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Mobvi TicPods Free is the perfect solution for all of your music needs. They offer clear, crisp sound and an ergonomic fit that feels better inside of your ear. Designed for easy hands-free operation and noise isolating earbuds, this pair is perfect for life in the city. Whether you wear them while working out or during your weekly commute to work Mobvi TicPods Free won’t disappoint!

Mobvi TicPods Free offer IPX5 water and dust resistance so you can wear them rain or shine with ease. This is a must if you’re out and about in all kinds of weather conditions, otherwise, you’ll end up with broken earbuds in no time at all. They have incredible 18-hour battery life and come with a charging case that makes it really easy to store them when they’re not in use.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 18-Hour Battery Life
  • Charging Case
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Noise-Isolation
  • Voice Assistant
  • Limited Volume


Mobvi TicPods Free are truly wireless earbuds made for life in the city. Whether you plan on wearing them to exercise or during your commute to and from the workplace, these earbuds offer the perfect solution for all your music needs. This pair is barely noticeable when it’s in your ear and delivers the kind of crisp sound you need while maneuvering through the busy streets. Lose yourself in your tunes with Mobvi TicPods Free noise isolation earbuds that block out background distractions.

These earbuds aren’t just for music listening though! They are the perfect choice for professionals who enjoy hands-free calling. With a sleek appearance and powerful performance, these earbuds are ideal for all of life's situations and make the best companion while you travel through the crowded city streets.


Battery life is a big part of choosing your next pair of wireless earbuds. You want a pair that can last long enough to make it through your daily grind without running out of power halfway through your commute home. Whether you wear them while you exercise or for your day-to-day business needs, you need to know that they won’t clonk out when you need them most.

Mobvi TicPods Free offer incredible battery life, especially for a truly wireless pair. With a fast charge feature and included charging case, you get up to 18 hours of battery life from just one charge. Without the handy charging case you get up to four hours of continuous playback but it’s worthwhile to carry them in their convenient case.

This kind of battery life is rare with wireless earbuds and most only offer up to eight hours of playback. The fast charge feature is awesome and eliminates the long times spent waiting around for your device to charge. These earbuds eliminate the worry of dropped calls, commutes without your music, or having them die halfway through your workout. This means you get peace of mind while you power through life's most demanding moment so you can perform your best no matter what comes your way.


When dealing with wireless earbuds the last thing you want is to worry about controls. Having to take your device out every time you want to change the song or just to answer a phone call is a real pain and isn’t practical for life in the city. Luckily, Mobvi TicPods Free offer innovative control features that let you operate every command hands-free. Answer/end phone calls, change songs, access playlists, and more all without ever having to handle your device.

With patented “tickle” touch gesture technology, Mobvi TicPods Free let your fingers do the talking and control your audio with a simple gesture. Basic movements relay much-needed commands and make operation super easy to do. Slide your finger up or down to adjust the volume, long press the right earbud to activate voice assistant, and double-tap to skip to the next track. With automatic in-ear detection, these intuitive earbuds work with you and keep you moving throughout the day with ease.


Water and sweat-resistance are a big deal when you’re dealing with earbuds! Without protection from moisture, water, or even dust they will end up breaking after very little use. Mobvi TicPods Free offer IPX5 water-resistance which makes them ideal for athletic use as well as city living. The IP rating stands for “ingress protection” and it measures the level of protection from liquids.

Mobvi TicPods Free has an IPX5 rating which signifies that they “can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.” The highest IPX rating is IPX9 so as you can see the Mobvi TicPods Free score quite well when it comes to protection from liquids.

Having moisture protection is a must while you exercise, otherwise, your earbuds will break because sweat will get inside and mess up the wiring and mechanical elements. They are also susceptible to rain and weather conditions so you would only be able to wear them in sunny weather. But with this pair, you can use it rain or shine without the issue of malfunction because of moisture.


