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Safety should always be your primary concern, which is why you need a safety band while you exercise. The Nite Ize Slaplit is the perfect choice for athletic individuals because it’s lightweight and versatile. This band offers 360° illumination so that passersby will notice you from the front or back. It makes you more visible to drivers who might otherwise not see you making this an invaluable tool.

Anyone who enjoys exercising after dark needs an added layer of security and visibility to ensure their safety! The Nite Ize Slaplit is perfect for children and pets too thanks to its easy slap-band design. You slap it lightly, and it will roll around the surface on its own. The downside with this band is its disposable batteries! They aren’t all that eco-friendly and get costly after a while.

Despite its non-rechargeable design, this is a solid piece of safety gear that looks good while ensuring you’re always protected. The Nite Ize Slaplit is an affordable item that is well worth the investment towards your safety.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Bright LED Illumination
  • 360-Degree Glow
  • Increased Visibility
  • Slap Band Style
  • Disposable Battery


The Nite Ize Slaplit is an influential LED safety band that makes you more visible to drivers and other passersby. This option offers a slap-on style that is just like when you were a kid! It's easy to operate and comfortable to wear, making it an ideal choice for all sorts of athletic activities like walking, cycling, or running.

A new and improved design makes for a sleek finish that looks great with all your favorite gear. While the choice of colors makes it easy to style with any shade of apparel, this band is an excellent accessory for after dark outings. It's perfect for concerts or outdoor venues thanks to its fashionable appearance that is just as trendy as any other.

This is an invaluable tool for all your athletic activities and makes it safer for you while you train. Whether you like to walk, run, or cycle this lighted band is an ideal companion to keep you safe.


The Nite Ize Slaplit is battery operated which allows for the non-stop 360-degree glow. A miniature lithium CR2032 coin battery gives you long hours of use before needing to be replaced. The Nite Ize Slaplit is not rechargeable, so keep in mind that you do need to use a replaceable battery. Some people find this is a negative aspect, especially with environmental and financial flaws. But, if you don't mind using a disposable battery, then this is a great option to consider. There aren't many armbands available that you can charge; most use a battery-powered source that would need replacing.

The good thing about this style is never having to fret about recharging. It's a pain if you forget because you won't be able to go out until the battery has charged. I would recommend bringing a spare after a few runs to be sure that you don't end up powerless halfway through your route.


Being safe while you exercise is tough, especially after dark., That's why you need an extra layer of security when you're out and about. The Nite Ize Slaplit is just the thing you need to help other people see you even when it's dark out.

With a powerful LED glow, this device makes it easy for people to see you. It also helps them to assess how far away you are. The Nite Ize Slaplit has LED light tubing that enables full 360° glow. The 360° display means people approaching from behind will be able to see the light too. Similar items only have a small area that glows whereas; this one illuminates all over the whole band.

With so many distracted drivers out and about it's dangerous running or exercising after dark, but sometimes you don't have the time when it's light out. That's why you must invest in a secondary piece of equipment that keeps you safer.

Reflective Pattern

This band offers something that others do not; a reflective pattern that is easy to see even without the LED light. This pattern is an excellent feature because it lets you conserve battery power when you would otherwise switch on the glow. Reflective gear is proven to increase visibility by approximately 80%, which means you are a whole lot safer because of it.

The Nite Ize Slaplit has a neon color scheme which only adds to its visibility. Neon is brighter than most shades and is much easier to see even in poorly lit environments. It helps drivers to see you sooner and helps to prevent accidents by making it easier for everyone to spot you while you're on the move.


The Nite Ize Slaplit is a versatile choice that does way more than your everyday style. You can wear this option while you’re out at the club or even when you visit your next concert! It’s smart enough to pull-off with almost any look and shines super bright, which makes it an exceptional choice for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

The Nite Ize Slaplit is a contemporary and fashionable selection thanks to its many available colorways so you can balance it with all your favorite attire. There’s no need to scan for a fresh new accessory the next time you go out for the night because this band is all you will need.

