KEEN Damaya Lattice Paloma Review

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Active ladies know how tough it can be to find that perfect pair of sandals. You know, the ones that offer a fashionable look and functional form. Well, look no further because the Damaya Lattice Paloma from Keen is the answer to your prayers! This athletic-inspired pair is the ideal choice for outdoor activities like hiking. It offers a superior footbed made from lightweight and comforting EVA foam and a lattice design that make this a must-have for anyone who is an adventurer at heart. Bungee laces and a rear pull-tab make for effortless on-off wearability and let you get out there and go that much quicker. 

After careful research and review, I’ve written this guide that highlights the high’s and the lows of the Damaya Lattice’s design. Continue reading below for a more in-depth look at some of the benefits that this pair has to offer as well as, some of its downfalls.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Bungee Lacing
  • EVA Footbed
  • Cleansport NXT
  • Polyester Webbing
  • Rear Pull-Tab
  • Narrow Toe
  • Straps May Rub


The Damaya Lattice offers bungee-style lacing that was designed for the adventurer at heart. This style of lacing is ideal for exercising and for those times that require secure fastening without the hassle of having to tie up your laces. Bungee laces are very adjustable to suit any foot shape and are simply clipped together with a tightly locking mechanism that ensures the perfect fit every time.

Despite looking similar to your standard shoelace, bungee laces don’t require any tying. Instead, they operate on a spring-loaded clip. This makes for effortless on-off wearability and makes it a breeze adjusting the fit of your shoes for different activities. This style of closure also lets you turn your shoes into a slip on pair because you can actually leave the clip in the same position once you’ve found your preferred fit. Then you’ll be able to simply slide your shoes on and off without having to actually adjust the clip in any way.


These sandals offer superior arch support thanks to their EVA footbed that cradles the delicate underside of the foot. EVA is a manmade foam resin material that is both lightweight and supportive at the same time. This material highly flexible and is made by expanding plastic and then trapping air pockets in different densities throughout the sheet. EVA is a great choice for walking, jogging, and running because it’s highly responsive and lets you better connect with the ground beneath you.

Wearers can enjoy miles of supportive cushion with an EVA footbed, which usually retains its bouncy rebound for roughly 300 miles. At this point, the material will lose its luster and need to be replaced. The great thing about EVA is its a synthetic material and is completely eco-friendly!



These Keen sandals feature a built-in odor-controlling technology that works like a charm. Cleansport NXT is an innovative process which utilizes pro-biotic advancements to control odors. Through the use of live and naturally occurring microbes, a healthier and more environmentally-friendly way to fight odors was created. Once these live microbes come into contact with sweat they activate to eliminate the very source of the odors before they even occur, pretty neat right?!

Controlling odors is a must when you're planning to wear any pair of sandals for physical activities like hiking. When you're active in hot weather your feet will sweat and this makes for the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. Once your shoes start to smell it can be nearly impossible to get that stink out of them and you'll probably have to throw them out. This can end up being quite costly, having to replace your sandals every few weeks. But, if you stop the smell before it even has a chance to start you can save your shoes and save yourself some money too!


This athletic-inspired sandal offers a travel-friendly style that’s perfect for ladies who love to explore. Designed for hiking and other outdoor activities, the Damaya has a well-constructed upper and sturdy rubber sole that is able to handle the tough kinds of terrain you love to conquer. A rear pull-tab allows for quick on-off wear and lets you get ready to go that much faster. Its bungee laces make for a secure and comforting fit that is completely adjustable so you can control how they feel on your feet. The choice of colorways lets you blend the Damaya to practically anything in your wardrobe and makes this an effortless choice when it comes to looking fashionable.


The Damaya’s one-inch heel is perfect for walking on thanks to its low height. No one wants to struggle with a heel while they’re out hiking which is why this pair offers the ideal design for adventures both on and off-trail. This is a travel-friendly choice that’s easy on the legs and feet. The low heel height helps to lessen discomfort in the hips and back because walking on a flat surface is more natural than a raised one. Keeping your feet in as natural of a position as possible will put less strain on your joints and limbs. These sandals are also very supportive which is essential for anyone who plans on walking around for long periods of time.


These sandals are ready to take on whatever adventure may come your way! Whether you plan to hike, walk, explore, or travel this pair will keep you comfortable every step of the way. Its stylish appearance and functional structure combine to make for an adaptable choice of summer footwear that won’t cause you any discomfort while you’re on the go. Hikers turn to Keen shoes for their superior ride that is both responsive and enjoyable to wear. Their designs let you explore with confidence and peace of mind thanks to their plethora of features that were designed with your overall performance in mind.


This pair comes in several colorways which makes it more versatile and easy to match with most of your summer outfits. You can choose from options like Black/Vapor Blue and Paloma/Vapor Blue so there's something that will go with just about anything. These colors are appropriate for the season as well as the types of activities you might be wearing them for. The darker shades are best for hiking and other off-trail occasions because they won't show any dirt as easily, whereas the lighter colors aren't great for anything that involves dirt or mud.


The Damaya Lattice is made from a superior combination of synthetic and textile materials. Their quick-drying upper unit is perfect for splashing around in the surf and guarantees that you’ll be completely comfortable once you’re back on dry ground. A rubber outsole offers superior traction on both wet and dry surfaces and is perfect for gripping almost any terrain. Whether you’re hiking, exploring, or enjoying some surfside fun, this is an excellent choice of footwear. The outsole is non-marking which means it won’t scuff your floors and can easily be wiped clean for a brand-new look that lasts. This pair is made with polyester webbing that stretches to conform to the shape of your foot for a locked down yet flexible ride that's perfect for ladies who like to move.


Despite the Damaya’s superior design features, this pair runs a little narrow in the toe. While it’s not so bad that they fit uncomfortably, but if you have wider feet they will definitely not be the most enjoyable sandals to wear. In this case, you might want to buy a half size up from your normal size in order to ensure that there’s enough room for your toes to rest comfortably.


While most ladies found this sandal to be an extremely comfortable choice, some women found that the straps tend to rub. This can cause you serious discomfort and can lead to painful blisters from the friction of the material rubbing against your skin. If you have wide feet, consider opting for a larger size which should take care of this issue. Other ladies found that the opening was narrow and rubbed against the top of their feet. For the most part, this pair comes highly rated and is considered to be an enjoyable choice of footwear for summer weather. Just be a little more cautious if you have wider feet because you might run into some difficulties.

Bottom Line

Overall, Dayama Lattice is a great choice for outdoor activities and is perfect for ladies who love to hike. It offers a solid array of features and was designed to keep you nice and comfortable while you're on the move. Some of the more noteworthy aspects are the bungee laces and EVA footbed that help to make this one enjoyable ride. Bungee laces are a great way to simplify your dressing routine because once you set them to a fit you like you'll never have to readjust them!

A rear pull-tab makes for easy one-off wear and the microfiber lining is great for controlling moisture because it wicks perspiration away from the skin. This, combined with Keen's Cleansport NXT technology means that you will never have to worry about smelly sandals! This innovative process helps to naturally eliminate odors by using live probiotic microorganisms to stop odor-causing bacteria in its tracks.

I rated the Dayama Lattice fairly high based on its performance as well as its appearance. It's important to be able to wear a sandal that looks as good as it feels and that's exactly what this pair delivers!