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If you’re looking for an insole to add to your shoes for extra performance, a boost in your step, or a bit of extra support, the Powerstep Original insoles may be the right choice for you. The main material used in the construction of these insoles is polypropylene. This material is used because its’ specific gravity is low but its stiffness is high. It makes for a lightweight and strong rigid insole.

Being semi-rigid, you’ll get the stability and support you need for your arches. Not only is the support in your arches, but it runs the full length of the insole, making it classified as a full support insole. Your heel has extra protection and cushioning thanks to the heel cradle. 

The cushioning in this insole is Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT). The VCT is dual-layered and is high-quality. The cushioning is targeted to the spots you need it most; protecting you with every stride you take. The top fabric is designed with antimicrobial properties, helping with odor control

This insole packs all of these features into a low profile, ultra-thin design that works for most dress shoes, athletic shoes, and casual shoes. It comes in many different sizes so that you won’t have to trim them, and they can easily be swapped from shoe to shoe. Men who wear a shoe size between three and sixteen will fit the Powerstep Original. Women who wear a shoe size between five and fifteen and a half can wear them as well. And they even come at a fair price.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fair Price

Total Contact Support


Odor Control

Heel Cradle


Causes Flat Feet Pain

No Returns/Refunds On Amazon


Powerstep was founded in 1991 by a podiatrist. He also happened to be a surgeon and a runner. Being a surgeon, he analyzed his patients’ casts over the years. He realized that certain shapes of orthotics could actually help to relieve the patients’ foot pain. Consumers were looking for orthotics that they didn’t have to fuss with before use and ones that would actually help to relieve their pain. Powerstep’s biggest goal was to make the most effective pain-relieving insoles at the most affordable prices.

The founder finished his first orthotics design and had them on the market by 1992. Initially, they were in demand by podiatrists and running stores. Today, the company is leading the market for prescription orthotics and they are available worldwide.

In order to perfect his craft and offer a better orthotic for the existing customers, this brand maker acquired Heat Moldable Insoles’ Archmolds line in 2014. Further pursuing this venture, they purchased Light Orthotics in 2017. Light Orthotics use a method to produce orthotics rather quickly, just a few minutes. Part of this process includes molding lightweight material right to the patients’ foot.

What really keeps the company going is the dedication to customer satisfaction which is carried out via premium customer service, a long-standing good reputation with consumers and fellow professionals, and continuing to create and offer the most innovative and effective products possible. You can find more insole products like the Original here.


There are a few materials used throughout the construction of the insole Original. It’s important to know what these materials are so that you know if they’re going to provide you with what you need in your insoles. You’ll want to make sure you don’t have any issues with skin irritation or allergies.

The polypropylene used for the shell has a specific gravity that is low and stiffness that is high; making it the perfect material for its job. The strength and lightweight property of polypropylene make this material ideal for rigid orthotics. The only issue is that if you have a groove or a notch in the shell when you’re finished making it, it will create a weakness in the material and possibly crack over time.

The targeted cushioning, called Variable Cushioning Technology is foam that is resilient to wear and will give your feet cushioning where it’s needed most. The foam base is made with Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam. You can find cushioned shoes to wear with your insoles here.


What level of support you are receiving from your insoles is very important, especially for those with foot conditions, abnormal strides, or generalized foot, leg, and lower back pain. If you are walking without enough support, it can only make things worse. If you have too much support, you’re also not helping your case.

Original insoles are made with semi-rigid support, meaning that they are meant for “neutral” arches. They may cause additional pain in those with flat feet and those with very high arches. Be sure to consult your Dr. to figure out what kind of support you need in your insoles.

What’s different about the support found in the Original is that it runs the entire length of the insole. You can expect support in your heels, arches, and toes. They are designed to be effective during low or moderate activities. They won’t provide enough support for high-impact activities like long runs and intense sports. If you need products for high-impact activities, check here.

Total Contact

If you suffer from any foot condition, it’s vital to know what the shape of an insole is. For instance, this insole has a full-contact shape. Insoles that have this shape are used with the intention of reducing pain and pressure for people who have conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Full-contact insoles are designed to give you a more natural stride and distribute the stress of every foot strike across the whole foot in order to reduce pain. The EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam that is used in the construction of the footbed of the Original offers its help by providing extra strength (durability), a contoured fit in your arch and heel areas, and extra support for the entire foot.

Studied that have been conducted have shown that the use of total-contact insoles can alleviate pain from walking and increase the amount of time you’re able to spend on your feet. They are especially helpful for those with plantar fasciitis. If you need more products made specifically for this condition, check here.

Plantar fasciitis is the condition of your plantar fascia being inflamed. The inflammation of this tissue causes stiffness in your arch and ankle, which will directly impact how you perform your daily tasks. One of the most effective and implemented tools used to treat plantar fasciitis is insoles. Specifically, the insoles that are full-contact, like the Powerstep Original. It distributes your weight and the shocks from each foot strike evenly throughout your entire foot, saving your sensitive spots from too much pressure.


