Osprey Raptor 10 Review

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It is a pretty ambitious promise to make to customers to guarantee products for a lifetime. At Osprey, that is exactly what they do. Everything they make is built to last, which isn’t an easy standard to live by. The Raptor 10 is perfect for cyclists, or any outdoor adventurer. Those looking for an efficient hydration pack with a lightweight feel and storage capabilities will be overjoyed at the Raptor 10. If you’re looking to replace a too small pack for this upcoming summer, check out this offering by Osprey!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Compression Straps
  • Multiple Compartments
  • Great Water Flow
  • Attachments for Helmet/Light
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Contoured Foam
  • Water Hose Placement
  • Awkward With Full Reservoir

Accessible Storage

As someone who loves backpacks, I can say firsthand that sometimes that is a little less than convenient when trying to get to the compartments. When it comes to hydration packs, you don’t only need quick access to different areas of the bag, but you want a comfortable and convenient mouthpiece leading to the water reservoir as well. There is a magnetic fixture which helps keep the water hose close to the mouth and easy to reach even during grueling workouts. Reviewers found the water flow to be really wonderful in comparison to other smaller, lighter packs like the Raptor 10. Reviewers also found the small pockets intended for specific items to be fairly easy to access without much struggle or resistance due to the design or shape of the pack but only a few of their compartments are immediately accessible. Those compartments are the ones that come forward with the straps. The rest of the bag is easy to access, as well, but not when it is actually physically on you. Another complaint that some people had in terms of accessibility is the hose’s placement. Not everyone likes to keep sternum straps buckled. While it is the most secure attachment of a backpack to the body, some feel it is uncomfortable to wear like that for long periods of time. If you want a truly hands-free drinking experience, you are going to need to keep that strapped for the hose placement to be correct.

Available Additions

Most backpacks have several straps and attachments that you never use. Athletic packs, however, are generally loved for their capabilities when it comes to accommodating safety or convenience measures. The Raptor 10 is no exception when it comes to these convenience features. There is a place to secure your bike helmet, so if you plan on biking to a location then going on a quick hike or even stopping to rest or relax for a moment and you don’t want to have to carry your helmet, you have another option. There is a spot for almost a helmet rack to keep it up and out of the way. Similarly, there is a place on the bag for a blinker light attachment. This helps to make sure you are noticed on the trail or on the road at night. Biking, and even walking or jogging, is getting increasingly dangerous due to the volume of cars on the road. While cyclists and those on foot are encouraged to walk and ride with traffic to decrease the chance of an opposing-force collision, there are still a lot of risks when it comes to close contact with motorists. Light to help signal your presence and place on the road or trail is a true life-saver, literally. It is just an additional safety feature than can elevate your sense of calm in mere moments. Taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance, and Osprey wants to make sure they’re helping you do just that.


Raptor is a line of backpacks that really cares about the comfort when wearing them. It can be hard to make a bag comfortable, between pinching and pulling or unforgiving straps, sometimes backpacks can seem like more of a hassle than they're worth. The Raptor 10 has a really easy carry even with extreme terrain that tends to be less than feel-good on the body. Their straps and harness system is made of their Biostretch material. Mesh is crucial in packs such as these. It keeps the things you’re carrying close to the body without trapping heat close the body, which can limit performance due to overheating or restriction. Their Biostretch harness is contoured to the body to create a close and accommodating fit. Where there is direct contact with the body, special foam that alleviates pressure points is added for more comfortable wear. Foam and mesh go out of their way to ensure a really effortless carrying experience on this item by Osprey.


There are a few factors with the compartments worth considering when shopping for a new Osprey pack. On the Raptor 10, some key elements that make the larger Raptor 14 so great are missing. There is a mesh pocket on the Raptor 10, which is helpful to hold layers when working up a sweat, or other unneeded items that were previously being worn. This stretchy mesh pack is adaptable and pretty functional, but it pales in comparison to the size and capacity of the mesh pack on the back of the Raptor 14. If you are traveling in brisker weather or biking somewhere where you will need to continuously remove and add back on layers, the mesh pack on this pack by Osprey may not have a large enough capacity for you. They still have zippered side pockets, perfect for keys or other essential items that you want to keep close and secure. The compartments are incredibly easy to get to and really open up the carrying ability of this backpack since you aren’t having to make room for water bottles due to the reservoir within the Raptor itself.


