Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest

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People wear vests for many different reasons. Some people enjoy wearing an additional layer to keep them warm when they are doing activities outdoors while others may feel the weather is too hot for a jacket but too cold for just a shirt. The Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest provides a happy medium for you to stay both comfortable and warm. Before you know it, this vest is going to be your new go-to outerwear.

As the name implies, the Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest has a hood. This is very important because warmer temperatures also mean the possibility of rain. Having a hood is important to be able to protect your head from the rain and also the sun. Most people often forget to wear sun protection and having the hood allows you to easily pop it on and stay sun safe.

This particular product has also incorporated a host of different technologies that make the vest better than most competitors. From Active Insulation Technology to the anti-odor technology, this vest has a perfect formula to make it both tough and long-lasting.

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PolarTec Powergrid

PolarTech Alpha Insulation

Ripstop Material

Ventilating Mesh Layer

Chest Pocket


Slim fitting

Very expensive

Colors not accurate online

Active Insulation Layer

One of the most important things while being outside is to stay warm. Most of the time, people wear vests to serve as an additional layer. For those who are planning on partaking in outdoor sports, wearing a vest may be more than enough to keep them warm. This is where the Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest comes into play.

This particular product has what is known as an active insulation layer. This is a layer that can help keep you warm while you are outdoors. This is a thicker layer of material that gets activated when there is body heat. Rather than let the heat escape, this insulation layer works to keep the heat back into your body.

In short, the Vest keeps you warm for longer periods. Heat is trapped so that it does not escape, allowing your body to reabsorb the residual warmth. This works great for athletes that are trying to warm up before their sport. Wearing this vest will greatly shorten the time it takes to become warm and limber.

Anti Odor

A vest can be considered as an inner layer during colder months and an outer layer during the warmer season. The point is that it is very rare to wear a vest without wearing clothes underneath. As a result, a vest is not washed after being worn once. Most people will wear it a few times before considering throwing it in the wash.

Because it does not get washed often, there is a concern that the Vest can develop odors. Sometimes the smells are caused by food or drinks that you’ve accidentally spilled onto the vest, while other times it may be due to your sweat. When you exercise or become warm, your body will start to produce sweat.

The moisture, warmth, and darkness will help breed bacteria and germs, which directly translates to odors that are hard to remove. The Outdoor Hooded Vest has been chemically treated to prevent bacteria from developing. The chemicals on the material as having antibacterial properties that help remove bacteria that have already shown up. This will help ensure that no funky smells emitted from the vest.

Air Permeability

People that exercise often can attest to the fact that wearing clothes that do not ventilate becomes very uncomfortable after some time. As you sweat, the moisture is simply absorbed by the shirt and starts to become soggy and damp. Choosing a product that can help some of that moisture escape will keep you fresh and feeling comfortable.

Unlike many other products on the market, the Hooded Vest has a layer of mesh that helps your vest breathe better. When heat and moisture are produced, it tries to find ways to escape the material. Usually, there are spaces between the fibers of the material in which the heat can escape through. Having a mesh layer decreases the amount of work that the escaping heat has to do.

Rather than having just tiny holes, the mesh layer in the Deviator Hooded Vest gives a more direct route for the leaving heat to reach the outer layers. This allows your body and clothing to become cooler quickly. It also makes for positive airflow and allows cool air to come through the vest.


It can be incredibly frustrating to purchase a product only to have it break on you after a few uses. Because people work hard for their money, it makes sense that they want to get the most bang for their buck. When trying to shop for a good vest, one of the things to consider is what type of material it is made of. This does a long way to ensuring that you purchase a durable vest.

The Outdoor Vest is made with a high percentage of Polyester. This is one of the toughest materials on the market and is known to be rip-resistant. Choosing a product that is made of this material will make it last longer than your average vest, which reduces your need to go shopping as often. An additional benefit that Polyester has is that it does not shrink.

This means that there is a lesser chance the heat of your dryer will affect the shape and size of your vest. Wearing the Outdoor Deviator Hooded Vest will ensure you can enjoy your activities without worrying your vest may break.


To a certain degree, most people want a little bit of stretch in their clothing. This is to give themselves a little leeway for when they eat a little too much or are stretching. Having the extra flexibility is especially important if you plan on exercising while wearing your Research Hooded Vest.

One of the materials the Outdoor Deviator Vest is made with is spandex. This is a material that has great elastic properties. Spandex is made with very fine fibers that are interwoven to create a thin netting. Because the fibers are interlocked, it allows the spandex to stretch far without ripping. Having this material in your vest gives you the extra little bit of coverage you are looking for.

