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Whether you’re looking for work shoes, casual shoes, walking shoes, or running shoes, the La Sportiva Bushido ll may have exactly what you’re looking for. Now, for some, the fact that the laces are not adjustable is cause for concern. However, these sneakers are still secure enough to be the perfect companion.

You can perform at your best thanks to the ergonomic design, the cushioned tongue, the breathable mesh upper, the stellar traction, and stabilizing heel design. You can wear them as a fashion statement or you can wear them to help beat your personal time record for a run around town. Your toes can even enjoy protection from falling debris or from a clumsy owner. The downfall of these shoes is the price tag. For some, you can’t put a price on quality shoes, but for others, shoes aren’t allotted so much of the budget. Die-hard athletes surely feel that the La Sportiva Bushido ll shoes are worth every cent.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Aesthetically Pleasing




Toe Protection


No Adjustment



One of the most important parts of a shoe is its sole. The sole of this shoe is made with rubber. This is a great choice because the rubber is durable and resistant to water. Your feet will be protected from water as long as the water isn’t deep enough to extend over the soles of the shoes. The upper material is mesh, so it will let the water right in.

Rubber is harder to pierce than some other materials, protecting your feet better in rougher terrain. It is resistant to abrasions, making them more durable on concrete and/or asphalt. Another benefit to rubber soles is the anti-slip characteristic. Because of this, they can be used in both wet and dry conditions.

There are negative factors to wearing shoes with rubber soles. Rubber does happen to be heavier than plastic, silicone, and leather soles, so they may weigh down a runners’ foot. Rubber can become annoyingly squeaky when moist, which is something that many people can’t stand. If you’re looking for soles made with other materials, keep looking.

Slip-On Design

The La Sportiva Bushido ll shoes are made with a slip-on design. There are benefits to wearing shoes that are made with a slip-on design, but there are also some drawbacks to the design. In today’s fast-paced society, many people are attracted to the idea of not having to bend down to tie their shoes, untie their shoes, tighten their laces, etc. What a breeze it is to simply slip your shoes on and be on your way.

However, when you have shoes that are slip-on, you forfeit the option of tightening your laces. If you’re just wearing these shoes casually, or for work, this may not be a problem. But if you are an athlete, and your laces aren’t adjustable, you may not be giving your feet/ankles the support that they need. It is advised that you carefully consider what you will do while wearing these shoes before you purchase them.

Keep in mind, some active people do wear, and prefer to wear, shoes that do not have adjustable laces. It is all up to personal preference, and what works best.


If you’re an athlete or someone who frequents the trails, stability is an important area to consider when shopping for shoes. The heel of this shoe is designed in such a way that it gives your feet extra stability for off-camber terrain. “Camber” refers to the slope of a trail and is a factor in determining how well you can expect to be able to grip the terrain.

When hiking an off-camber (negative camber) trail, it slopes in the opposite direction of travel. This makes the task of navigating the trails more complicated. Because of this, you’ll be thankful for the extra stability offered in these shoes.

Not only does stability make it easier to navigate your routes, but it will keep you safer. When your feet, ankles, and legs are kept more secure, there is a lower chance of causing injury to yourself. Your muscles won’t become exhausted as quickly and your joints won’t be as susceptible to pain. You can add stability to any pair of shoes with a good set of insoles.


A handy feature of the La Sportiva Bushido ll is the outsole lugs that are put into place to give you extra traction. The lugs are made of rubber and create deep grooves in the sole in order to achieve extra grip. This extra grip allows your soles to give you a “braking system”. You can more easily navigate turns and make unplanned stops.

Not only will the grip improve traction, but it will also improve overall stability. The more traction you have under your feet, the more stable the foundation, right? It makes sense to us. If you’re someone who frequents the trails, then traction is an important factor to consider when purchasing shoes.

The trails aren’t always predictable, nor is the weather. The extra traction will keep you where you want to be, in both wet and dry conditions. Sometimes, shoes have great traction in dry conditions, but then serve no purpose if a sudden rain happens upon you. Others have great traction in wet conditions but don’t help much in dry conditions. These shoes will give you traction in both scenarios.


The tongue of a shoe is more important to the overall experience than one may think. It contributes to the comfort level of a shoe as well as to the way it fits. If the tongue of a shoe is too thin, you’ll be able to feel the laces on top of your foot, which can understandably be a cause for major discomfort, especially if you’re running/hiking.

The tongue of this shoe is designed ergonomically, meaning that it is meant to be efficient and comfortable, specifically in a working environment. If they’re designed to be great for the work environment, they will be efficient and comfortable for the outdoorsman/active person as well. The ergonomic design allows your instep to be cushioned so that you can avoid chafing and rubbing.