Overpronation is something that many people struggle with. A lot of people probably don’t even realize they do it. Overpronation is when your arches tend to roll inward when you’re walking. This condition can cause pain in your feet, legs, and lower back. It can be something that happens naturally or it can be caused by pregnancy or obesity. No matter why it happens, it can be helped by the Powerstep Original.

Those who overpronate are much more likely to sustain injuries than those with a “normal” stride. Because of this, it’s really important for those who overpronate to have adequate stabilization in both their shoes and insoles. You can look at running shoes here, which can help with overpronation. If the overpronation shoes don’t give you quite enough stability, you can simply add Powerstep Original insoles to pick up the slack.

These Original insoles are designed to keep your keep stable and supported. How is this achieved? Not only is the support of this insole integrated throughout the entire length of your foot, but there is a deep heel cup that cradles your heel and keeps it supported, stable, and comfortable. Before you decide on which insoles to purchase, consult your Dr. so you know exactly what you need out of them.


The amount of cushioning in your insoles doesn’t just determine how comfortable they will be. Cushioning has other purposes as well. The Powerstep Original insoles have two separate features that include cushioning for your tender feet. Cushioning is important because it will help to decrease the rate at which your feet and legs become fatigued, help you to maintain your performance levels, and, you guessed it, provide improved comfort.

One of the features of cushioning is the dual-layered cushioning made of Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT). This foam is high-quality and targeted to the areas that need it the most. It will protect your arches, heels, and the ball of your foot during low to moderate activities like standing, walking
and jogging.

The other piece of the Original that provides you with extra cushioning is the EVA foam base. EVA will help with foot fatigue, performance, and comfort because it is soft but strong. It can handle low temperatures, is resistant to UV rays and cracking from stress, and is even water and meltproof. If you’re looking for waterproof products, check here.

Odor Control

Foot odor is more of a common problem than you may think. You don’t need to be embarrassed, but there is help out there! It’s pretty well-known that odor-causing bacteria are attracted to your feet. But it’s not your feet they’re after. It’s your sweat. When they feed on your sweat, they produce acid, which produces the odor we’re all so familiar with. If you have excessively sweaty feet, try these.

If you are someone who sweats in your shoes every day, you need to be wearing breathable socks and shoes or you will be the perfect place for the bacteria to feed and breed. What’s worse than the odor they cause is that they can cause toenail fungus and Athlete’s foot too. If you have Athlete’s foot, this may help.

The Original insoles are equipped to control this bacteria and the odor and discomfort they inevitably cause. The top cover is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-slip. By reducing the friction caused by slipping around in your shoe, the Powerstep Original top cover will be able to better control the temperature to keep your feet cool. By keeping your feet cool, it will also keep them dry. The anti-microbial coating will stop any bacteria in their tracks before they can feed or breed.


The insoles are ultra-thin with a low profile design. They won’t take up a lot of space in your shoes. They are suitable for most dress shoes, athletic shoes, and casual shoes. They are available in a wide variety of sizes; three through sixteen for men and five through fifteen and a half for women. You shouldn’t need to trim the Powerstep Originals and they can be moved from shoe to shoe easily. If you need higher profile insoles for work boots, check here.


If you have any kind of foot condition or pain or discomfort at all, make sure you talk with your Dr. about your needs and desires as far as insoles go. Make sure you’re looking for the right arch support, the right stabilizers, the right fit, the right shape, etc. It’s very important to know what you need beforehand so that you don’t accidentally cause yourself additional pain or make your condition worse. Here is an article about how to choose orthotics that could help too.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you look for a satisfaction guarantee or warranty, for the product you’re looking at; make sure that you know where they apply to. The Powerstep Original insoles do not come with any satisfaction guarantee or warranty and do not offer refunds when purchased on third party websites, like Amazon.

However, if you purchase them from powerstep.com or other authorized retailers, they are completely backed by a lifetime guarantee. Your Powesrstep Original insoles are guaranteed to not have defects in either the materials or the workmanship. The plastic in the foot support is guaranteed as well, so long as it used under typical conditions.

Bottom Line

For those of you who are conscious about where your products are manufactured, you’ll be happy to know you’re supporting the USA with this purchase. The Powerstep Original insoles are made in the USA. Powerstep happens to be the top orthotics brand recommended by podiatrists.

The Powerstep Original comes at a fair price and offers you the best in total contact support, cushioning, odor control, stabilization (heel cradle), and comfort. In fact, most customers experience a decline in symptoms after four weeks of use.

However, if you have feet that aren’t suitable for these insoles, they can cause you pain. That’s why it’s important to know what you need before purchasing. It’s also worth mentioning again that there are no returns or refunds offered for the Powerstep Original if ordered from a third-party retailer like Amazon.