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The times of only being able to see your total weight value when you step on your scale are over. No more writing down your results every day in order to track your progress. Thanks to innovative technology and motivated people, smart scales are popping up all over the place. This Koogeek S1 smart scale is able to measure much more than your weight. It will also calculate your body mass index (BMI), lean mass, body fat mass, body water percentage, bone mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and your visceral fat.

Connect your scale to your smartphone, or other compatible devices, via WiFi or Bluetooth connection. When connected, the scale will automatically sync your measurements to your free Koogeek fitness app, whether you’re near it or not. Your mobile data network needs to be 2.4 or higher to work with the scale and app. With the app, you’re able to set goals for yourself and continually monitor your trends whenever and wherever you want. The app is available to both iPhone and Android users.

Knowing what your smart scale has to offer and understanding what your smart scale has to offer are two different things. The purpose of this article is to help you make an informed decision regarding your purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Eight metric measurements

Fitness app synced

Weight management

Nutrition tracking

Great price


Doesn’t sync sister apps

Connection issues



A new age has come for connected devices as well as appliances. Pretty soon, our entire homes will be filled with smart products to make life a breeze. Koogeek’s innovative technology and stellar design team have produced products like the smart blood pressure monitor, smart scale, and a large list containing smart devices for the home, such as lights, sockets, and plugs.

All of these products are connected to your compatible device through the same app, meaning you won’t have to clog your device up with multiple apps, nor spend the time searching for the right app for the light or plug or device you’re trying to operate. The apps include very simple controls that let you keep track of and manage virtually anything electronic in your home. Let smart products do more and let yourself do less. We’ve earned it.

Koogek doesn’t just offer exciting new technology for your health and home products to be smart, but they will even let you try them out before you consider buying them. You can find demos that the company or stores selling the companies’ products put on. You can test out the smart light bulbs, switches, power outlets, locks, environment monitors, blood pressure monitors, fat burning stimulators for your muscles, and thermometers.
BIA Analysis

BIA Analysis

The Koogeek S1 implements Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis or BIA for a much simpler term. Bioimpedance Analysis is a way to assess your body composition. Your body composition is a measurement taken of your body fat related to your lean body mass. Tracking your body composition plays an important role when it comes to assessing your nutrition and health.

Body composition directly relates to your overall health. Having what is considered to be a “normal” amount of fat in your body has been shown through research to suggest good health. When your body has too much fat related to your lean body mass, it alters your body composition and makes you more susceptible to developing diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, among others. You can detect the warning signs of these issues by using the BIA method to track your body composition.

When people are trying to lose fat they typically aim to lose fat in order to achieve this goal. When people are interested in gaining weight, they typically opt for gainly muscle (not fat). By using BIA to monitor your changes in body composition (fat-free weight vs. fat weight) instead of solely monitoring your weight weekly you’ll be more likely to be successful because you’ll be able to pinpoint where you need to make more or less effort, or if you need to change your focus.


We know that this scale reads eight metrics for body composition: lean mass, weight, fat mass, bone mass, BMI, body water, visceral fat, and BMR. These measurements are synced to your Koogeek app via Bluetooth or WiFi on your compatible Android or iOS device.

Why do we want to know all of these measurements? Well, when it comes to evaluating your weight and your weight goals, it is very important to know what kind of fat and how much of it your body is made up of so that you know how to adjust your diet and exercise efforts. It’s obviously unhealthy to have too much fat, but it’s equally unhealthy to have too little.

Visceral fat is hard to detect because it isn’t visible. That’s why this metric is a great feature the scale offers. If you have too much visceral fat (fat in the abdomen), it could lead to heart disease, high cholesterol, and type two diabetes. Monitoring your BMI won’t tell you accurately what your fat percentage is, but it will help you detect possible health problems quicker.

Your BMR is how much energy (in calories) your body requires in order to function properly when at rest for twenty-four hours. It measures how much work your body needs to do in order to support your vital functions if you were to rest in bed for a whole day.

There are also benefits to the other measurements taken as far as evaluating your current health and preventing future health problems. With step-on technology, you don’t have to worry about turning on the scale, tapping it, or waiting for it to be ready for you to step on. With this technology, all you have to do is step on and the scale will instantly read your results.
Koogeek App

Koogeek App

This smart scale comes with a free app that allows you to see your stats laid out in front of you in graph form so that you can easily track your metrics. It shows you your progress trends and the charts are easy to understand. You can personalize what you see on your dashboard according to what metrics are important to your goals. Set goals for yourself, keep track of the progress you make and become and stay more motivated.

