Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock

  • Nike sells their Performance Cushion Crew Socks in packs of six so you can wear a pair almost every day of the week..
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Though socks can often come as an afterthought, they are a crucial part of everyday comfort. Whether you’re an athlete or just on-the-move, the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock is a supportive way to maintain that comfort.  In a non-slip style that stays in place to prevent blisters or irritation, this sock is something special.

Nothing can get in your way with the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock. In fact, due to their durability, even laundering these won’t make you hit a snag. Though Nike runs notoriously small and these socks are no exception, this is a pair you still won’t want to miss.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Arch Support

Won’t Slip

Soft Material





Only Crew Options

Runs Small

Arch Support

Socks don’t often get a good reputation from being supportive. Since there is such limited material in a sock, being soft is often as good as it gets in terms of comfort. When looking at performance brand options, however, you can find supportive options. This Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock is particularly supportive at the arch, a place where we could all use a boost.

These are cushioned and reinforced so they feel good on the foot. One of the things that makes the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock feel so good is the banding around the arch. The arch is supported with a bit of compression to improve your circulation, but it does more than that.

The arch band also helps you to have a better fit with less slippage. Even with a crew sock that fits snuggle around the ankle, without any type of tighter support on the arch, the sock can stretch out and slide and become bunched in the shoe. This isn’t ideal for anyone athletic or just on the go. To combat this, there is a tight, slightly thinner, ribbed section on the arch to ensure the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock stays put.


Nike is the type of brand that has a lot of loyal customers. With almost all athletic brands, there are fanbases for them that will buy their products no matter what. That being said, this Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock is a fantastic example of the kind of product the brand loves to create.

These are comfortable, reliable, and durable. Nike makes an effort to provide what athletes need whenever they need it. Their proprietary technologies and intuitive material choices help to revolutionize the way they take on simple clothing items.

Ever since they were founded by a track and field coach in 1964, they’ve been making performance-enhancing garments that few can compete with. With a motto like “just do it” you can expect them to equip you to do just about anything that you can imagine. These Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock are a perfect example of the brand’s commitment to revolutionizing our favorite accessories.


This performance sock wouldn’t be very useful if it weren’t able to curb sweating and manage temperature spikes. Breathability is a measure of absorbency in the fabric, but it also can be used to refer to the ventilation and a fabric's ability to “breathe”, so to speak. A fantastically breathable garment will help keep you cool, diminish perspiration, and help you feel fresh.

These Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock do just that. Their moisture-wicking capacity quickly absorbs excess moisture so it can effectively bring it to the surface of the fabric for evaporation. This benefits the wearer in many ways. One is that they will feel more secure in their shoes. Sweat won’t cause excess chafing and increased friction.

This helps cut the likelihood of blisters or skin breakage. Without the additional pain of these stressors, you can endure even longer runs, workouts, or just a hard day of work with ease. A dry sock is also a much more comfortable sock. The Dri-Fit technology gives you that fresh and clean feeling during more intense activity.

The Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock has less odor overall, thanks to the Dri-Fit technology. Odors are caused by bacteria, which thrives in warm, sweaty conditions like your favorite socks for the gym. If you have feet that are pretty sweaty and very smelly, using the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock could put an end to your not-so-sweet suffering. If foot odor is something you struggle with, natural sneaker balls might also help!


One thing reviewers unanimously agreed on was the comfort of this Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock. It was cushioned where it needed to be and thin where it didn’t. It stayed in place during long workouts. It didn’t slip or slide down into the shoe.

This key feature is due to the way the ankle is ribbed on the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock. It keeps the sock up without feeling tight or restrictive. It won’t get in the way of how you move or flex your ankle either. Awkward bunching when you’re moving can get in the way with crew options.

Stretching out is another issue with socks such as this that can affect comfort. They can get loose in the heel and toe area from normal wear and become almost unwearable. Thanks to Dri-Fit Technology, these don’t stretch out due to excessive friction thinning the material. The breathability allows moisture to evaporate and the sock to stay bone dry and snug.


Nike can get pretty expensive, depending on what you’re looking to buy from them. Brand loyalists won’t mind the higher price tags, but people who haven’t been convinced by previous Nike products will. Luckily, the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock isn’t too expensive at all.

