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Hats are a summer staple. While they can keep the sun out of the eyes and off the scalp, they can’t be compared to an item like this Mission Cooling Hat. With a mechanically activated cooling mechanism, the Mission Cooling hat is just some water and a “snap” away from chilling you out. Protecting your scalp from the sun is a necessity in high heat. You won’t want to be without the Mission Cooling Hat in times like those.

While this doesn’t provide as much coverage as a cooling cap would, the stylish look gives more versatile wear. Not all of the inner panels are cooling panels but they are incredibly breathable. Cooling yourself down and remaining on-trend has never been easier than it is with the Mission Cooling Hat.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Mechanically Activated

Moisture Wicking

Long-Lasting Material

Machine Washable

Odor Resistant

Proprietary Material

Cute Baseball Cap Style


One Size Fits All

Moisture Evaporates Quickly


While breathability is advertised as frequently being about airflow and ventilation, it is largely a measure of absorbency. The Mission Cooling Hat is incredibly absorbent, making it breathable for any activities. The material helps to wick moisture away from the skin and cool you down as it evaporates.

Some reviewers complained that the Mission Cooling Hat may be too breathable. Though the evaporation is part of what makes the cooling function work, there were concerns that the water evaporated too quickly to provide long term cooling. This would be caused by the Mission Cooling Hat having so much breathability it became too effective at moisture wicking and evaporation.

That being said, this definitely won’t make you feel hotter when wearing it. It will do an amazing job at keeping moisture out of your eyes. Dripping sweat can even help the cooling process if you take it off to “snap” it. A little water is all you need when you go to reactivate it, just keep in mind that very dry heat will cause very rapid evaporation due to the material’s effectiveness.


What could be easier than adding a little water and flicking your wrist? This Mission Cooling Hat requires very little to get started on cooling you down. Since this is worn on the head like a baseball cap, you don’t have to adjust it like you would a cap or secure it and constantly keep it from slipping like you would a cooling towel.

The back has a hook and loop closure to help fit it securely on your head. From there, just wet it, activate it, and go. You’ll be shocked at how much endurance you will gain with this one simple addition to your regimen. Golfers who are looking for a way to enjoy those less-expensive scorching days can just pack this Mission Cooling Hat and go.

No additional materials, besides water, are necessary for creating a cooling oasis in high-heat. While chemical cooling agents may be less of a hassle, they are also unnatural and not as long-lasting. You won’t have to replace this because the material has an inherent cooling power that doesn’t require any chemical reactions. Add this to your headwear collection if you want a convenient break from the same old solutions.


There may have been a review or two stating some issues with the overall longevity of the product, they were extremely few and far between. This Mission Cooling Hat will last as long as your favorite ball cap, if not longer. Since the material is antibacterial, it helps to cut odor in between washes and allows for the material to thrive.

They use a mix of their mechanically activated materials and regular paneling, helping create a sturdy base for the technology. There is a hard area in the brim to help it maintain its shape even after a lot of wear and tear. Due to this Mission Cooling Hat being designed primarily for dangerously hot days in the sun, it is extremely colorfast.

The Mission Cooling Hat is a fantastic addition to anyone’s summer wardrobe, and it will last for summer after summer. Polyester is one of the strongest and most breathable materials accessible for athletic wear, and its use in the Mission Cooling Hat elevates the design of the hat into a full-fledged cooling machine.


Since there is a hook-and-loop closure at the back of this Mission Cooling Hat, many people felt that it fit them perfectly. That being said, this one-size-fits-most wasn’t necessarily perfect all the time. While some reviewers felt it was sized specifically for men, others felt the opposite. It seemed there were a lot of people outside the boundaries of the sizes the Mission Cooling Hat fit.

Unlike a cooling cap or hat liner with more full coverage, this doesn’t completely cover the whole top half of the head. Especially if you have a larger skull proportionally speaking. If your head is incredibly small, you may not be able to find a way to rest this comfortably over or under your ears. For those that fit within the range of their one-size-fits-all sizing, this was a hit.

People who felt this fit a bit small said to keep in mind you may need to protect or cover the parts of your head left exposed. Unless you are bald or have very short hair, this won’t be much of an issue. If you are scared of this not fitting correctly, a head wrap or convertible neck gaiter would be a better solution.

Machine Washable

People fear washing any of their hats, even if they don’t serve a specific purpose as the Mission Cooling Hat does. Once washed, they can often lose their shape or dry with a slightly uneven bill. The Mission Cooling Hat is structured to hold up in the wash again and again. Since the material is antibacterial, you won’t need to wash it as frequently with a detergent, either.

The easy-care creates a huge benefit to this cooling headwear. It is naturally quite stain-resistant, making it more appealing for those who like to get down and dirty when they’re getting active. Touching the bill of the hat to adjust and clear swear from the brow is common, and the appearance of dirt or marks in such an obvious spot can be off-putting.