Koogeek has a smart cloud system which means that you can connect other smart devices from Koogeek, such as smart bracelets, body fat monitors, blood pressure monitors, and more. The system has a smart manager to organize the results from each device.

Your health status will be monitored and updated around the clock. The app will provide you with an exercise advisor, health tips, diet plan, nutrition facts, and more. The data analysis can provide you with recommendations for services like life assistants and doctors, among other services to make your life as good and stress-free as possible.

You can even use the app to purchase other Koogeek products with just one click.
Get More Active

Get More Active

Because the Koogeek app has so many features and can connect you to other users, it makes it easier than ever to track your daily living habits and relate it to your health information. When you keep track of what you’re doing day to day and week to week, you’ll be more likely to get motivated to smash your own goals and go even farther than you planned or thought you could.

Use the data you pick up from a connected smart bracelet or information you keep in a separate app to compare all of your results. Set a goal for how many steps you want to take as well as how much physical activity you want to do. If you want to be encouraged to get up and go to the gym three times a week or to run every other day, the app can help you achieve your goals.

Because of the social network available on this app, you can connect with your friends, family, and other users to compare goals and results and even challenge and encourage each other to keep on pushing! One of the best motivators is friendly competition.
Weight Management

Weight Management

This scale can be a crucial tool in any weight loss journey. Because it records so much more than just your total weight, you can hone in on your problem areas and get better results, quicker. Set goals for yourself and utilize the app to keep you motivated and informed throughout your journey.

If you’re truly serious about losing weight, and keeping it off, you need to commit to making a change in your lifestyle and to stick to it. You’ll want to get into the habit of weighing yourself on a regular basis, with little to no clothing on for the most accurate readings. Record everything that you eat and drink, and focus on consuming fewer calories. The fewer calories you take in, the easier it is to create a deficit with exercise. Just be sure to stay healthy.

For optimal results, you’ll want to get up and move (exercise hard enough to increase your heart rate significantly) for at least one hour a day, four to five times a week. In order to keep your body from dehydrating, make sure you’re drinking enough water. Ideally, you’ll drink eight glasses a day. It will also help to cook all of your meals at home so that you have better portion control and are more likely to choose healthy options.
Family Friendly

Family Friendly

One of the most convenient features of this scale is its capacity for up to sixteen users. That’s double what most scales can offer. This means that the whole family can have their own profile, maybe even some friends too. Each time someone steps onto the scale, it will automatically know who it is and will, therefore, send the information to the correct persons’ app. Everything is kept private, or you can choose to share it.

Mom can benefit from this scale, especially if she’s pregnant. It’s important to track your weight during pregnancy to make sure that you and baby are getting all of the nutrients you need to grow at a good rate. On average, you only need around three hundred extra healthy calories per day. The extra calories will help you gain enough weight during your pregnancy.

On average, you should expect to gain twenty-five to thirty-five pounds during your pregnancy; twenty-eight to forty if you are considered underweight. Overweight women can gain as little as fifteen to twenty-five pounds and still be healthy.

There is also a setting to weigh your baby once it has been born. All you have to do is weigh yourself and then step back on holding your baby in your arms. This feature is great to track your babies’ growth and compare it to the growth charts that doctor’s offer.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The general consensus is that there are many benefits you can enjoy from investing in a smart scale. It doesn’t matter if you’re an active and healthy person, somebody who seriously wants to get in shape and become healthier, or somebody who wants to keep track of their metrics for health or pregnancy monitoring, you can reach your goals quicker and easier with the help of a smart scale.

Thanks to innovative technology and the help of the Koogeek app, tracking your nutrition, exercise, and body composition are easier than ever. You don’t need to fret over memorizing numbers or doing any math. It isn’t necessary to write anything down. All you have to do is download the app, connect it to the scale via WiFi or Bluetooth (check for device compatibility), and step on the scale. The whole family can be registered on the scale, and it will automatically recognize each user and which account to send the information to.

As a bonus, the Body Smart scale includes Alexa technology. When you step onto the scale in the morning, Alexa and Google Assistant are equipped to give you the local weather forecast. She can also feed you your stats as far as your daily/weekly/monthly achievements or shortcomings. No, it’s not the extras that are important, but it is nice to have a little novelty with functionality.