Coming in packs of six, this is comparable to a fashion sock from a lesser-known brand in price. For the same price as a more flimsy, less comfortable sock, you can get a performance pair with arch support. This soft and breathable material will feel an unmeasurable amount better than any “fashion” counterpart.

There are less expensive performance socks but they won’t have the same level of durability. If bought in bulk, options like the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock are more than reasonable for even new Nike buyers. The value of buying bulk brand name options is undeniable.


Athletic performance socks are the most durable across the board. Of course, not all brands and styles are created equal. Reviewers have spoken on the durability of the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock, and the consensus is that they have a very long life. Their material is a blend of all highly durable fabrics.

Cotton makes up a large part of the blend. Cotton is extremely durable and unlikely to rip or tear. In addition to that, cotton is ever more durable when it gets wet. Though this is breathable material so it won’t stay wet for long, the cotton helps to protect it from wear when you are particularly sweaty.

The rest of the material can vary from sock to sock, but it is generally a combination of polyester, spandex, and nylon. With the additional support of these slightly stretchy and also breathable materials, the socks won’t get floppy and loose from being taken on and off. Though not every Nike product is created equal, this pack of Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks is certainly worth it for extended wear.

Ease of Care

Performance wear is often a hassle to maintain due to extremely specific instructions. Between handwashing or dry cleaning, most would rather do neither with their sweaty workout garments. One solution to this problem is making a fabric that can handle washing warm or cold.

Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks can hand hot or cold water in the wash. Cotton only gets stronger in water so you won’t have to worry about ripping or tearing in the wash. Cotton is more sensitive with drying, however. Though this won’t get in the way if you tumble dry on low, definitely keep these out of high heat situations!

Since the material is so breathable, it won’t hold onto unpleasant odors either. While there will be people who are still in need of more targeted foot odor treatments, reviewers remarked just how impressed they were at the effectiveness of the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock’s odor control. Those used to having to avoid ever going shoeless can feel confident.


There were some less than happy reports of the sizing on the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock. Nike does run small. In their shoes, they can be up to two sizes smaller than the marked size compared to other brands. Anyone regularly buying Nike brand is likely to already know their sizing.

This Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock is still small though, even for reviewers who claimed they loved the brand previously. The ribbed ankle section is a little stretchy thanks to the blend but being predominantly cotton means there is some resistance. Even those buying the x-large who said that their foot was at the smaller end of the sizing spectrum.

This could be a real problem for those with mobility issues that can’t easily get socks on. Those with ankle swelling would also be better off with compression socks that are thinner, tighter, and stretchier. Though these aren’t the most inclusive socks, they do perform well in the areas they claim to.


Crew socks aren’t a universal style that everyone can wear. Performance socks aren’t intended to be for style but buyers still want to look good in their workout clothing. Crew socks are hard to wear without looking silly with other workout clothes. Workout leggings, especially compression leggings, won’t look their best with socks that come up this high.

The ribbing of the ankle of the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock is also too thick to fit comfortably under pant legs fitted in the ankle. Otherwise, unless you have trouble with this going along with the rest of an outfit, the style is neutral and easy to wear. Those just focused on performance won’t have complaints about the basic look of the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks.

In gray, white, and black, you can get a color that is reflective of your other gym staples. If you like to keep it sleek at the gym, these can stay sleek too. Even if you do wear these over leggings, if they’re being worn over another basic black or gray pair, it won’t detract from the look you’re going for.


When getting a pack of multiple socks, you will probably lose a few pairs to your family that lives with you. Or maybe you willingly share when necessary. Either way, it is always useful to have a unisex sock style in your drawer. These Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Sock work for both men and women. Their style doesn’t lean masculine or feminine.

That being said, these do run small, so people with larger feet may struggle to fit regardless of gender. These are great for traveling and sharing! Their pack of six of the Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks comes in handy for travel especially!

Bottom Line

Many don’t think about socks when they think of great performance gear, but they are an accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked. The Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks come with compression-like arch support in the mid-foot area. They are light and breathable to get you through the hottest days or toughest workouts.

Almost anyone can feel and look great wearing them, as long as they can fit in them. While these may not be the hippest style, they don’t slip down in your shoes or show wear from heavy use. There isn’t much of a standard for socks but this exceeds those previously set.