On top of the chic functionality, this is a top option for athletic use becuase it assists drivers to recognize you in the dark better. It’s comfortable to wear on your wrist, arm, or leg and even connects to your pets’ collar too. Kids and adults will both be able to wear it thanks to the helpful slap band style that fits any size arm with ease.


Workout gear is expensive, which is why you don't want to end up spending a lot for a safety band. The Lite Ize Slaplit is an economical alternative that is more cost-effective than most.

This product is family-friendly and is ideal for keeping your kids and pets safer after dark. The fact that it's one-size-fits-all means you won't have to purchase a separate one for smaller children.

Your children will enjoy wearing this band because of its slap-style that fun to wear. This style is already popular with kids, but it gives them the added benefit of improved safety while wearing this one.

The only sore point with the Nite Ize Slaplit is replacing the battery reasonably often because it's disposable. Luckily, the cells are relatively inexpensive and also come in multi-packs for better value. Some people would prefer a rechargeable design because it's more eco-friendly and eliminates the expense of having to replace the battery every so often.


The Nite Ize Slaplit produces ultra-high visibility 360-degree LED glow. It is better than your average glow stick and helps make it easier for absent-minded drivers to see you. This innovative slap band utilizes LED lighting to give you the most brilliant glow and keep you the most protected while you exercise. LED lights are a long-lasting and eco-friendly choice ideal for active lifestyles. LED lights increase the lifespan of the band sparing you money in the end by not having to replace it so often. 

This band comes in several fun neon colorways that irradiate your entire arm, making you more noticeable from both the front and back. The 360-degree illumination helps oncoming pedestrians and drivers see you.

Don’t think this band is the same as any glow stick because its illumination is way brighter than those! People wear this band for all sorts of events like performances, outside workouts, and even for emergencies like roadside tire changes. 

Lighting Modes

The Nite Ize Slaplit offers two modes to suit every situation. Choose between a glow or flash setting, depending on your personal preferences. Choosing which configuration depends on the job at hand and how much battery power you hope to consume. 

Flash modes are considered the better choice by many! Flashing uses less power than a substantial glow, which gives this mode a considerable advantage right away. Also, flashing draws more attention than an even light, which quickly gets lost in all of the background lights of the city. Though some people claim that flashing lights tend to confuse drivers more so than a steady light, so it’s a matter of personal preference. 

With the solid glow, it will consume more power and could be harder for drivers to see amidst the rest of the lights from the city. But when you go to a more remote location, you should use the steady glow mode because it stands out in the darkness. 

Some people prefer to wear two bands, so they have both a solid and flashing light. Having two different lights makes you extremely easy to see, which is why this is a smart method.


When it comes to your safety gear, the last thing you want is uncomfortable or bulky. The Nite Ize Slaplit is far from bulky! This option is easily adjusted and comfortable to wear so you can have it on for longer without issue. This safety band wears nicely on your arm or leg and even attaches to your dogs' collar while you run. You can also wrap it around your bike frame while you ride.


Unfortunately, this product isn't particularly durable. There are other similar options like the Emmabin safety band that last longer and cost roughly the same. Some people complain of issues with the light modes not correctly working, while others have issues with the power itself. Most commonly, people find that the slap feature looses its functionality way too soon after purchasing.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Nite Ize Slaplit is the right choice of safety gear! It offers reflective detailing and neon colors that are easy to see, even without the LED lights. This band has 360-degree illumination that lets people see you better from the front and back.

I love how stylish this option is and how you can wear it for all kinds of events. Concerts and outdoor venues are the perfect occasions to show off your cool-looking glow band that is way brighter than your average glow stick. This is a battery-powered band that allows for continuous glow and uses one small, lithium battery.

Anyone shopping on a budget will enjoy how affordable the Nite Ize Slaplit retails. This makes it accessible to everyone, and its one-size-fits-all design is brilliant. Children enjoy wearing it because of the fresh slap-band style, and it even works to protect your pet too!