The best thing about spandex is it reverts to its original form after every stretch. This means that you will have a vest that can stretch without worrying that the elasticity will give out and turn saggy one day. Wearing this vest while you exercise will give you peace of mind that the vest will move with you rather than against you.


When people think about vests, they always picture ones without hoods. However, it may be in your best interest to purchase a product that gives your head a little protection. Most people are planning to out outdoors when wearing a vest. The worst is to be caught out in the wind and rain with no way to prevent your head from being buffeted around.

The Outdoor Research Vest comes with a hood and a mock neck collar. This means that when the hood is not in use, it will sit casually and comfortably on your shoulders. When the weather suddenly turns, simply pop on the hood for extra wind protection and warmth. The hood is designed to fit perfectly around your face.

This prevents the wind from being able to enter through the opening and going down your chest. Having the hood of the Vest sit flush against your face can also help prevent outside moisture from getting in. This will help keep your insides warm and the elements out.


Those who have tried on heavy clothing can attest to the fact that heavy clothes are uncomfortable to wear. It makes you feel bulky and like your movement is restricted. The heaviness of the clothing can also require you to exert more energy when you move in them. Over some time, this can tire you out.

The Hooded Vest was designed to be lightweight. It uses a combination of Nylon, Spandex, and Polyester, to make a very thin and light material to wear. It also uses precision sewing, which is a way that ensures the exact amount of material is used. This prevents extra material being sewn into the hems and other areas and increasing the weight.

Putting on the Vest will not feel like any extra weight has been added. This is ideal for people who plan on exercising in the vest as wearing clothes will not drain your energy levels and leave you feeling fatigued. This vest allows you to focus on improving your performance rather than thinking about your discomfort.

Moisture Wicking

People like to exercise outdoors in all sorts of weather. During the colder months, this may require additional clothing layers such as jackets and vests. Seeing that a vest is usually worn outside of clothes, it is best to choose something that can repel moisture.

When the weather turns and you are caught in the rain, the Hooded Vest can protect you and keep you dry. The materials used to make this vest has very good moisture-wicking abilities. This means that there is a delayed time before the moisture on your vest is absorbed. This is ideal for people who are exercising or hiking in the rain.

When rain droplets get on your Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest, it does not get absorbed right away. Instead, it stays as a droplet on the outermost layer of the vest. The drops then slide off when you move around or when you brush it off. This ensures that the moisture and liquid are not absorbed into the materials of your vest.

This can prevent your vest from becoming heavy and soggy after spending a long time in the rain.

Rip Stop Material

Most manufacturers try their best to create a product that is not going to rip or tear easily. However, no one can anticipate how you use your vest. The only way for a manufacturer to ensure your vest does not rip is to add as much fortification to it as possible. Because the Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest was designed for outdoor use, it is created with ripstop material.

As the name implies, ripstop materials prevent your clothing from ripping. Usually, when there is a frayed seam on your clothing, it will enlarge and become a bigger rip with each wear. The Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest is made with Nylon which has properties to prevent it from destroying itself further.

Ripstop material is woven together using specific techniques that prevent a rip from expanding. For this specific vest, the material that was woven is Nylon. It is done in a cross-hatch pattern so that even if there are certain fibers of your vest that is breaking, it cannot rip following one direction.

Trim Fit

Many people choose to wear vests when they intend to exercise outside as this is a lighter layer that can keep them warm once they start moving. Another factor is because vests do not have sleeves, which allows for maximum mobility. You’ll be able to train and continue your specific movements without worrying that your clothing will rip.

In particular, the Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest is made using a trim fit. This particular cutting of the vest makes you look slimmer as it is tapered more to your body. While this is great for people who are wanting to look nice while they wear their vest, it may be a slight hindrance for those who are exercising.

The Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest uses a trim fit, meaning it is a bit tighter. This may increase the possibility of accidentally ripping or bursting a seam when you are moving in a specific way. Trim fits usually mean there is not much leeway in the shoulder or back area to allow larger movements. This can become an issue if you are purchasing the vest solely to exercise in.

Bottom Line

The Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest has many more benefits than disadvantages. Many users have reported that this is a great base layer for snow-related activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, or snowboarding. The insulation layer helps retain the heat your body generates once your blood starts pumping. This allows you to stay warmer and more energized for a longer period.

The water repellency of the Outdoor Research Deviator Hooded Vest can also help in a pinch. Any drinks or food that are accidentally spilled on the vest will not be absorbed right away. The outer layer will prevent the liquids and smells from absorbing until you can quickly wipe it off. This ensures that your vest will stay cleaner for longer periods.

This particular product was created with three very strong materials: Polyester, Spandex, and Nylon. All of them have great properties along with the fact that they are very hard to rip. Purchasing this vest is going to ensure you have a great piece of outerwear for a very long time.