There were a few reviews that felt the design needed a little bit of work. With the reservoir within this hydration pack, when the actual container holding the water is very full, it creates a convex bag of liquid that can be kind of a bother on the back. Reviewers said once some of the liquid was depleted this was no longer uncomfortable, but there were suggestions to make this a bit more comfortable for wearing on long rides. Other than this slightly clumsy bladder placement or positioning, the Raptor 10 was easily able to distribute weight comfortably and easily thanks to its design. It seems there was just a slight oversight in the construction of the pack that wouldn’t affect everyone who buys it. If you struggle with certain areas of your back, you might want to try wearing this pack fully filled to capacity before taking it out for a spin. Stylistically speaking, the design is, according to reviews, more attractive than its competitor’s. It is on quite a large frame for comfortable wear, but the pack itself is relatively sleek and futuristic looking. Really giving the appearance of high-functioning gear.


If you’re an athlete or just someone who enjoys cycling as a hobby, it is crucial to have gear that will last for quite some time. As mentioned, Osprey guarantees a lifetime of use from their products. This is an extremely large check to cash. Things happen, and many customers are very hard on items, probably harder than they should be. That doesn’t change Osprey’s promise. Premium materials, which I will discuss later, are used to ensure that this will have a long-life along with you. The construction itself is made to work with the body and how it moves as opposed to against it. If you are an avid wearer of backpacks, you know that some will bend or break due to normal wear, because the straps can’t take the stress. The Raptor 10 is designed to outlast the strain put on it. Combining an array of different construction methods and fabrics, the result is a really strong and sturdy backpack that won’t weigh you down. The mesh and foam that makes this so wonderful keep you cool and feeling secure no matter where you take this item.

Liquid Capacity

The 10 in the name of this backpack refers to the number of liters that can be held in the bladder of the pack. The reservoir is included in your purchase, something similar designs may not have. Though the capacity of this in terms of fluids is less than that of the Raptor 14, which holds 14 liters, there is very little else that is different from the seemingly “larger” pack. There is direct zip access to this reservoir and it is fully integrated into the design of the Osprey backpack itself, which keeps it from leaking or spilling when you’re on the trail or road. Many competitors that have this kind of liquid holding do not include any additional room for carrying items or necessities, all they have is the reservoir. If you’re looking for more than just hydration, this pack is definitely the only way to go! Those who are familiar with Osprey will already know that their products are a knock-out, but for those who aren’t, just comparing them to similar items which have almost no additional features can show just how valuable one of these packs can be.

Special Features

Though we have already discussed the compartments, it is important to mention just how advanced they are. There is quick access built into a tool organizer at the bottom of the pack. For cyclists, this is essential. They can organize everything they need when heading out on a distance ride, which can be extremely useful if anything were to malfunction on the bike. Additionally, there are hipbelt pockets which keep things close to you that you need. Think of these for things like an energy-boosting treat or a GPS and phone. Having quick access to a part of your bag that is closest to you can alleviate some of the concerns you run into when cycling out on your own. Compression straps are another incredibly important feature of this item by Osprey. So, if you are using this pack to its very fullest capacity, the compression straps will be slightly less effective, but its rare that people fill packs like these to the brim on their normal excursions. These compression straps tighten to keep the bag close against your back. This reduces discomfort and bouncing around, helping you keep the bag comfortable close to your body and relieving pressure on your shoulders as well. It makes the bag overall feel smaller when you’re wearing it, when it is already a relatively sleek storage pack.


This pack debuted at a slightly hefty price, one that won’t be too much for those familiar with the gear rates for cyclists, but still, something higher than many new to the world of sports gear would expect. The price now has gone way down, and this Raptor 10 is extremely affordable, perfect for those who have never before bought themselves a hydration pack, or someone looking to replace their old one on a budget. You won’t find this kind of technology for a better price from many other athletic wear companies, so grab it while it lasts.


This Raptor 10 is made from mostly foam and mesh, and the biggest benefits to those materials are that they are so incredibly light. You won’t feel weighed down at all by this pack. Thanks to the compression straps, reviewers felt that they could nearly forget they were wearing this option by Osprey. What you want from gear that you’re using to transport necessary items when cycling is that barely-there feel and this Raptor 10 absolutely achieves that. Since the compression straps help to stabilize loads when lower, you won’t get the pulling or bouncing that you get from so many packs, even on really bumpy terrain. This helps to eliminate what many interpret as a weight when they experience it. Airscape back panels and the Air Mesh hipbelts keep this pack breezy and light on any trip you’re using it for.

Bottom Line

For those who are tired of hydration packs that hold little more than liquid, the Osprey Raptor 10 is an ideal choice. While some felt the bladder at max capacity felt awkward against the back, and some didn’t like the hose placement requiring the sternum strap to be secure, there were very few downsides to this Raptor 10. The light design and compression straps make for an awesome experience wearing this pack while cycling.