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  • A basic blue Mission HydroActive Max cooling towel.
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A cooling towel is a must for anyone who regularly works up a sweat. This Mission HydroActive Max cooling towel sets the standard with up to two hours of cooling. Relief from heat and perspiration can be hard to come by. With the Mission HydroActive Max on your shoulder, worrying about the heat will be a thing of the past. 

Supple fabric makes this feel great against the skin, adding to the sweet relief its cooling technology brings. Some reviewers questioned its cooling capacity but the overall response was glowing. As long as you’re frequently wetting and “snapping” the Mission HydroActive Max cooling towel, you’ll have an outdoor companion that you’ll never want to be without.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to Use

Machine Washable

Cools Up To 30%

33 x 11 Inches

Large Color Selection

Wicks Sweat

UPF 50


Mechanically Activated

Requires Water


While breathability often refers to the ability to absorb moisture to let it evaporate, the concept works a bit differently here. The technology of the Mission HydroActive Max cooling towel works with the breathability of the material to achieve cooling, not necessarily dryness. Keeping dry can help increase comfort and reduce chafing but for a towel such as this one, the focus is on keeping cool and moist for relief.

The fabric of this Mission HydroActive Max does wick away sweat when using it in high heat. Instead of working to quickly absorb it so it can evaporate, the patented material does things a little differently. Since it enhances the way water is evaporated, it only improves the cooling power of the Mission HydroActive Max.

The Mission HydroActive Max is incredibly lightweight and wicks and absorbs moisture to repurpose into a cooling agent. This “radiator” style fabric that the Mission HydroActive Max is made from won’t feel like it is weighing you down. It will feel as light as it makes you feel when you use it to control sweat, making it an awesome product for those who get extra sweaty from head-to-toe.


It doesn’t get much easier than activating this Mission HydroActive Max on a hot day. To get the ultimate cooling power, there are three simple steps before you’re feeling divine relief. Just wet it, ring it out, then snap it three times to activate.

This may seem excessively specific, but considering that you’re helping the moisture move throughout the material to go into the proprietary weave, it makes sense why it works. Unlike chemical-based towels, this works through the mechanics of the design and material itself. That adds some comfort into the convenience, knowing you’re not relying on chemicals to provide cooling.

Some reviewers didn’t like that they had to frequently “snap” this Mission HydroActive Max. Though this seems like a simple motion, many expected it to remain ultra-cool without any help. Since this is a mechanical cooling function, it does require the extra bit of effort, however. If you have to cool off to reinvigorate your physical fitness but don’t have the time, you don’t have to wait around to activate this since it has an instant effect. The wetting, wringing, and snapping alone do that for you.

In addition to the Mission HydroActive Max working conveniently, caring for it has never been easier. This is machine washed. Those who took it along with them on muddy fitness challenges were amazed at how it came completely clean in the wash. Products that are as easy to use as they are to care for are hard to find, and this one fits the bill.


Reviewers couldn’t boast enough about the durability of the Mission HydroActive Mac cooling towel. Cooling towels currently on the market frequently rely on chemical cooling. Certain chemical reactions can create a cold feel. Most people don’t want to rely on such measures to stay cool, and understandably so.

The Mission HydroActive Max works completely mechanically, which means that its effectiveness won’t decrease over time due to use or washing. Polyvinyl acetate, or PVA, is what is used in many of the chemical towels. This will stop working overtime, unlike the Mission HydroActive Max.

The Mission HydroActive Max is relatively stain-resistant as well. It will wash to “like-new” even after extreme use. This does require a quick wash before your first use, as the possible transfer of substances from the factory can irritate the skin. This is the case with nearly all new fabrics, so it isn’t anything to be particularly concerned about with the Mission HydroActive Max.

In terms of durability when it is being put to the test, reviewers stated that the Mission HydroActive Max worked just as it said it would if it was being “snapped” often. As long as you are keeping it wet and allowing the fabric to be activated, you will have a chilled towel no matter the temperature.


One thing was clear from the reviews, the Mission HydroActive Max made some huge changes to their cooling towel in recent years. Reviews stated that comparably to the old version of this towel, they were completely blown away with the effectiveness Mission has achieved. There were raves about its performance compared to past models.

It went from maybe a half-hour of effectiveness to up to two hours in the right conditions. This is a fantastic advancement for any cooling towel. This Mission HydroActive Max claims to be thirty percent more effective now and those using it seem to agree.

Snapping it into the air even without re-wetting boosts the longevity of the cooling. Some said it felt like it was straight out of a cooler or fridge when they used it. If you have tried a Mission HydroActive Max at some point in the past and didn’t feel it was up to snuff, it is deserving of another shot.


