Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest

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Most people who exercise regularly will have the go-to clothing that they prefer to exercise and sweat in. For those that enjoy exercising outdoors, this will always include some sort of outerwear. The Nike Tech Hypermesh vest has many features that can be beneficial when you are training in adverse weather. It also has the potential to become one of your go-to pieces for exercising.

When you are outside, you need to be protected from the elements. The vest has a drawstring hood that allows you close off openings where wind and rain can creep in. The vest is also made of Nylon, which is water and weather resistant. This material is made for being outdoors and can keep your body warm and cozy.

This particular product works as both an inside and outside layer. It is an ideal vest for runners as the shape and design do not hinder your body from moving. Wearing this vest will give your body its complete range of motion without worrying that anything will rip or tear.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Trusted brand

Drawstring hood

Heat retention

Water repellant



Feels very thin

Half Zipper

Mock neck collar



The Nike brand has been around for years and has received global recognition. They are well known for producing items such as shoes, clothing apparel, and even accessories. The ever-familiar swoosh can be seen on all their products. Purchasing an item from Nike will not only elevate your status but also give you peace of mind.

Nike is known for producing high-quality products and the Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest is no different. The vest has been produced to meet all the expectations of a Nike branded item, such as durability, features, and design. This is a great vest for people who are looking to do physical activities outside.

The Nike vest is backed by a brand that has strong qualities rooted in performance and durability. Purchasing this product will also allow people to take you as a serious contender in your sport. The great-looking vest will also provide you with an overall boost of confidence. Most athletes can attest to the fact that looking great gives you extra fuel to do better in your performance.
Drawstring Hood

Drawstring Hood

Most people who wear vests do not consider the need for a hood. However, having this additional feature on your vest can make quite a difference in your training. The most obvious reason being that the hood can keep the rain out of your hair and body. This can decrease the chances of you getting sick and sidelining yourself for a longer period.

In particular, the Nike Vest is made with a drawstring hood. This means that the hood is almost completely customizable. When it rains, simply put the hood over your head and adjust the drawstrings until it creates a seal around your face. This ensures that your body is protected and stays dry.

An additional feature of the drawstring hood on the Vest is wind prevention. If the hood is tied tight enough, it will prevent wind from sneaking past the opening and down into your chest. This will help your body retain heat for a long while so that you do not cool down as quickly.
Half Zip

Half Zip

Depending on who you ask, you will receive a different answer in terms of how people like to take their clothes off. In general, there are two types of people: ones who prefer to unzip or unbutton their clothing and the others who prefer simply pulling it over their heads. Both ways are only a preference in changing attire but can make a difference between purchasing a product or not.

In particular, the Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest uses a half zipper. This means that the vest needs to be worn like a sweater and pulled over your head. There is a zipper that extends from the neck down to your sternum. The zipper is meant to be used to release some of the heat buildups within the vest.

Some users do not like the idea of having to put on the Vest that way and may opt to purchase another type of vest. In the event you accidentally get your vest dirty, it can also be quite a hassle trying to get it off. This is why some people may opt for something that can be unzipped for easy removal.
Heat Retention

Heat Retention

Those who often train and exercise outside can attest to the fact that staying warm is very important. It is especially important during adverse weather or the colder season. Wearing your vest as an additional layer will help warm you up, but it would be even better if the vest had heat retaining properties.

The Vest has great heat retention properties because Nike chose to make the vest with Nylon. This is a material that is not very porous, meaning that heat has difficulty escaping. When your body produces heat, it immediately tries to find a way out. The Nylon material does not have very many holes or gaps in which the heat can leave.

This creates a backlog of heat particles trying to escape. While the heat is trying to leave your Vest, your body can also reabsorb some of the escaping heat. The heat will also continue to circulate throughout the vest in efforts to look for an escape route. The delay in escaping heat will help keep your body warm for a longer period.


It can be incredibly frustrating when you purchase a product to simply have it break on you after a few wears. This means you will have to go out and spend more money and time looking for a new vest. One of the ways to minimize your workload is to see what the product is made of. The choice in materials of a vest is very important as it will make a significant impact on the lifespan of your product.

As mentioned previously, the Vest is made with a Nylon material. Apart from the fact it retains heat very well, there is also an additional host of benefits. One of them being that Nylon is a very durable fabric and does not rip or tear easily. This is ideal for active people who plan on wearing their Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest when training.

