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The KIND Energy Protein Bars are an excellent option for customers who are looking for a quick and easy snack that they can throw in their gym bag or keeping their car. They use nutritionally dense ingredients which include whole nuts, fruits, and whole grains. There no artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or secret ingredients and any of their bars. KIND Strives to bring their customers great-tasting products that are healthy and convenient. Thanks to their premium ingredients, you don’t have to choose between healthy and delicious when it comes to your snack. You can get both with this bar.

There are a variety of flavors that you can choose from so you can pick one that tastes the best to you. You can purchase almond butter dark chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, double dark chocolate nut, toasted caramel nut, or white chocolate cinnamon almond. The snack bars also come in a variety of different package sizes. You can buy a 12-count or 24 counts, depending on how many you want to keep on hand at all times. Customers love the flavor options and generally tend to purchase more than one at a time.

The KIND Energy Protein Bars offer you a fantastic source of protein. In fact, there are 12 grams of protein in each bar. They are gluten-free, consists of no genetically modified ingredients, kosher, and contains 0 grams of trans fat. Additionally, they have a low glycemic index, low sodium, and are an excellent source of fiber. Please note, if you have food allergies, these bars do contain almonds, peanuts, milk, and soy. Additionally, they are manufactured in a facility that processes sesame seeds and tree nuts.

Overall, customers Love These Bars. They taste great, they give him the boost of energy you need, and they’re easy to keep stashed away. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, then this should be your go-to bar.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Tastes great


Packed with protein

Low cost



No variety packs

Contains nuts, milk, and soy



Spend your time on the go, having something on hand for a quick snack can be important. Sometimes, finding a healthy snack is a little complicated. Thanks to healthier Alternatives like the KIND Energy Protein Bars, you can have something close by when you need a quick bite.

Whether you need a little boost of energy before a workout or you want to give yourself a little bit of extra protein after the gym, this snack is a great choice. Additionally, some consumers might choose it as something to munch on between meals. They're packed with protein and other essential vitamins to keep you going throughout the day.

If you need a little push at the gym or quick breakfast on the go, then you should give these protein bars a shot. They come in a variety of flavors so you can find one that suits your tastes the best. Most customers like the flavor options and love these bars.


When you are searching for something to snack on, you don't want to consume too many calories. If you were looking for a little boost of energy without consuming too many extra calories, then you're in luck. The KIND Energy Protein Bars offer a low-calorie solution that is perfect for snack time!

Regardless of the flavor bar you choose, each one consists of 250 calories. Yes, there are some snack bars out there that have a lower calorie count. However, this one is packed full of nutrients and things that can keep you going throughout your day. You aren't going to be consuming any empty calories; everything that's in this bar is useful.

If you're looking for something with a higher calorie count as a meal replacement, then this isn't going to be an excellent option for you. Although if you're looking for a snack and a boost of energy and protein, then this bar has you covered.


If you're trying to keep a snack on hands so you can get a quick bite when you need it, you want to try to make sure that you're finding something that tastes good. After all, why would you want to eat something that isn't tasty? Thankfully, most customers can agree that the KIND Energy Protein Bars have a delicious taste that they can appreciate.

Unlike some of the other protein bars on the market, this one does not have a bland taste. In fact, consumers noted that it has a complex array of flavors and tastes. There are a couple of different flavors when it comes to this snack. Of course, there's going to be some that people don't like and others that they absolutely love. The flavor choices are more of personal preference, but overall, reviewers can appreciate the taste of the sack.


The way something feels in your mouth is almost as important as the way it tastes. You can find something that has a fantastic taste, but if you don't like the texture while you're eating it, it's going to decrease your overall opinion of it.

Majority of consumers have stated that these snack bars have a great texture. Unlike some of the competitors, you will not get a sawdust and dry sensation with each bite that you take. That said, there were a select few reviewers who believed that the Bars were a bit dry, but that is not a popular opinion. Many people noted that the Bars were chewy enough and had a great texture, increasing their experience and pleasure while eating their snack.


There are many flavor options that you can choose from when ordering the KIND Energy Protein Bars. Everyone's taste preferences are different, and sometimes yours might change from day to day. Thankfully, products like this have a variety of options that you can choose from, so you can pick one that you like the best.

You can choose from almond butter dark chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, double dark chocolate nut, toasted caramel nut, or white chocolate cinnamon almond. You may be able to find some other flavors out there, but these are the most popular and most common among the brand.

Unfortunately, these snack bars are not available in a variety pack. Some other products offer a variety pack so you can sample each flavor to determine your favorite. However, you don't have that option with this brand. It is one of the things that customers would love to see in the future, but it's not available for them at the moment.