You won’t have to worry about unwanted stains or mess with the Mission Cooling hat thanks to its resilient material. Taking the guesswork out of product care is just one way Mission makes this Cooling Hat work for you instead of making you work for it. If you’re looking for a simple summer staple, look no further.

Odor Resistant

This is going to get stinky from hours in the sun, but it won’t hold onto those smells. This Mission Cooling Hat certainly won’t end up in the back of the closet or the trash due to unredeemable stink. Bacteria cause odors, so the only way to cut strong odor is to combat bacteria.

Mission’s Cooling Hat does just that. This will smell and feel fresh when you go to wear it, and it will only acquire an unpleasant scent when being repeatedly covered by dirt and sweat. Otherwise, it is easy to clean and maintain. Since it is a durable item, you don’t want it to be holding on to all the old smells of yesteryear.

Overall, this Mission Cooling hat gives your head a happier and healthier environment to chill during the heat. It won’t turn sour or smell like a locker room when wearing it indoors after a day in the garden. When it does get a bit smelly, a gentle hand wash will kill any odor. For heavier soiling, just throw it right in the machine and go!


Cooling caps are increasingly popular. Liners are even frequently worn as hats in hot months when they have a cooling mechanism. Though liners are considered versatile because they can be worn under a helmet, hat, or by themselves, they leave a lot to be desired stylistically. It can often look like you’re wearing a swim cap whenever you are wearing it.

Understandable, many people don’t want to look like they’re about to hit the pool when they’re out enjoying leisure time or physical activity. The style of this hat is that of a basic ball cap. It can be worn with cute denim shorts and a tank and look just as great as it does with khakis and polos. One issue with the style is that it can be slightly different than the image that is advertised.

Some Mission Cooling Hats have a label on the very front of the cap. Others have it only on the side in a slightly smaller font. Reviewers were disappointed with the camo hat in particular for having a large “Mission” logo on the front that wasn’t shown in the image. If you don’t mind repping this brand, this probably won’t be a sticking point. For those who are concerned with the style of the cap, it can be quite annoying to receive something that doesn’t look how you expected.

Temperature Regulation

It isn’t easy to try to regulate your temperature when the sun is beating down on you. Our bodies use sweat to try to cool us down, which works quite effectively. This hat has a very similar function. Like sweat, the moisture’s evaporation is what brings down the temperature of the wearer.

Essentially, in the material of the Mission Cooling Hat is their special proprietary fabric that allows for quick evaporation and serious breathability. When you snap the hat, it's allowing the coolness to permeate through the fabric and feel chilled against the skin. While the moisture evaporates, you feel cooler.

While this can last for up to an hour or two in the heat, you are going to want to wet and re-snap frequently for optimum temperature regulation. Don’t be afraid to reactivate this! Negative reviews that weren’t convinced of the cooling ability seemed to be missing this crucial step in their routine. Once you get a feel for how easy it is to reactivate the Mission Cooling Hat, it will become a must-have companion for your athletic outings.

Joggers who hate wiping sweat from their eyes can both cool down and dry their foreheads with the Mission Cooling Hat. Just a quick adjustment to the bill allows for the band against the head to wick away your sweat. While there are more effective cooling caps on the market, few are this casually cute and versatile for a variety of wear.

UPF Protection

What good is a cap that cant protect against the sun? The scalp and face are often forgotten when it comes to sun protection. This can cause sun damage, dryness, itchiness, flaking, and discomfort. When reapplying sunscreen doesn’t seem to work, it might be time for added protection.

Since this is a fabric, the protection is measured in UPF. This Mission Cooling Hat has a UPF of 50. It will block out even the most harmful rays. It doesn’t have to be applied previously before going outdoors, making it an easy grab when heading out the door.

Sunscreen on the face during really hot days can cause the eyes to burn due to sweat. This Mission Cooling Hat is an awesome, natural way to avoid blurred vision and burning due to renegade sunscreen.


If you’re trying to cool off, you don’t want to feel like the weight of the world is on your head. Mission made sure their cooling hat was nice and light so you don’t feel bogged down at your next tennis match. Regardless of what your favorite outdoor activity is, the Mission Cooling Hat will feel nearly weightless when it dries sweat from your forehead and provides cooling relief on your brow.

Forget your old ball caps that may end up feeling like a wet towel when you break into a sweat. The Mission Cooling Hat gives you a much-needed break from heavy lifting even on those tough landscaping jobs. If you’re looking for a lightweight transition from a helmet liner or cap, this might be a more stylish option to add to your collection.

Bottom Line

Staying cool in the summer can seem like a chore. Having a cute accessory to cool you down makes that chore a bit more pleasant. This moisture-wicking Mission Cooling Hat is just the boost you need to achieve your dreams at your next casual athletic event.

Though it is almost too good at evaporation, the Mission Cooling Hat does a more than adequate job at making you feel comfortable in high heat. If you’re on the fence about a mechanically-activated cooling product, this ball cap might be a laid-back way to give one a try without committing to an expensive towel. It is a phenomenal summer wardrobe pick even without its temperature regulating abilities!