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Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape (also known as KT Tape) has revolutionized the sports tape industry. It is elastic and is made with the purpose of providing support for your joints, muscles, and tendons as well as giving you pain relief. The material is lightweight, it is comfortable while being worn, and it provides pain relief that you can target right to the source. KT Tape is one of the most popular solutions for athletes and Olympians when they need a quick fix. A chiropractor from Japan named Dr. Kenzo Kase invented KT Tape in the 1970s.

KT Tape is used to give support and relief from pain due to hundreds of injuries such as runners knee, ankle sprains, carpal tunnel, hamstring strains, neck strains, wrist pain, shoulder pain, calf strains, Achilles tendonitis, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, rib pain, shin splints, quad strain, gluteus pain, groin strain, foot pain, bunions, heel pain, back pain, abdominal pain, finger jam, arm muscle pain, etc. The tape is easily applied and can be kept on for multiple days. It will even stay on when showering.

You apply the tape along ligaments, muscles, and tendons to give you support externally to help you stay active while you’re recovering from any injuries. The tape creates proprioception (neuromuscular feedback) that relaxes (inhibits) or encourages a stronger muscle and tendon firing. The feedback offers elements to give you support without all of the extra bulk and confinement. Boost your confidence and performance with KT Tape at a very reasonable price.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Supportive
  • Pain relief
  • One application lasts days
  • Great price
  • Stays on in the shower
  • Won’t stick without proper preparation
  • No warranty


KT Tape was founded in 2008 and is based in Utah. The brand has begun a revolution in sports medicine products. They introduced their recovery products and kinesiology tape and they are now the most recognized and advanced on the market. They are credited as being one of the leaders in sports injury and pain treatment.

KT Tape’s mission is solely to continuously come up with game-changing solutions that will give athletes the support and relief they need in order to perform to the best of their ability. Athletes choose KT Tape over medication for drug-free relief from pain and injuries.

The lines for kinesiology tapes are designed, developed, and distributed by the brand. These lines include KT Tape Pro and KT Tape Original. The original is made from cotton while the pro is made from synthetic materials. These lines are meant to target pain relief at the source and encourage better functionality. There are also lines for performance enhancement and recovery.

KT Tape is currently the holder of the title “largest manufacturer of kinesiology tape” offered in stores. It is available for purchase in forty countries at over forty-two thousand retail locations. The tape is not clinically proven for all injuries. Always consult your doctor before wearing something for pain and injuries.


KT Tape Original is made one hundred percent from cotton. They weave their cotton fibers together into a mesh that will move freely and naturally with your body. The mesh is breathable as well as being able to release moisture. This is a critical component in having comfort and wear-ability that lasts.

Cotton is highly breathable. It is plush enough that it isn’t able to scratch or damage surfaces. It is also a very inexpensive material. Cotton, being made up of all organic parts, can be a resting place for bacteria and odors. It also has a break in period that is needed to let the cottonseed oil disperse. It takes a while to dry out when saturated and will also eventually leave lint behind, no matter how well it is cared for.

Cotton tapes will provide more tensile strength than your common tapes that are adhesive. They are also a lot more flexible. A large number of cotton tapes are created specifically to meet the demands for the construction, medical, HVAC, textile, electrical, manufacturing, and plumbing industries. Insulation, heat resistance, breathability, and abrasion resistance are a few more benefits of using cotton tape.

The adhesive is acrylic based and medical grade quality. It is not harsh on the skin. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of the tape without experiencing itch and irritation that often comes with using other athletic tapes.


KT Tape is manufactured with the goal to always perform to the best of its ability, even in harsh environments, multiple runs, humidity, and daily showers for as many as three days. The Original tape features the patented adhesive, Secondskin, which will keep going as long as you’re going, and even after you stop.

Because of the cotton used in the construction of this tape, it is able to move more naturally with your body, even in typically tricky areas of the body. It is breathable and can release moisture. All of these factors contribute to longer wear-ability and comfort.

Secondskin adhesive is very strong and is the most recent adhesive technology. It will stick for days as long as you follow instructions on skip preparation. The pre-cut rolls have round edges that will assist in preventing fraying at the corners, therefore elongating the life of the strip. Consumers have reported that the tape does not leave behind a sticky residue, but it can hurt sometimes when you’re taking it off. It has been suggested to get it wet before trying to remove it.


