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Founded back in 1993, Mountain Hardwear is a creation made by a couple of hiking and climbing enthusiasts. According to the company’s official website, the Company was founded because of the then quality decline in the entire industry. You can say it was founded by a necessity to have better products and gear that had much better quality. Prior to 1993, the industry was selling merchandise with bad quality, and those items that were sold were marketed to less experienced climbers. Solely to make a larger profit.

The founders saw a huge gap in the market for the outdoor equipment and saw an opportunity to make something that they could be proud of. They all quit their jobs and founded the Mountain Hardwear. They chose Ed Viesturs as the first athlete to be sponsored by the company, and still to this day sponsor plenty of climbers and outdoor athletes as well.

But for now, let’s take a look at one of the best items that Mountain Hardwear has to offer. The Ghost Whisperer jacket. What makes it so special? What are the pros and cons of this particular jacket? And is it a must-have of an item for your winter clothes? Scroll down to find out.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight and warm

Toggle hem on the interior side

Easy to pack

Quilt pattern on the outside layer


No other lengths available


Having a winter jacket with goose down is amazing, but having a 10D Ripstop (basically a 100% nylon material) is another. It gives the product the much-needed lightness, and it keeps the moisture away as well. But let’s break it all down and try to explain it piece by piece. The entire fabric’s body is made out o f10D Ripstop type of material.

Or in lamens terms, the entire fabric’s body is made out of 100% nylon. And that body is designed in a very stylish quilt pattern that keeps the low-key profile of the jacket, but still gives it a finishing touch design-wise. The quilt pattern is present all around the entire body, not just to certain areas, and the dimensions of that pattern are also kept uniform and aligned. A clean and simple one might say. However, what’s underneath is quite fun and well… awesome. Underneath the body is the insulation and it’s what makes this jacked what it is. Consisting of a whopping 90% goose down and another 10% goose feathers, the insulation is where the practicality and performance meet and form a fantastic union. How you might ask? Well, apparently the down fibers in the insulation of the product are infused with water repellent functionality (which is permanent of course) and those fibers are responsible for the insulation as well for the repelling of the moisture. The nylon in the body is helping a lot, but the goose down and feathers are doing all the heavy lifting.

And if you’re scared of any positional animal cruelty, don’t be. The entire Mountain Hardwear merchandise is certified and covered with strict down standards. No animal suffered any type of animal cruelty during the obtaining of the down and the feathers. That goes for force-feeding, forced plucking and so on. Every single part of the Mountain Hardwear items was manufactured in an ethical and humane way.


Several factors play a role in the comfort here but first and foremost is the lightweight protective nature of the Ghost Whisperer. Let’s start with the first lightweight part of this sentence. When we say lightweight, we actually mean it. The jacket weighs only 8 OZ, which makes it extremely lightweight and the fact that it’s made with moisture-repellant materials that offer insulation at the same time; well it adds volumes to the comfort.


The Ghost Whisperer has a very smart Alpine fit, and it’s one of the things that truly level up the comfort. On its own, the fit is remarkable for several reasons. First, because the Alpine style of fit offers a slightly tighter but very form-fitting fit that hugs the contours of the body. Secondly, the fit is very close to the body, therefore, offering warmth and comfort just by the proximity of the fabrics to the body. But in that form-fitting silhouette of the jacket, a great deal of assistance offer the inner cuffs inserted in the knitting. The cuffs have very distinct elastic binding, while the hem traps the warmth from the bottom part and doesn’t allow for it to escape. A very practical interior toggle is located in the hem that allows you to adjust the hemline to your needs and specifications.


Yes, having a body made out of moisture repellant nylon and insulation approved goose down/feathers is truly amazing in terms of functionality and comfort. But those seemingly little things add to the function in more ways that you can imagine. Little things like the added function of packing the entire jacket and storing in its own pocket. That’s right. You can easily roll the entire item into one palm-size ball (for easy transport and less space) and roll it out when you actually need it. It’s quite a handy function especially for climbers, travelers who love to pack very lightly and doesn’t like to take too much space in their backpacks or suitcases. Oh and when you actually roll it in that aforementioned ball, there’s a handy dandy secure loop attached to the jacket. It’s in fact built into the item and you can hang it anywhere you, please. Cool function right?