What many people love most is the material of the Mission HydroActive Max. Where similar cooling towels might miss out of that silky soft feel you get when trying to cool down, this one does not. Reviewers loved the supple material against their skin.

The softness of the material is incredibly important for a cooling towel because they are often rubbed against your skin to remove sweat and moisture. If the fibers aren’t very soft and forgiving, they can irritate. Since moisture increases friction, this can cause serious discomfort if you’re using a less-than-soft towel to wipe away face, neck, and forehead sweat. It can cause discomfort anywhere you wipe!

The Mission HydroActive Max is a polyester, nylon, and spandex combination. People sometimes avoid these materials due to thinking they’re low quality. These are the best possible athletic wear materials out there. They last forever, can have a silky smooth texture and wick away moisture, all while remaining lightweight.


Many of the cooling towels available are pretty small. Smaller cooling towels may seem more convenient, but in all actuality, they can get in the way more often than not. They are less likely to frequently slip off your shoulder or around the back of your neck due to insufficient length. It is long enough to keep comfortably around your neck without having to fully remove it to wipe sweat and cool off.

This large-sized Mission HydroActive Max is the perfect length to toss over your shoulder on a hot day. With dimensions of 11 by 33 inches, this is quite substantial in size, without being bulky and creating more folds of fabric around your face and neck. If you have previously felt like you weren’t quite getting everything you could out of a cooling towel, this Mission HydroActive Max may be the answer.

Style Options

There are so many options of style for the Mission HydroActive Max, it is fun to be able to customize it. While many cooling towels are in basic colors that are less than exciting, you can pick a print or solid to compliment your personality with the Mission HydroActive Max. Instead of a dull and drab palette, you can feel fresh with something a bit more “you”.

Each pattern has a pop of color. There are gorgeous solids with standout trim. While it may seem like no big deal to be able to customize something to your tastes, it is refreshing to be able to love something you’re going to be using frequently. Using products that reflect your tastes is way more empowering than feeling like you got something just because you needed it, rather than you loved and wanted it.


Mission HydroActive Max has technology built into its very core. By core, I mean fabric. This technology is permanent and ensures that the product will work as intended for a long time to come. Everything needed to cool is in this Mission HydroActive Max, just add water and a couple of flicks of the wrist.

This fabric is completely cool to the touch when following the instructions to activate the technology. Soft and chilly fabric will change the way you see cooling towels, especially those fueled by chemicals. The name of this towel comes from the namesake technology. HydroActive Max cooling technology works like a charm even on the hottest days. Gym-goers can also just toss this into their bag for a quick pick me up between sets.

For this technology to work at its maximum potential, you are going to want to increase the amount of fabric contact with your skin. The more contact it has, the larger the area it will cool. Taking a quick break to snap this Mission HydroActive Max and hang it over your head is all you need to keep you going on a particularly hot day.

Temperature Regulation

This Mission HydroActive Max works with a combination of layers in the material. The outermost layer helps to wick away moisture, is ultra-soft, and stays cool to the touch. The inner material helps to circulate the water for maximum cooling while absorbing moisture. This combination results in ultimate cooling.

Though the Mission HydroActive Max boasts some serious cooling power, some reviewers weren’t so crazy about its effectiveness. Some disliked how frequently it had to be reactivated in the heat. Despite this, the company says that their Mission HydroActive Max can give you 30 percent more cooling than previous models, as well as bringing down your body temperature up to 30 percent.

It seems that most of the doubts about the cooling power came from older reviews before the release of the newer Mission HydroActive Max. The product seems to have improved greatly with time. Also, it is worth mentioning any mechanically activated cooling towel will require reactivation in the hot sun. This says it can keep you cool up to two hours and it can go even longer with rewetting and reactivation.

UPF Protection

While it may seem silly for a towel to have sun protection, considering it is often being used by people spending long hours outdoors, it makes sense. The skin of the face and scalp are some of the most sensitive on the body. They require high SPF to be protected. UPF protection is specific to fabrics.

If you have ever seen people with cooling towels draped over their heads to try to get a handle on excessive sweating, you can understand why the sun protection in this is important. This is a versatile product that won’t allow the sun to permeate it when wearing on your head or shoulder. With 50+ UPF you can feel protected by the Mission HydroActive Max.

Bottom Line

Cooling towels such as the Mission HydroActive Max are a fantastic way to cool down during outdoor activities or a workout. Its mechanically-operated cooling mechanism won’t fail even in the highest temperatures. With the ability to cool you up to 30 degrees, the Mission HydroActive Max beats the heat in style.

Though not everyone liked having to reactivate the cooling process mechanically, this works wonderfully. Its long body perfectly wraps around your neck for portable relief of excessive perspiration. People looking to vamp up their workout routine can get the extra endurance they need with the power of the Mission HydroActive Max.