Moving, twisting, and turning is not going to affect the integrity of the vest as the Nylon fibers are rip-resistant. The material is also very lightweight so you do not feel bogged down when you are training. This will allow you to spend your energy on your training, rather than becoming fatigued by your heavy clothing.
Mock Neck

Mock Neck

Some people do not like having stiff collars on their clothing simply because it is uncomfortable. Sometimes the collar can be stiff enough that it irritates your skin when you move. This can be annoying and a source of frustration when you are wearing the vest. For those that are exercising the friction can also cause you to lose focus.

The Nike brand understands how important it is not to disturb an athlete when they are in their zone. The slightest distraction can affect their performance. This is why the Vest comes with a mock neck. This means that rather than having a collar that stands up, the fabric that connects the hood lies flat on your shoulders.

This prevents any discomfort or chafing of your neck area. Having a mock neck on the Vest can help runners stay streamlined. Most of the time clothing causes drag when you are running, thus requiring you to exert more physical energy to reach your ideal speeds. The lack of resistance caused by clothing will allow athletes to run faster and harder while not exerting as much energy.
Range of Motion

Range of Motion

Those that exercise regularly can attest to the fact that their range of motion is very important. Exercising with restricted capacity is often frustrating and very difficult. It affects your training and slows down your improvement, thus rendering your efforts moot.

When your range of motion is restricted, it is usually because of the clothing you are wearing. There is a worry that a certain movement may rip or tear it. The Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest has extra-large armholes, meaning that your arm movements will not become restricted. The vest grants your arms 360-degree movement and enables you to train with peace of mind.

The Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest was also has a loose-fitting design, which is ideal for runners. When your body is moving, the vest needs to be able to adapt and be flexible. The loose design allows you to stretch, jump, and climb without worrying the vest will rip. This allows you to stay warm and protected while engaging in outdoor activities of your choice.


People often expect the products they buy to be durable and last a long time. It is very frustrating to purchase a product only to have it break or rip in just a few times. People work very hard for their money so when it comes to durability, they want something that can give them the most bang for their buck.

One of the ways that theVest ensures it is durable is through the stitching. Every Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest is sewn by a machine, which decreases the chances of errors or missed stitches. This can ensure that there are no weak spots in which the vest can rip when it is stretched or twisted.

An additional benefit of using a machine to sew the vest together is that the stitches can be placed more closely. This can protect the integrity of the vest so that even of a stitch is failing, the other stitches nearby will be able to carry on the extra torque. This can help increase the lifespan of the product greatly, allowing you to wear it longer without fearing it will tear.


When it comes to picking an article of clothing, people often choose to purchase a lightweight product. This is because heavy clothing can tire you out sooner than lighter materials can. This can also greatly affect people who are doing some intense training as heavier clothing require more exertion to move. This can shorten your training thus impacting your progress.

The Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest is very lightweight because it is made with a Nylon material and because there is not much fabric. While being lightweight is important, the thin materials can give users a misconception that the vest does not have substance. Some people may interpret this as feeling the inexpensive or poor quality.

In some cases, people may even question the authenticity of the Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest. Ultimately, most products are purchased based on how the user feels when wearing it. While this is a great quality vest, it is important to be aware that wearing this vest may not give you a feeling of complete protection. This is due to the material feeling thin and somewhat lacking.

Water Repellant

Some people like to exercise outdoors all year round and in all sorts of weather. For those that do, it is important to have a vest that can help you repel water. This will prevent your body from becoming wet and cold, thus increasing the chance of getting sick. The Vest is a very water repellant and gives you great protection when you are outside.

Quite simply put, Nylon is a very water-resistant material. When moisture lands on your Nike Vest, it will not get absorbed right away. Instead, the water droplets will simply sit on the outside layer of your vest until it is shaken off. The delay in absorption of the moisture means that you will have ample time to brush it off.

Another advantage of having water repellent clothing is if you accidentally spill something on it. After an intense training session, you may be very tired and watch to drink something. In your rush, you may accidentally spill some of your drink. Simply give your vest a quick shake and watch the moisture bounce off.

Bottom Line

This Vest is a great product that is going to be your new best friend. The brand is well recognized and known for producing products that are top quality. This particular vest uses premium quality materials and has passed the stringent tests at Nike. The product is waterproof and weatherproof, allowing you to give it yours all during training.

The Vest is done by a machine to an exact measurement of torque. This prevents you from accidentally busting a seam while exercising hard. The relaxed shape of this vest allows you to move comfortably without feeling restricted or have areas that feel tighter.

This is an amazing product that is going to deliver when it is expected. It is also priced reasonably so you do not have to break the bank to purchase one. There are multiple sizes and colors for you to choose from. This is a product you do not want to miss!