Mobvi TicPods Free has an ergonomic design that fits better inside your ear. The definition of ergonomics is “Relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.” In this case, the working environment is inside your ears so you want them to deliver in terms of comfort.

Not only do these earbuds fit comfortably but they also sit securely inside your ear for hassle-free wear. This is important because so many earbuds slip out of the ear while you’re on the move which is a real hassle. Every pair of Mobvi TicPods Free come with two different sizes of silicone ear tips. This means that you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect fit for your ear size.

Voice Assistant

Don’t you just hate having to handle your device every time you want to change the song or answer a phone call?! Well, Mobvi TicPods Free offers the perfect solution; built-in Voice Assistant technology. This innovative feature gives you complete control over your device without ever having to handle it at all! This is a must-have for professionals who are constantly juggling multiple tasks at once, or for anyone who wears them while they exercise.

Voice Assistant lets you answer or end phone calls, change songs, and completely control playback all without ever touching your device! This feature is incredibly handy and sets the Mobvi TicPods Free apart from the competition.


When it comes to truly wireless earbuds, Mobvi TicPods Free offer a dynamic sound that will keep you pumped your whole workout long. They have quite a deep bass considering how small the earbud is and the way they fit so securely blocks out background noise. One issue with the sound quality comes from the treble which makes them sound a little dull. You can improve on this by tweaking the EQ and sound settings on your device but it can be annoying having to do this.

Overall, the volume doesn’t turn up very high, though they are quite enjoyable to listen to once you find the perfect settings to suit your senses. When it comes to the in-call sound they perform very well and offer crisp, clear voice listening in both earbuds. This makes it easy to hear the person you’re speaking with for concise conversations.


Mobvi TicPods Free come in three cool-looking colorways that make them stand out from other similar designs. Choose from Lava, Navy, or Ice based on your preferences, or buy all three to coordinate with any outfit you own. The navy option is the most versatile and by far the most discreet. Professionals usually turn to this color for its subtle appearance that looks good with a suit and tie.

The Lava choice is perfect for bold personalities and stands out in a big way. If you like to show off your bubbling personality and bold sense of style then this is the best choice for you! The ice is a nice clean look that is easy to match with all of your favorite looks. The only issue with light colors is that they show dirt much easier and should be wiped down more frequently.


Mobvi TicPods Free utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for a truly wireless experience. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows multiple devices to connect and exchange data. It eliminates the need for traditional wired connections and makes the world of difference when it comes to wearability and functionality.

Having wireless connectivity is a must while you exercise otherwise you will end up with tangled cords. This is a real pain and gets in your way while you train. Thanks to Bluetooth technology gone are the days of old-school wires which just aren’t practical while you’re on the move.


When you’re communicating through your earbuds you need a microphone that cancels out the background noise if you want to communicate effectively. Mobvi TicPods Free have dual noise-canceling microphones that ensure you always communicate exactly what you meant to.

This feature is a must for professionals who need clear communication, as well as anyone else who enjoys hands-free calling. When you’re in the middle of a workout talking is pretty tough, especially if you’re trying to sound clear to the other party. But, with this pair, you will be crystal clear and able to speak your mind with ease.

Bottom Line

Overall, Mobvi TicPods Free is a great pair of earbuds! This pair is truly wireless and utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for a modern design. The sound quality is impressive considering the size but could use improvements in the overall power. You will find that the Mobvi TicPods Free isn’t all that loud but they do deliver a bassy beat and crisp notes.

If you’re in need of hands-free calling then these are a great choice to consider! They have double ear voice listening which lets you hear the other person perfectly and noise-isolation that blocks out any background sounds. This is great for city living when it’s always noisy around you because you will lose yourself in your music and not have to listen to all the surrounding sounds.

The truly wireless design couldn’t be more convenient, especially since they stay in your ears so well. It’s a real pain if they fall out constantly but Mobvi TicPods Free stay perfectly in place. The 18-hour battery life is long enough to power through the whole week on one charge, which is quite impressive and the travel case makes it so easy to carry them with you.