers. Once the rain got harder and the heavy droplets started to come down, the vest starts to struggle and the material starts to absorb water after about five minutes.

This can create a significant product as your Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest will just become heavier and heavier as the rain continues. When water is absorbed into a vest, you essentially carry the weight along with you the rest of the ride. This can cause you to become fatigued at a greater rate. In some extreme cases, it may require you to rest before finishing the rest of your ride.

Bottom Line

When serious riders looking for cycling gear, they often spare no expenses. However, there is still a large group of people that want a product that is good quality without breaking the bank. An ideal cycling vest should be a piece of outerwear that will protect riders from things such as weather, temperature, and vehicles. The Proviz PixElite Cycling Vest can do all of that if not more.

Unlike other competitors, this product boasts reflective yarn that will not rub or wear off. This ensures that you are kept safe and protected until you no longer use the vest. The fact that is machine washable can also help shave time off your workout, thus enabling you to focus on things that matter the most.

Whether you’re an amateur rider or a competitive cyclist, this vest can offer maximum value compared to the dollar spent. It has a stylish and sleek design, along with a slightly shiny undertone makes for an overall nice looking vest. The Proviz Elite Cycling vest should be greatly considered for anyone looking for an excellent cycling vest for a decent price.