Prana Vaja Shorts Review

  • The Prana Vaja has a clean and simple appearance.
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Finding your peace is a process. The people at Prana don’t only know this but appreciate it enough to want to outfit you on your journey. They have used their own lives as inspiration in making the clothes that people both want and need. The Vaha short is a shining example of this method. It’s ideal for transitioning on and off the yoga mat, even on your busiest days. People who want to be comfortable with little impact on the world will love the Vaha short for its lightweight look and feel. Plenty of pockets without added bulk will propel the Vaha into your closet favorites in no time.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 65% Hemp
  • Adjustable Waistband
  • Three Pockets
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Versatile Wear
  • Pockets Not Secured
  • Slightly Expensive
  • May Run Large


When you have an article of clothing this versatile, you want to make sure that it meets your specifications for all the activities it adapts to. With so many details that increase the overall use of this pair of bottoms, you want to look at things that make the fit and convenience specifically better for you. That is where a level of adjustability comes in. Sportswear generally isn’t much to write home about if it can’t stay put during your tougher activities. These are specifically intended for yoga, where you contort your body to increase flexibility and strength. When you’re trying to relieve stress, it doesn’t help to be worrying about your pants falling. Prana made a thick, adjustable, elasticated waistband so you have nothing to worry about. Some of the brand's other yoga pants are missing this key drawcord component, which is inconvenient when your goal is to avoid slippage during exercise, or meditation.


Style is always a personal preference but some items are objectively more attractive than their counterparts. Though nothing is wrong with liking the look of average gym gear that sporty style isn’t practical for a lot of people. The Vaha is very clean looking. Their side pockets align with their outer seams and the thick waist gives them a slightly pleated look. You could easily disguise these as a pair of business casual shorts depending on the rest of your outfit. All the basic colors are covered with your color choices. if you have a palette you usually adhere to when picking outfits, you will have no problem incorporating something by Prana. The colors of Vaha available are dark ginger that resembles a khaki, black, blue, brown, and gray. Each material looks slightly heathered which elevate the short, due to giving the appearance of delicately woven fabric. A ten-inch inseam hits right above the knee, which is a great length for full-coverage during a yoga session, but not so long that it will retain heat or restrict your flexibility.


It’s becoming more common to see brands advertising their business practices just as much as their products. The world has grown more conscious and concerned about their consumerism and pay closer attention to the source of their favorite things. To improve sustainability, Prana takes serious measures. Only partnering with factories and other business that adhere to very strict guidelines concerning ethics and practices. The brand believes that everyone can help to change the world, even if it happens little by little. Stressing the importance of asking businesses for transparency and accountability, Prana encourages its customers to ask questions about everything they buy, including the source. This helps to eradicate the inhumane business practice. With goals like having their items all Bluesign approved, Prana helps to protect oceans, the overall environment, and the people wearing the clothes. They reduce emissions and protect the world as much as possible, making sure to start at the source, which is the method of fabricating textiles or manufacturing clothing. Prana grows its organic cotton and hemp to contribute to their cause, and their brand identity shines through every one of their endeavors.


It can get incredibly hot when you’re doing yoga. People who have never tried it would be shocked at the amount you can sweat while you’re in your different poses. For a yoga pant, breathability matters a lot. Reviewers loved how cool they felt while wearing the Vaha, both in temperature and in appearance. Being made from 65 percent hemp, a material even more breathable than cotton, the Vaha is a fantastic piece of performance wear. Not only does the material not hold moisture and seriously cut back on the heat being retained but it still feels plush while doing so. Despite being a longer inseam, this blend of hemp and the woven knit make the extra fabric not feel as though it's adding warmth or insulation. If you love a light and airy pair of bottoms but are looking for an upgrade from your mesh hybrid options, the Vaha might be the next style to try! They will ensure a breezy workout unlike any other, all you have to do is try them for yourselves and compare.


Prana is partially known for its plush bands and materials. Around the waist, Prana likes their bands to be not only elastic but also smooth to the touch. They want their clothing to feel great against the skin and are very careful to ensure every part of their clothing feels comfortable on. If you love feeling at ease in your athletic wear, it doesn't get much better than Prana pants. Reviewers said these was easily the ideal loungewear and garment for any occasion. A woven blend with just a bit of stretch moves with your body whether you’re getting situated on the couch or the yoga mat. Any consumer uninterested in a lot of frills in their workout gear, something simple like this Vaha couldn’t be a better match. This is a standard, not a slim, fit, so at no point will it feel too tight or tailored too close to the body. Those who bought the Vaha only had positive things to say about its level of easy wear.


