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It isn’t to stay safe on a run. And this is especially true in the city. You will face drivers and other pedestrians who might have trouble seeing you, especial in dim lighting. The Nathan Reflex Reflective Snap Band boosts your visibility for those times when you’re out in darker conditions.

Wearing reflective gear will make you up to 80% more visible than if you were wearing bright colored clothing alone. It can mean the difference between returning home safely and ending up in an accident along your run.

This band is an inexpensive and versatile way to keep yourself safer. It comes in a handy two-pack so you can double them up. And will fit on your arm, leg, or even your backpack!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Multiple Colorways
  • Reflective Neon
  • Snap Band
  • Fits Wrists & Ankles
  • Increases Visibility
  • One Size


Everyone enjoys a cool looking piece of gear which is one of the reasons that this item is such a popular one! The Nathan Reflex Reflective Snap Band comes in five awesome looking hues that really let your personality shine. Choose between Andean Toucan, Atomic Blue, Hi-Viz Orange, Hi-Viz Pink, and Hi-Viz Yellow. These unique colors make this a personalized product because you can pick the one that speaks to your sense of style.

Most of this type of gear comes in one or two basic colors but this one really shines. All of the shades offer the same great reflective properties. Which means you will be safer no matter which one you choose. Having so many choices means you can wear a different color every time you run so you won’t have to wear the same one twice in a week.


This product keeps you so much safer while you ride! It’s 100-200 times more visible than non-reflective gear alone. This means that drivers and other pedestrians will be able to see you even in poor lighting conditions. Multiple studies show that reflective gear is up to 80% easier for drivers to see than normal clothing, reducing the chance of injury while you’re running in limited visibility.

Being able to choose from different neon reflective colors makes this one feel more personalized. Every color has the same reflective material that shines the light back towards passerby that would not be able to see you without it.


No one likes restrictions in the way they wear their gear! Having options is one of the best things about any reflective band because you’re able to wear it however you choose. You can wear it on your ankle, wrist, arm, or even attached to a backpack making it a versatile choice for outdoor activities. This is a great feature that the Nathan Reflective Snap Band has! It makes it so much easier to stay visible in dim lighting because you can strap several on at the same time.

Try wearing a band on both your ankle and wrist to be extra easy to spot in dark conditions. Wearing two won’t get costly because this product comes in a two-pack and retails for a very reasonable price. This makes it an economical choice that won’t be too costly. It’s perfect for runners who aren’t crazy about spending their money on special equipment to wear while they exercise.

Other Uses

Another great use for this product is to keep clothing safely tucked away from your bike chain. When you ride a bike it’s super easy to end up with your pants accidentally caught up in the chain but by wrapping this band around your pant leg so you don’t have to worry. When your clothing sticks in the chain it’s dangerous because you could end up crashing and injuring yourself. But, by tucking away your pant leg you’re taking a step towards ensuring that you’ll be safe while you ride, bonus!

Another fun way to wear this band is for partying and other social events to stay more visible. Plus, they're pretty cool looking in certain lighting so they'll fit in well at concerts and other events.


This product is more comfortable to wear than most. It has a padded back that won’t cause any discomfort even after long periods of wear. A common problem with this type of gear is rubbing and chaffing. That’s because when we sweat it causes our skin to rub which leads to friction spots.

It can end up being painful if you wear a band for too long while you’re all sweaty! But, this one is enjoyable even for long runs. It won’t rub or cause any excessive sweating which will prevent the irritations often experienced with similar products. The snap band style is incredibly easy to wear and doesn't have any closures that rub against your skin after a while. This in itself will prevent all sorts of sore spots because the fastener will rub and irritate your sweaty skin.

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Snap Band

Everyone remembers being in grade school and having one of those ‘super cool’ bracelets that you could snap on? Well, those aren’t just for children who think they’re the best thing ever! This design is perfect for adults too because it’s so darn easy to use and can be a quick way to strap on your gear and go.

A >snap band closes on contact which is awesome because you won’t have to fuss around with fasteners which can take forever to get right. Instead, you have a band that stays right in place and only comes undone when you pull it. But, don’t think it’s going to be tough to take off! In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Removing a snap style band is as easy as putting it on and is a one-handed job which means that you won’t have to stop just to make any adjustments to your gear while you’re on the run.


You can’t go wrong with an item that retails for a price like this! Affordable gear is tough to find which is why athletes can’t get enough of the Nathan Reflex Reflective Snap Band. It comes in a double pack so you get two for the price of one! This is an affordable way to keep yourself safer while you’re on the run. It delivers nicely on its promise of increased visibility and is a long-lasting choice that offers decent value for its selling price.

It's great to have an affordable piece of gear to buy because nowadays it's pretty expensive just to go for a run! Every piece of gear you own will be costly so having something affordable can really make a difference!

No Lights

LED lights are a good way to increase visibility because they help drivers to realize that you’re a pedestrian and to figure out how far away you are. Most wearers prefer to have lights on their safety gear because it is more effective than reflective gear alone.

Blinking lights are the easiest to see because they stand out against the background lights of the cityscape. A steady light is harder to separate from the other lights and could slow the reaction time of oncoming traffic. Whereas, a steady light lets passerby better assess how far away you are and make it easier for them to figure out that you’re a pedestrian.

Despite having no lights, the Nathan Reflex Reflective Snap Band is still a good choice when it comes to safety gear! The reflective properties help drivers and other pedestrians see you better and ensure that you’re much safer.

Steel Frame

Despite its smooth inner material, this band has a tough and long-lasting steel frame. Steel is a great choice because it is able to withstand tough wear and tear without distorting or losing its shape. This style of running band should be pin straight for the snap feature to work properly and the steel helps it to retain its pencil straight shape.

The steel is durable enough to use for many years without worrying about it losing its shape or breaking with continued wear. The softer next-to-skin material is nice because it prevents any rubbing or irritation.

One Size

An issue with this one is that it’s only available in one size. So what happens is that someone with a smaller arm is going to end up with extra material their arm which will overlap and look bulky. While having a little overlap might not seem like too big a deal it can get a little annoying if you prefer a more streamlined appearance.

For anyone with a larger arm, there won’t be an issue with it fitting though it might not fully wraparound which can be a bit irritating too. Also, if it doesn't fully close it will tend to rub against your sweaty skin causing irritation

Bottom Line

Overall, this running band is a solid investment. It keeps you safe while you exercise by making you more visible to oncoming traffic and other pedestrians. This is a must if you’re navigating through the city because there are so many obstacles and other passersby that you need to ensure you're easy enough to spot.

This option comes in several cool looking neon colorways like orange, yellow, and pink so you get to pick the one that best speaks to your sense of style. Most of this kind of gear comes in minimal shades and don’t offer much in the way of style.

Did you know that it is 80% easier for a driver to see you when you’re wearing reflective gear?! With this piece, you’ll by 100-200 times more visible than if you were running in plain clothes only, pretty impressive! It’s easy to use and very comfortable to wear which is why this is such a great option.

Another way to utilize this handy band is by holding your pant leg while you cycle. This will keep it from catching in the chain which could result in serious injuries if you’re not careful. The snap band style is just too easy and makes using this type of gear a breeze!

One of the things I love the most is the affordable price tag and economical two-pack retailing. This makes it seem worthwhile and doesn’t feel like a rip-off every time I wear them running.

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