Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir Review

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If you enjoy spending long periods of time outdoors then you know how important proper hydration can be! Having a well-designed water reservoir can make the world of difference especially if you plan on hiking, backpacking, or cycling. The 3-liter Hydraulics Reservoir by Osprey is the perfect option for keeping your thirst at bay. It’s made from safer materials that are guaranteed BPA, phthalate, and lead-free and meets the food safety standards set by the FDA and EU regulators.

This product is easy to operate thanks to a magnetic bite valve that ensures leak-free use. It has a QuickConnect system that makes the filling and removing a snap and delivers a smooth flow of water. The Hydraulics Reservoir offers a large capacity that’s ideal for longer periods of use and dries quickly for better hygiene.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Magnetic Bite Valve
  • 3 L Capacity
  • BPA-Free
  • Twin-Welded Baffle
  • Pour Shield
  • Higher Price


The Hydraulics Reservoir by Osprey is an ideal choice for larger volume packs and will meet all of your hydration needs for long duration activities. It offers an innovative HydroStatic backer plate that allows for effortless loading and helps it to stay flat against your back. You won’t have any issues with filling, cleaning, or operating thanks to this product that was made with a well-designed structure. It’s BPA, phthalate, and lead-free which means that you get a purer liquid with every sip you take and all of its materials are certified food safe in compliance with FDA and EU regulation.


The valve is one of the most crucial aspects of any reservoir and this one offers a solid design. Its magnetic bite valve puts you in control and ensures that you won’t have any accidental leaks when it's not in use. Whether you’re walking, hiking, or even cycling, you might want to rehydrate without having to stop just to take a drink. It offers a perfect leak-free design that will meet all of your hydration need while you’re on the move.

The valve connects to a magnetic clip near the shoulder which means that you won't have to worry about leaks while it's not in use. This is super handy because sometimes your other gear might connect with the valve and trigger it but not while it's sitting clipped which completely prevents accidental contact.


No one wants to taste that unpleasant plastic or chemical taste that some reservoirs seem to have! Luckily, the Hydraulics reservoir is a taste-free choice that gives you nothing more than pure and natural flavors. It’s made from TPU film that is BPA free for a healthier environment and is even safe to use with liquids up to 140F/60C. Looking for something colder? Well, this pack is just the thing for you! It can actually be frozen ahead of time so that you can enjoy perfectly chilled liquid while you exercise. This is a nice feature that some of these products just don’t offer.


A unique twin welded chevron baffle makes this pack a great choice for slosh-free wear. It helps to keep the reservoir nice and flat against your back and keeps the liquid steady in the center. This is a great feature because no one wants to have their liquid sliding back and forth on their back. Liquids are quite heavy and having continuous movement in your pack could potentially throw your balance off and even put you at a greater risk of injuries.

It's also nice to have a flatter pack because it won't limit your ability to maneuver through tighter areas while climbing or hiking. This can end up being difficult if your pack sticks out too far from your back because it will mean having to remove it to squeeze through narrow spots.


This product is super easy to clean! No more hand washing because you can literally throw this one in the dishwasher and bam… it’s sparkling clean and ready to go. Its slide seal opening is extra wide which allows for plenty of room to clean and dry. It’s important that your bladder be able to fully dry while it’s not in use otherwise it could end up making the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria that thrive in moist environments. I don’t have to tell you that it’s unhygienic drinking water that’s potentially riddled with germs and bacteria, am I right?! So that’s why choosing an open that dries efficiently is a must if you want to ensure that you’re drinking the healthiest liquids and not ingesting unpleasant bacteria.


One innovative feature that this reservoir offers is its pour shield that lengthens the collar for more controlled filling. Normally, it can be tough to fill your pack in a shallow sink or even from a stream while you’re off-trail enjoying nature, but this innovative design feature helps to make it that much easier. It also makes it super easy to pour into pots, cups, or containers because you get a nice controlled stream while you’re emptying the contents of the bladder.


This item is jam-packed with nifty features like its convenient carry handle that lets you maneuver it with ease. It includes a magnetic bite valve and magnetic clip so you can rest the valve when it's not in use. A Hydrostatic Backerplate gives this reservoir some additional structure that helps to keep a flatter profile. All around this is a solid piece of equipment that was well-designed to help make your activities more enjoyable. Its plethora of cool aspects makes it a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts who need something more than the average bladder has to offer.


When it comes to this type of equipment, the Hydraulics Reservoir is little on the pricey side. There are similar options available that retail for literally half the price compared to this one so it's really a good idea to consider this before making your purchase. While this is a good product overall that does offer some excellent features it really depends on your budget and how much you're willing to spend for this kind of gear.

Another thing to take into consideration is the overall quality which could end up affecting the value in the long run. This option is made well and will last you for quite some time which actually makes it a much better value for its retail price. If your reservoir needs to be replaced after very little use it will end up costing you more despite being cheaper initially. So you should really think about how well an item is made before dismissing it because of its price tag.


Osprey grew from one person’s dream of creating comfortable and long-lasting packs into a powerhouse in the world of outdoor equipment. For over forty years, this line has been crafting high-quality gear that continually helps enthusiasts to excel at their sport of choice.

Creator Mike Pfotenhauer is still the leading voice behind their designs and they are still guaranteeing their products for life. This lifelong guarantee covers functional repairs or total replacement of defective products because they stand behind their products 100% of the way.

This brand operates in a sustainable way that helps to lessen its impact on the planet. This commitment to being a leader in environmental and social issues is one of the most inspirational aspects behind the Osprey name is just one more reason that purchasing their equipment feels so darn good.


A super-easy slide seal opening makes for effortless operation. It simply slides open and closed along the top of the bag and offers air and water-tight seal. This innovative design feature is extra-wide so you’ll have lots of room for filling, emptying, and drying. Most bladders have a small, usually rounded opening that is similar to a water bottle, this can make drying times slow and can be a pain if you’re to clean out the inside. But this one’s wide top opening is perfect for operating with ease.

Bottom Line

The Hydraulics Reservoir by Osprey is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy hiking, backpacking, or even cycling this hydration bladder will serve you well while you’re on the trail. It offers a good sized 3 L reservoir so you can take it on longer outings without having to worry about running dry.

An innovative HydroStatic backer plate keeps your pack nice and flat against your back which is a great feature. Anyone who’s ever struggled with a shifting pack knows how important this really is! It’s made from BPA, phthalate, and lead-free materials for safer drinking and is certified food safe according to FDA and EU regulations.

One of the really great features that the Hydraulic Reservoir offers is its magnetic bite valve that guarantees leak-free use. It comes complete with a magnetic clip that holds the valve when it's not in use so you won’t have to worry about any accidental triggers.

You can use this reservoir with both hot and cold liquids which is great for hiking in colder weather. It’s made from a supple TPU film that’s both flexible and long-lasting making it an excellent choice for this type of equipment. Caring for this Osprey product couldn’t be easier which is a great aspect that this one has to offer,