Another great feature of the tongue of this shoe is the fact that it is breathable. You may think it’s only important for the upper material of your shoe to be breathable, but it doesn’t do you much good if the tongue isn’t breathable as well. When the tongue isn’t breathable, the top of your foot will become suffocated and uncomfortable, making your entire experience less pleasant. There are other shoes made with tongue comfort in mind, as well.


Whether you choose an upper made of leather or mesh will most likely depend on what you need the shoes for. If you’re going to be running long distances, you may want to opt for a mesh upper that will provide breathability, flexibility, and temperature control. If you’re going to be working on a job site or will be in damp conditions, an upper made of leather may make more sense for you.

In the case of the La Sportiva Bushido ll sneakers, the upper material is made from breathable mesh. You will be able to go for long hikes or runs on the trails without worrying about your feet feeling like they are utterly trapped inside of a hot pair of shoes. The mesh will allow maximum airflow, keeping your feet cool all day.

The mesh will also allow the shoe to be more flexible, helping you navigate quick turns and stops during your workout. The downfall of a mesh upper material is that it won’t be as durable and it won’t be waterproof. It is up to you to decide what you need from your shoes.


Whether you’re walking down the street, working your way through a shift, or jogging on your favorite trail, you can always benefit from any protection measurement your shoes have to offer. These shoes are designed with a TPU toe cap to protect your toes.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane and is considered to be the bridge between plastics and rubbers. Its appearance is more on the side of the rubber. It is durable, flexible, and smooth to the touch. It is also effective at protecting the toes from impact.

The TPU toe cap doesn’t just provide protection, but it actually provides another level of comfort as well, especially if you’re on your feet for a long period of time. Because TPU is free of metal, you’ll be able to go through airport metal detectors without a problem. If you happen to be around live wires, you’ll have better resistance to the electricity with your TPU toe caps. They also work as coolers for your toes in the summer and warmers in the winter.

The downfall of TPU toe caps is that they can’t hold up to as much force as steel-toed shoes can. They can’t protect as efficiently against punctures either. Sometimes, TPU toe caps can even be more expensive than steel toes.


One of the best features of the La Sportiva Bushido ll sneakers is their aesthetics. When it comes to curb appeal, these sneakers take the prize. There are a few color schemes available, depending on which retailer you’re viewing them from. On Amazon, there are two color schemes available.

The first is black/yellow/orange. The main color is black, with yellow being the accent color. Orange appears in small details. The other color scheme is black/orange/dark grey. The main color is black, with orange being the accent color. There are hints of dark grey in the details.

A lot of the appeal of these sneakers is the contrasting colors and the geometric shapes that are found throughout the entire design of the shoe. You can find logos on the heel, tongue, and upper material. There is a pull tab on the heel to make for easier donning. The tongue is designed for optimal comfort and support.


How a shoe fits your fit is going to determine whether or not you have a good experience. If your shoes are too tight all day long, the tops of your feet will be irritated, your feet will feel as though they can’t breathe, and you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand. If your shoes are too loose, you’ll be more concerned about whether or not they’re falling off than about what you’re doing.

For some, the hardest part about finding a shoe that fits is finding the correct width. While many people have a pretty standard foot width, some may need more narrow or wider options. This sneaker does not have any options, you’re stuck with a medium width. For some people, that just won’t cut it.

This sneaker is available in the US sizes 2.5 through 14 and European sizes 34 to 49. It will hug your feet in all of the right places, and give you breathing room where you need it the most. Unfortunately, the laces are not adjustable, so if you need to be able to tighten or loosen your shoes throughout the day, you may want to consider another option.


Among the customer reviews, most of them were positive. Those who needed the shoes for athletic purposes report that their performance is enhanced thanks to the sneakers. Consumers rave about the cushioning in the tongue and how durable the shoe is as a whole, even though it is made with a mesh upper.

The rubber sole, with its traction cups, effectively provides an adequate amount of grip to make navigating quick stops and turns more graceful. Consumers love that these shoes require a very small amount of time to be broken in enough to be worn for longer periods of time, comfortably.

Some consumers have reported that these shoes run on the narrow side, which is a bummer because they aren’t available in any other widths. If you happen to need wider shoes, you’ll have to look elsewhere, unfortunately. Some customers believe they are worth the price while others can’t believe they’re priced so steeply.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will get the job done on a bike trail, on the pavement, or at work, you could find what you’re looking for right here. These sneakers are built to give you plenty of traction, stability, and protection. They will keep your feet cool and comfortable with the mesh upper material and padded tongue.

Easily and conveniently slip these shoes on without worrying about messing with annoying laces. No more tripping on loose laces or stopping mid-workout to lace your shoes back up. Enjoy easy flexibility thanks to the mesh material as well. Lace-up your La Sportiva Bushido ll sneakers and hit the trails knowing that your feet are working out in style.