People seem to buy items from Prana one after another as if to replace their favorite clothing. The catch is, they aren’t replacing it at all, they just love their products. This Vaha short is made from hemp, which is one of the strongest and most durable natural materials used in clothing manufacturing currently. In addition to their strength of materials, Prana also has reinforcements at the inseams of their pants, so the natural motion of walking or the legs rubbing together during rigorous exercise won’t deteriorate the material there, an area often susceptible to fraying and wearing down. Their color will last an extremely long time, as the ultra absorbent qualities of hemp better retain dye through multiple washes and wear. Tears aren’t the only risk with workout clothes. There is also a concern of mildew or bacterial growth in the textile itself. Hemp is naturally resistant to these things, requiring no additional coatings or treatments. Natural fabric that is a “jack of all trades” not only makes production much simpler due to less treatment of the material, but it leaves the guesswork from where your clothing is coming from. Hemp is a material on the rise for its plethora of great qualities and the Vaha shows off nearly all of them.


Yoga clothes are not intended to be flowy because it can be harder to tell if your form is correct. Also, poses often can put you in compromising positions where your clothes may not want to stay covering you. These are a looser fit in the leg with a longer length that makes them more modest. The adjustability helps to keep the loser fit secure on your body but some reviewers felt that the waistband was looser than they were expecting. Where you’d want a thick and snug fit around the waist is a bit looser than the rest of the pant. Reviewers thought this was a surprising and maybe poorly thought out design element. Despite running large according to some, the adjustable fit and ease of wear make up for any sizing disparities. This isn’t a big score against the Vaha, thanks to its medley of redeeming features.


From the look of these pants, you wouldn’t think they have the storage capacity they do. Their pockets are sleek and lowkey. On the side seams, there are hand pockets to stash your most important items, besides your wearable necessities, that need to be quickly grabbed during your exercise. The rear has a single pocket for additional storage like for a phone or wallet. Unfortunately, in these athletic shorts, none of the pockets are closed or secured. For yoga, you will generally have a place to put your valuables before starting your routine. If you’re using these for more intense activity, it can be a risk putting your things in the open pockets without a way to keep them in place. It is rare for shorts like this to even have front pockets, which means this could easily exceed the expectations it has regardless of this factor.


Athletic clothing can get expensive, especially when buying from top brands. This Vaha short is priced quite high in comparison to products with similar use. The price is justified by the brand’s sustainability practices and their high-quality materials and construction. That still doesn’t make it any less steep for those unwilling to spend so much on a pair of athletic shorts. Manufacturing sustainable clothing tends to be pricier than mass producing newly synthetic garments due to the unethical corners that are cut to get the cheaper and faster product. While this is helpful for people trying to save a buck, it is damaging to communities, the environment, and the economy of the areas it occurs in. Not everyone has the privilege to shop from retailers who make sustainability and fair-trade a priority, which is understandable. This kind of items has a much higher direct cost for the consumer. The Vaha bottom is extremely durable, it is sure to outlast its less expensive competitors. If you are willing to invest more money into a higher grade of product, this could prove to be a well-deserved investment for your wardrobe.


This short can be worn anywhere, doing anything. Not only is it a standout in purely athletic situations, outperforming most other bottoms, it also can be worn in a variety of unrelated instances. Reviewers said this short could act as a work short for them, or even be disguised as casual wear on a nice day out. There are no limitations to how you can style the Vaha and no matter how you wear it, you are sure to be looking your best. The lightweight, moisture-wicking material is a standout for running and warm-weather activities. It is strong enough to hold up to climbing or hiking, as well. There are very few things you won’t be able to do while wearing this piece from Prana. Zero thought is required in planning when and how you can get the most use out of them. Reviewers loved this as a straight lounge piece as well, preferring it to their old favorites for wearing around the house.

Bottom Line

Prana makes beautiful clothing that feels beautiful on. This hemp short is durable and breathable, designed to keep you comfortable all day, day after day. Though expensive, these shorts are well worth it, especially considering they are more than just stylish, but also effective. This is an adjustable waistband that may run slightly large. if you are dead set on the Vaja, make sure to check their size chart and be prepared to possibly have to cinch the drawcord a bit tighter. All things considered, this choice by Prana is a gorgeous performance option that is hard not to adore. Those who wear Prana genuinely believe it doesn't get much better than the brand, making the Vaha seriously worth considering.