The Ghost Whisperer model is both windproof and highly water-repellant at the same time. What does it mean? Well, thanks to the fantastic set of materials which were used in the making of the model, you’ll be kept warm from the harsh cold wind and dry from the rain you might encounter on your outdoor adventures. High-quality Ripstop nylon covers the entire body, and underneath sits a thick but very lightweight layer of down fibers. Every single one of that fiber is infused with a water repellency that will remain permanent for as long as you own it. So, you have a double layer of insulation for totally different weather conditions.


You can thank the materials for this. The flexibility in the Ghost Whisperer is quite high and it’s all down to the flexibility offered by the materials. Ripstop nylon and high quality down fibers composed the entire body of the model so you can rest assured that the flexibility will be on point. The fit and the design of the model help tremendously, but the materials are the main culprits for high flexibility.


Not that many jackets can say that can maintain the durability after they’ve been stuffed and rolled into a 5-inch ball. But the Ghost Whisperer is not your ordinary jacket, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. The durability is of course largely allowed by the fantastic set of materials that were used in the construction, but the design plays a huge role in the durability as well. The alpine fit is truly the key in the durability portion of this review as it gives us a very lightweight flexible jacket that is bound to remain in top condition after it was scrunched up in a small ball. But it’s true. The alpine fit is also responsible for the durability and longevity as well.


Well, you’re in luck. Both the male and the female version of the Ghost Whisperer are offered in a wide range of sizes. Both the male and the female version start form the S size and go all the way up to XXXL. You can choose the best size for you in no time. The company states that every single item is true to the actual size and it doesn’t vary in different countries.


When it comes to the Ghost Whisperer, both the male and the female versions are available in a multitude of colors. In fact, although the male version of the jacket has over 10 listed color options, the female version goes a step beyond, and lists over 15 different color options. They range from the regular and well beloved black and dark zinc all the way up to red and purple. There’s absolutely no way you can’t make a choice when it comes to the huge selection. All you have to do is pick your favorite color.


As mentioned earlier in this post, the Ghost Whisperer is extremely lightweight. 8 oz is the total weight of this jacket and the Company states that it’s the lightest in the entire class of alpine fit, hooded style jackets. You won’t find a winter jacket that’s lighter than this. It’s basically the same weight as a small bag of Cheetos. The sheer lightweight nature and the fact that you can compress it into a small palm-sized ball will make things so much easier on your next hiking trip.


Although it’s designed by a company that specializes in sportswear and accessories targeted for outdoor activities, it can be used in your everyday activities. Regardless if you climb mountains or commute to work with your local subway. Everybody needs to feel warm, protected and kept safe and dry at all times. And this jacket will not only do that (with that lightweight effortless feeling), it will take so little space that you won’t even notice that you actually packed in your backpack. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or you hike every weekend in the mountains. Or if you climb mountains for a living. The Mountain Hardwear’s Ghost Whisperer will do its job well.

Bottom line

The Ghost Whisperer is truly an amazing purchase. Practically the only flaw attributed to this particular model that it doesn’t come with different lengths. There’s plenty of colors to choose from, there’s the highly practical option to pack the jacket into a teeny tiny ball, and transfer it with ease. And of course, the fact that it’s made from highly windproof and protective water-repellant materials really accentuate the comfort and the functionality.

You’ll be kept dry and warm at all times. This particular model is the lightest in the entire jacket class and the design is re-enforced with durable zipper in the middle of the entire body. Two small zippers are placed on the side pockets and the hood in the back really brings out the protection. That’s the key word here. Protection. And with that protections comes plenty of comforts, but you already know that. What you don’t know is the incredible investment that you’ll be making when purchasing the Ghost Whisperer. It will prove itself when it’s most needed and will protect you from the wind and the rain for as long as you need. It’s a really great jacket. Worth owning one for sure.