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Leave it to Nike to design the thinnest armband around! The Ventilated Armband was made for athletic lifestyles and offers an ultra-lightweight structure. It’s the perfect place to keep your valuables while you run and fits most sized cell-phones too! If you enjoy exercising with free hands then this piece of gear is just what you need. Easily store your cash, credit cards, and even one or two house keys so you won’t have to handle anything while you train.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Transparent Window
  • Touch-Screen Access
  • Adjustable Velcro
  • Several Colorways
  • Low-Quality Plastic
  • Weak Closure
  • Limited Space

Handy Storage

Anyone shopping for an armband has one goal in mind - to have somewhere to keep their valuables while they exercise. Well, this band has got you covered! It’s perfect for storing your cell phone and other valuables like credit or debit cards, cash, and other small items.

The problem with this band is that it’s quite small so you would only be able to bring one or two keys otherwise it would be too tight of a fit. Just be sure that you take your keys off the ring if you want to be able to easily pack them away.

Clear Window

The Nike Ventilated Armband offers a clear window that gives you touch screen access without having to take the band off your arm. It helps to better protect your screen while you’re on the move and prevents any accidental scratches if you happen to hit a rough patch on the trail. It’s really nice having that touch screen access without having to remove the whole band which would mean having to stop entirely just to access your phone.

The clear window lets you peek inside to double check on your battery level and playlist selection, or just to make sure that your valuables are still where they should be. Some options don’t have the clear window which can get annoying, especially if you want to quickly switch songs without having to unzip and take out your phone.

Adjustable Strap

Having an adjustable arm strap is a must if you want your gear to fit right and this option delivers nicely on that aspect. It comes complete with an adjustable arm strap and Velcro closures that let you tailor the fit to your exact arm size.

This is ideal for wearing the band overtop of your clothing because you can tighten and loosen depending on the thickness of the top underneath it. It’s also handy if you’re working on building up your muscle mass because you won’t have to replace the band altogether when you start to see some added inches!

Reflective Swoosh

Safety is a must while you’re out for a run and it can get pretty dangerous, especially in low lighting. If you’re all about early morning or later evening runs then you need some sort of gear with a reflective surface to help make you more visible to traffic and other pedestrians. This will help to prevent accidents that could end up leaving you injured!

Luckily, Nike is all about forethought and designed this armband with a reflective swoosh that helps to make you easier to spot in limited lighting. This is perfect for helping to keep you more secure so you can run with peace of mind knowing that you’re more visible than you would be without this handy piece of equipment.


Another nice aspect with this one is that it comes in several colorways. You can choose from black, silver, pink, and several other hues that are really quite nice. It’s always a bonus when you can pick a color that speaks to you instead of just opting for something because it’s all that’s available.

Coordinating the color of your band with your clothing is something that many people enjoy doing and this option makes it much easier to achieve. Though, if you’re looking for the most neutral shade, black is always your safest bet because it can be paired with any other color and still look great.

Band Strength

When it comes to gear designed to hold your cell-phone while you run it has to be well-made and strong enough to hold up that much weight. It might seem like your phone really doesn’t weigh that much but if you think about the single strap that will be holding it in place through the constant bouncing, running, and turning that you’ll be doing.

One of the downsides to this band is that the Velcro closure is rather short. This gives it less strength than a longer option would have and makes it slip more easily. It can be a bit annoying, especially if you have wider arms because it will be a continuous concern wondering whether your armband is going to fall off.

Low-Quality Plastic

An aspect where I’ve noticed several complaints is the plastic window! It seems like a few people had issues with it ripping after just a few times being used and that’s certainly something that you wouldn’t want to have happened!

Though these cases weren’t the majority by no means, so it’s just something to take into consideration when you’re making your decision. Having the plastic rip could cause your phone to slip out and fall which would be disastrous if it wasn’t in a case.


Despite the fact that we’re in love with the super-slim physique of the Nike Ventilated Armband, it’s almost too slim once you get to try it! The problem is that it doesn’t have enough room to fit most phones while they’re in a protective case which means you would have to remove any outer casing before using it. This wouldn’t be too big of a deal except with a few people reporting issues with its strength and quality it makes me a little nervous to have my phone inside without any other form of protection.

Running is a strenuous activity and the pressure of a heavy object bouncing around inside a not-so-sturdy compartment could spell disaster so just keep this in mind while you’re making your choice.

Not Sweat-Proof

As you know, when we exercise things are bound to get sweaty! This is why the armband that you choose needs to be made from water and sweat-proof material! Unfortunately, this product just doesn’t seem to be! Some wearers complained of their sweat pooling up inside the phone pocket to the point where they had to take their phones right out of the band.

Other people found that the sweat made it slip down their arm and made it difficult to wear. This could really be a problem for some people, especially if you tend to sweat a lot! So it’s something to consider when you’re making your decision.

Color Transfer

So yet another issue with the Nike Ventilated armband is color bleed. Some people found that when the band got sweaty the color would literally bleed onto their other gear and even their skin! This can be a slight issue, especially if it starts to ruin your clothing! As far as if it stains your skin a little that’s no big issue because you can easily wash it off with soap and water.

As for the clothing, the dye should come out no problem when you wash it but for lighter colored items it could actually ruin the item altogether. Though, if you’re wearing black it wouldn’t really matter all that much.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Nike Ventilated Armband is an okay piece of gear! Despite having several excellent aspects, it has its fair share of negatives too. If you’re looking for something ultra-lightweight than this is definitely the best choice for you! Its barely-there feel won’t slow you down or tire you out in the slightest which is why some runners just can’t get enough of this petite design.

Another aspect that’s pretty darn handy is the clear window that lets you operate your touch screen phone without having to remove it from the band itself. This is great while you’re on the move and can really save you time because you won’t have to stop every time you want to change the song.

The adjustable strap is convenient and comfortable, though the Velcro isn’t really long enough to properly support the band and keep it from sliding down while you’re running. I did like the reflective swoosh that added some additional safety to my early morning runs, but it wasn’t really big enough to make that much of a difference.

The variations of colors available are nice because it lets you choose based on the rest of your outfit but it tends to transfer onto your gear and even your skin when the material gets sweaty!

One issue some wearers had was with the almost too-slim design that doesn’t leave much room for anything more than your cell phone and credit card, but who really needs more than that while they’re running anyways?!

When it comes to this product I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something very basic to hold their phone while they run. It’s really not designed to hold much weight so keep that in mind when you’re making your decision. It’s fairly inexpensive, though there are several options that are quite a bit cheaper and offer just as many features.