If you’re a person who specializes in sports medicine, you can appreciate the convenience that having pre-cut strips of athletic tape can provide. If you’ve got many athletes to wrap up before a game, or you have a quick wrap in the middle of a timeout, it’s going to be really helpful to be able to just unroll a strip, tear at the perforation, apply to the affected area, and send them back to the court, field, whathaveyou.

There is no need to break out your scissors or struggle to rip or bite the tape apart in a rush. There is the option to purchase uncut tape, but most people opt for the ease of precut. There are even free videos that will show you how to properly apply the strips on areas where dozens of injuries commonly occur. Ultimately, your wants, needs, desires, and intentions for the tape you’re purchasing are what is going to determine your decision. Uncut or precut, the tape will perform the same.


As mentioned above, there are videos available online that will show you how to apply the tape to certain target areas for common injuries that athletes have to deal with. You must also know the proper way to prepare your skin for the application in order to ensure that the tape lasts the entire three days or any shorter duration.

You will want to apply the tape to the desired area one hour before you plan to begin your activity of choice. Before application, be sure to trim or shave excessive hair so that the adhesive can grab on better. Thoroughly wash your skin. Move your specified body part to the position you will be most comfortable in and keep it there the entire time you’re applying the tape.

Be very careful to not stretch the tape while you’re applying it. This will most likely result in abrasions and/or skin irritation. Once you have applied the tape, it needs to be activated. This is done by rubbing the material. The friction will create heat and activate the adhesive. Do not rip the tape off! Use water or even baby oil if you need help getting it to come off without discomfort, pain, or irritation.


You have a variety of options with the Original tape as far as style and color. The styles offered are precut and uncut. The meaning of those is pretty self-explanatory. The precut version comes with twenty strips that are ten inches long and two inches wide. The thickness will help prevent discomfort and pain from digging into the skin when the body moves. Each strip contains perforations to help you tear and tape quicker and more easily.

The colors that are available are beige, black, red, lime, blue, navy, and purple. The colors beige, black, and blue can be ordered in either the precut or the uncut versions. The colors lime, navy, purple, and red can only be ordered in the precut version.


For some people, a warranty is important when browsing for products to purchase. People want to feel protected and cared for. This is one area where this company is lacking. For whatever reason, KT Tape doesn’t offer a warranty to its’ customers.

Disclaimer: Some of the information included on their website regarding materials and specifics may be inaccurate due to the fact that changes are made periodically and the website is not always up to date with the changes. KT Tape doesn’t make any warranties or representations in regards to any graphics, materials, or information provided on their website. Everything comes strictly as it is, no kind or duration of a warranty is offered, therefore KT Tape disclaims any warranties falsely offered on any websites regarding information and materials.

At no time and not under any circumstances will the site publisher or owner be responsible via law, under any recovery theory, or equity, for any harm, destruction, or damage done to any product. There will be no compensation or restitution.

This may not be what you want to hear, however, the company has a good reputation and positive reviews. It’s worth a shot to possibly fix or alleviate some of your pain.


There is a good amount of feedback given on KT Tape, and not all of it is positive. Though, most of it is. The only negative comment that comes up repeatedly is that the tape doesn’t stick very long. This is most likely due to improper and unthorough skin preparation before application and can easily be remedied if you look at the instructions provided with the manual or on the company website.

One customer reported having an annoying calf injury that had gotten intense enough that he thought he would be unable to participate in the half marathon in San Francisco. He attended an expo a couple of days prior to the race and a representative for KT Tape wrapped up his calf and assured him that his pain would get better soon. By the time he left the expo he had realized that he no longer felt the nagging pain in his calf. Two days after the expo, he ran the half marathon without having any pain in his calf at all.

A consumer who plays tennis professionally that has problems with wrist tendinitis hit balls for forty-five minutes and experienced extreme tenderness in his wrists afterward. He purchased KT Tape on the day prior the to USTA tournament and it worked perfectly. He is now a loyal customer.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

If you experience any kind of pain or discomfort or injuries related to muscles, tendons, and ligaments, KT Tape may be just the thing you’re looking for to alleviate some of the tension for you. It can help with tendinitis, strains, plantar fasciitis, bunions, abdominal pain, and many, many more ailments!

You need to be extra cautious about where you purchase your KT Tape if you’re doing it online. Make absolutely sure that the tape is being sold and shipped by Theratape, KTTape, or Amazon. If you purchase the tape from any unauthorized user, you may end up with a knock-off brand that does not work as well as the original KT Tape.

For all the benefits that this tape can give you, it comes at an extremely fair price. It is more than worth trying it, warranty or no warranty. What do you have to lose? There’s a lot to gain.