Since there are numerous varieties of the KIND Energy Protein Bars, each one's going to have a different list of ingredients. The company strives to bring you nutritionally dense ingredients. They are a firm believer that if you can't pronounce the name of a component, then you shouldn't be eating it. They use things like whole nuts, fruit, and whole grains. They don't add any kind of artificial flavors, secret ingredients, preservatives, or sweeteners.

The ingredients that are in the crunchy peanut butter bar include peanuts, soy protein isolate, chicory root fiber, honey, sugar, glucose syrup, Palm kernel oil, nonfat milk powder, peanut flour, salt, peanut oil, and soy lecithin.

The Toasted caramel nut ingredients include almonds, peanuts, glucose syrup, honey, soy protein isolate, chicory root fiber, sugar, milk powder, Palm kernel, soy lecithin, carob powder, salt, natural flavor, and annatto.

The ingredients that you'll find in the white chocolate cinnamon almond bars include peanuts, almonds, soy protein isolate, sugar, chicory root fiber, glucose syrup, milk powder, Palm kernel oil, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and salt.

The double dark chocolate ingredients are peanuts, almonds, soy protein isolate, glucose syrup, Palm kernel oil, chicory root fiber, sugar, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, natural flavor, salt, and cocoa butter.

Finally, the white chocolate cinnamon almond bars have ingredients that include almonds, peanuts, chicory root fiber, soy protein isolate, sugar, glucose syrup, honey, milk powder, Palm kernel oil, cinnamon, cocoa butter, vanilla extract, soy lecithin, and salt.

The brand tries to stick to Natural ingredients when possible. You're going to notice that most of the bars include glucose syrup, which isn't exactly natural. However, the bars wouldn't taste as great without it.


If you're spending a lot of time at the gym, hiking up a trail, or anything else physical, your energy tends to drain. If you want a quick boost of energy without eating a ton of calories, then you might want to try out this bar. Customers stated that it could help give them a little boost to keep them going throughout the day. It's especially helpful for those who have problems regulating their sugar. It has a low glycemic index, helping give you the energy need without overloading yourself in unnecessary sugar.

Customers stated that they love keeping these in their car or bag so they can grab a quick bite when they're starting to feel drained. It's a great companion for your workout as well. Are you getting up early to hit the gym but don't want to eat a big meal first? Grab one of these snacks on your way out the door enjoy your workout.

Allergen Warning

If you have allergies or food sensitivities of any kind, it's important to pay close attention to what it is you're putting in your body. You don't want to have any unexpected reactions to the food that you eat. Please note that these bars contain almonds, peanuts, milk, and soy. Additionally, they are made in the same facility that processes sesame seeds and tree nuts. If you have allergies to any of these items, you're going to want to stay away from these bars.


The KIND Energy Protein Bars make it easy for those who want a quick snack on the go. One bar equals one serving size. Some of the competitors try to confuse customers by making at least two servings in one bar. This gives the illusion of a lower-calorie snack. Thankfully, that isn't a problem that you'll have with this bar. Is all of the nutritional facts are based on a whole bar; there's no confusion or misunderstanding what you're putting into your body.


Yes, the KIND Energy Protein Bars do contain some sugar. However, they do have a low glycemic index, meaning that they are not overloaded with too many unnecessary sugars. A lot of the bars feature honey in their ingredients list, to help sweeten them up a bit without the extra sugar. That said, a lot of the ingredients also include sugar and glucose syrup to help sweeten them up a bit. Each bar has about 8 grams of total sugars, which is relatively lower when you compare it to some of the more unhealthy brands out there.


Sometimes trying to find a quick and healthy snack can be quite costly. There are a lot of healthy granola and protein bars on the market that cost quite a bit of money. Thankfully for most customers, especially if you're on a budget, the KIND Energy Protein Bars have a reasonable price point. Since you can purchase the bars in varying size two packages, the values are going to change depending on the size of the box you are getting. For the most part, however, customers are content with the cost of these bars. They taste great, and they're affordable, making them a winner in most customers books.


The KIND Energy Protein Bars are a great source of protein. They contain 12 g of protein per bar, giving you 17% of your daily value. Protein is great for pre and post-workout snacks, which is when most people will munch on one of these. Protein can help you increase your metabolic rate by preserving your lean muscle, which is why a lot of people will use it when they are working out. If you're eating foods that are rich in protein, like these snack bars, you can burn more calories at the gym than you would otherwise.

Bottom Line

If you need a quick bite to eat to give you the energy you need at the gym, or you just need something small to get you through to your next meal, then grab one of the KIND Energy Protein Bars. It's an excellent source of protein I can give you a little bit of the energy you need to make it through the rest of the day.

The bars are gluten-free, kosher, contain no genetically modified ingredients, consists of 0 grams of trans fat, contain low sodium, have a low glycemic index, and are a good source of fiber. You're looking for a healthier alternative then your traditional granola bar; then this might be the best option for you.

Customers love the great taste and low-cost.