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Nike has been around since 1964. They are well known and considered to be one of the top producers of athletic wear. They have multiple lines of specialty products, ranging from underwear to shoes, to thick jackets. Through the years they have created products that prove their strong understanding and comprehension of the needs of sports clothing.

The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is one of their new exciting creations. Whether you are a casual walker or a competitive runner, the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest fits the bill. It can keep you warm on cold days and cool you off on hot days. It is a great vest that is versatile and comfortable at the same time.

This particular running vest is built with some interesting designs. It has a drop-tail hem that adds coverage to the front bottom of the vest. This extra fabric is perfect for protecting against the wind and rain. It also comes with a water-resistant scuba hood to keep your hair dry from those brief showers during your run session. Along with all the additional features, this is one of the must-buy products of the season!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Drop-tail hem

Multiple pockets

Personalized fit

Soft scuba hood

Durable and strong


Bulky when zipped

Sizes run a little big

Bonded Seams

Unfinished or poorly made seams can be frustrating and uncomfortable to wear. This is because the extra fabric will rub against your skin and cause friction and discomfort. This can be concerning when it comes to activewear because these products need to be able to withstand pulling and tearing. Users require a high level of mobility and comfort to perform their best for their sport.

Seams that are raised can fray easily and cause unnecessary discomfort to the wearer. This, in turn, will chafe and scrape, causing both irritation and annoyance. The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is created with bonded seams at the chest, sleeves, sides, and back. This means that the seams are tucked nicely into the vest. This is ideal to protect against the rough and tumble of a washing machine.

The white bonded seams also give the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest a sharp, clean look. It also helps with visibility, which is important for people running during the night. The seam around the waist wrap around your body shape, giving the front and back of the vest a unique feel that makes it different from all the other vests out there.


Nike is a reliable and trusted name brand in the clothing and apparel industry. They can be considered as one of the first innovators and producers of sports apparel. However, they are not only industry leaders in runner gear, but also equipment for athletes in major sports like basketball, soccer, and hockey.

The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is no different, offering the same high-quality product that meets performance expectations. This product is one of Nike’s best sellers in the running activewear category worldwide. Vests have started to become more and more popular rather than just a simple long sleeve shirt for the cooler weather.

This product has distinctive colors and designs, making it very easy to identify. As the popularity grows, more people can be seen wearing the light green and white Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest. This product has a unique design that lets it stand out while maintaining durability. It is an ideal product for people who want to look trendy while training for their specific sport.


The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is a highly breathable and lightweight vest suitable for any runner. Some runnerswant to train with a little extra weight. But this vest is ideal for those why don't. It has wide armholes that allow for positive air transfer. Leaving the vest unzipped can also be a great way to remove large amounts of heat trapped inside the vest.

Because this vest is designed to be loose, air can circulate and move through the entire upper body. As the heat is produced from your body, it travels through the layers of material to try and exit your clothing. Once the heat reaches the top few layers, it is cooled down by the external environment. The same can be said for cool air entering your vest.

Another way the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest increases its breathability is by being lightweight. Your body will produce less sweat because of the light material, thus allowing the vest to focus on filtering the heat that your body produces. Wearing this vest will allow you to stay comfortable as you move through your exercises.


Most people who exercise do not think about the time they are going to do their training. Usually, exercising happens whenever it can be fit into their daily routine. This means that it could be late at night or early in the morning. During these hours, there is significantly less light on the roads, leading to potential safety issues.

The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is designed to be seen regardless of the time of day. Some bright colors and patterns make it stand out. The most popular vest has a bright neon green with white contrast, allowing people to spot a runner from miles away.

The design of the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest creates a reflective striped pattern that is very eye-catching. The zippers and logo are bright white, which breaks the autonomy of the neon green. This is an ideal shade for people who exercise as they can be easily identified on the side of the road. For people that enjoy hiking and trail running, wearing this vest can work as a safety measure for search and rescue find you in the event you are injured.


If given a choice, we would all want our clothing to last forever. This is because people work hard to earn money and it is fair to want the most bang for their buck. It can be incredibly frustrating for someone to purchase a product only to have it be rendered useless after only a few wears. This is why it is very important to see what kind of materials your product is made of.

The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is made completely out of Nylon. This is a material that is known to be extremely strong and durable. The fabrics of this material are weaved in a crosshatch pattern to help reduce the possibilities of the vest completely tearing in one direction. This design was created in efforts to increase the longevity of the item.

Unfortunately, some users have reported that their Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest has no give. Usually, manufacturers use a mixture of fabrics so there is a slight amount of leeway in which the clothing can stretch. This particular product does not have any wiggle room making the fibers prone to snapping.

Machine Washable

People are often exhausted after a long training session. During these times, the last thing they want to do is deal with their equipment. Depending on what they are training for, there may be lots of clothes and other protective gear that was worn and all need cleaning. Regardless of whether it is dirt, mud, or sweat, these are the components that can break down your clothing.

The people at Nike understand that when you are exhausted, you really may not have any energy left to deal with your dirty clothes. This is why the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is made to be completely machine washable. The Nylon fibers are strong enough to withstand the aggregation of a wash cycle. This will guarantee that you have a clean vest to wear whenever you are ready to go exercise again.

A friendly reminder is that the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest cannot be put into the dryer. Nylon cannot handle the strong heat coming from the machine, causing distortion or shrinking of your product. After the wash cycle, air dry the vest in a cool and ventilated area.


Any sort of activewear needs to allow the wearer to have mobility and stay flexible. Regardless of the sport, it is important to have a full range of motion when you are wearing your vest. It can be very uncomfortable to wear a product that is restrictive and does not allow for moving. The most frustrating thing would be for you to move and have your vest rip.

The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest has large armholes that allow the shoulder blades to swing freely. This ensures you can make large movements without the product tearing. The material is also soft enough that movement will not cause any chafing. People that have sensitive skin can attest to the fact that rough materials can easily rub your skin raw.

There is also a drawstring cord on the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest that allows you to customize your product to the best fit. The cord draws the fabric together so it stays on your body snugly. This will ensure your vest fits your body completely and won’t be too big or too small.

Scuba Hood

Unlike most competitors on the market, this product features a hood on the vest. The hood is ideal protection for your head especially if you are running or walking in adverse weather. Rather than a conventional hood, the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest features a scuba hood that completely encompasses your head. The knitting on the hood is also tightly knit to prevent wind and rain from entering.

The hood on the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is adjustable so that it wraps around your face. This can help prevent water and wind from seeping through the sides and going down your neck. The collar of the vest can also be adjusted so that it reaches right below your chin. This can help retain heat and prevent it from escaping from your neck.

In the event of adverse weather, simply adjust the drawstrings so that the hood wraps securely around your face. Once it is secured, the hood will not be blown off as easily. This allows you to focus on your training and exercise rather than trying to keep your clothing in place.

Water Resistant

It can be incredibly frustrating for you to be running and suddenly be in the middle of a downpour. Exercising in the rain is very uncomfortable as everything becomes wet and there is water constantly dripping down your face. During these times, it would be ideal to have a product that can protect your body and prevent the water from dampening your clothes.

People who exercise can attest to the fact that wearing damp clothing as you move greatly increases your fatigue. The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest protects your inner layers by being resistant to water. This means that when rain droplets land on the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest, it simply stays on the outermost layer. The rain can then be removed with a brush of your hand or as you continue moving around.

This ensures you stay dry as you train and reduces the likelihood of getting sick. The water resistance is also ideal in the event you accidentally spill something on yourself. The vest will not absorb it as quickly, allowing you time to wipe it off before it stains your clothing.

Wind Resistant

Heavy windstorms can be a runner’s worst nightmare. With dust and particles being kicked up, running against the wind will take a huge toll on the body. This will greatly increase the fatigue of the runner, and prevent them from training properly. In response to that, Nike has created the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest, which has great wind breaking capabilities.

The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest has a featherweight ripstop nylon that is used throughout the vest. It is strong enough to provide the wear protection from mother nature, but also light enough to not cause a distraction to the user. The front part of the vest is created with a drop tail hem, meaning it is much longer than the back. This additional material provides better wind resistance in the front of the vest, giving your legs less resistance.

Nylon is known to be a very tough and durable material. This allows you to wear this vest and push your training to your limit. The material will not rip with large movements or motions, thus giving wearers peace of mind.

Bottom Line

The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is a suitable vest for almost all runners and walkers. This vest is excellent for sweat-wicking and breathability due to its design pattern and loose-fitting nature. It is perfect for cloudy days that look like it may rain but you want to continue your exercising.

The vest has great waterproofing capabilities that can ensure your body is protected from the elements. The materials of this vest are breathable so that it keeps you warm on the cold weather days but also remove your sweat and cool you down.

With a highly trusted and reliable brand like Nike, they can back up their vest and activewear with the best standard of quality. It’s durable and easy enough to just throw into the washer so you can focus on doing things you enjoy. The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Vest is a product you do not want to miss!