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Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars are the perfect snack for those who want something quick and healthy. If you need a quick bite before or after a workout, then this will be a great option. The Grizzly Bar helps give you the extra bit of energy that you will need to get you through to your next meal.

Customers love that Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars are made out of all-natural ingredients. Everything is organic, and there is no use of artificial or chemical sweeteners. In fact, they use organic honey to sweeten all of their snacks. They are non-GMO and USDA organic certified. The brand claims to be gluten-free, and none of the ingredients indeed contain gluten. However, some of the equipment used in the manufacturing process comes into contact with glutenous food as well. Please note that if you have food sensitivities to soy, tree nuts, gluten, or dairy, then you might want to steer clear of these snacks.

Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars have a great taste that consumers love. There are six different flavors to choose from. You can either get a box of your favorite flavor or pick the variety pack to try them all. Not only do they taste great, but most consumers enjoy the texture of the bars, even though they might be a bit on the dry side.

All and all, people love these bars. It’s not every day that you find a healthy and organic snack bar that tastes this great.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Organic ingredients

No artificial sweeteners


Great taste

Delicious flavors


Moderate price tag

Dry texture


Kate's company began when she was in search of a healthy energy bar using just the ingredients she found in her cover. After some trial and error, she perfected the original tram bar recipe which people fell in love with. After the creation of that bar, Kate's Real Food came to fruition.

To this day, Kate continues to help consumers pursue a healthier lifestyle. She knows the importance of trying to find a healthy snack that you can grab while on the go. She also knows that you want something that's going to taste good. So many healthy granola bars and snacks on the market have a bland and cardboard-like taste. She was determined to create something at Easton just as good as it was for your body.

She urges consumers to take a bite of her bar and to let them feel you on your adventures into a healthy lifestyle.


If you're looking for a quick snack, then grabbing one of the Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars might be an excellent option for you. As you might expect, the calories differ depending on the variety you choose. Depending on the bar, the calories range from 120 to 150 with the most common being about 130 calories. However, each bar consists of two servings, as a single serving of the bar is only 1.1 Oz. So make sure that you are doubling the actual calorie count if you are eating the whole bar. That's going to make the total calories you're eating anywhere between 240 and 300 depending on the flavor you're eating.

If you're simply looking for a quick snack between meals or before or after a workout, then this might be a great little snack for you. It's not equivalent to a full meal, so you aren't going to have to worry about consuming too many calories. Just because it's a lot of calories does it mean that it's not packed with a lot of nutritional value. At least you can rest easy knowing that you're not consuming too many empty calories. Everything you're putting into your body from this bar is going to be beneficial to you.


The best majority of consumers really like the taste of the granola bars. They've stated that they taste like actual food and not some of the other bland products you might find from the competitors. They've said that it's not very often you find something that's healthy that tastes this good.

Of course, each flavor is going to taste a little bit differently, so if you weren't sure what you're going to like best, you could always opt for the variety pack. That's going to give you one of each of the flavors so you can try it and figure out which one you like the best.

One thing that a few consumers mention was that it was a little bit too sweet for their taste. This isn't a complaint that all consumers had, but it is worth noting. If you don't want something overly sweet, there might be better choices out there for you. However, if you have a sweet tooth, this is perfect.


When it comes to your snack bar if you don't want something that's going to have an awful consistency in your mouth, the way something feels and the texture is almost as important as the way it tastes. Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars have a pretty decent texture, according to customers. However, there were a few who stated that it felt a little dry and grainy. It's not a moist granola bar like you might find in some of the cheaper and less healthy Brands. Since the ingredients are all-natural and don't have a lot of fillers, you can expect it to be a little drier than some.

The dry and grainy texture isn't something that all consumers have complained about. In fact, the vast majority of them stated that the texture is excellent and they had no issues with it.


The Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars are available in six different flavors so you can choose the one that you love, where you might opt for the variety pack. A lot of consumers purchase the variety pack first so that they can try one of each flavor. This will allow you to pick and choose which ones you like and which ones you don't. Some customers have their favorites, and of course, there are some who don't like all of them.

You can choose from dark chocolate cherry and almond, lemon coconut, peanut butter and dark chocolate, mango coconut, peanut butter and milk chocolate, and peanut butter, ham, and flax.


Since there are several different flavors of the snack bar, each one's going to have a separate list of ingredients. Each one of their bars consists of either real organic peanut butter or almond butter, depending on the flavor. Additionally, they are sweetened with organic honey or natural cane sugar. There are no artificial sweeteners of any kind.

Again, depending on the flavor you choose, the ingredients might include Montmorency cherry, dark chocolate, crispy rice nuggets, or delightful coconut. They're also going to contain organic oats, as it is a granola bar.
All ingredients are reliably organic the ingredients in the various granola bars include sea salt, organic ground ginger, rice flour, lemon extract, sweetened dried cherries, dark tasty chocolate, crunchy brown rice crisps, dried out apricots, raisins, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, healthy flax seeds, natural cane sugar, healthy hemp seeds, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, dry roasted peanuts, milk chocolate, dried tasty mangoes.


Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars are supposed to help give you a little energy when you are starting to run low. They allow you to get a quick snack and help you keep going until your next meal. For the most part, customers have stated that it works well at keeping them energized and satisfied.

Of course, there is no caffeine or additional vitamins added to help give you that energy boost, but the all-natural ingredients work well to provide you with the push you need to make it through the rest of your workout and onto your next meal.

Allergen Warning

If you have food allergies, it is essential to know what it is that you're eating and putting into your body. Something that you should note about these bars is that they do contain tree nuts, both coconut, and almond. Additionally, they are processed on equipment that uses soy, dairy, and gluten. If you have sensitivities to any of these ingredients, then you might want to avoid this bar.


Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars are made out of all organic and natural ingredients. This is something that a lot of customers can appreciate as they don't like putting too many processed foods in their system.

Additionally, all of these bars are non-GMO and USDA organic. The company notes that these bars are gluten-free. However, you should know that they are processed on the same machines as glutenous food, so if you have gluten sensitivities, you might want to stay away from eating the snack.


It can be a little misleading when you are looking at the nutritional value of the Grizzly Bars. A lot of customers don't realize that each bar consists of two servings, whereas most other granola bars have a serving size of one bar.

Each serving is 1.1 ounces of a bar, making it half of one. Make sure you are keeping this in mind if you are monitoring your calories in vs. calories out. Don't let the label mislead you into thinking that the whole bar is one serving.

Hand Rolled

One thing that Kate has been doing since the beginning is hand-rolling each and every bar. You might think since the company has expanded that she and her products would have switched over to a more efficient way of producing her bars. However, that is simply not the case. The only difference is the production, and her kitchen got a little bit bigger.

To this day, Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars are still hand-rolled. Yes, there are some use of machines and other techniques to make the bars, but the final product is rolled and packed with care.


Unlike some of the other snack bars on the market, Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars do not contain any additional chemical or artificial sugars. This is all part of their all-natural and organic ingredient list.

All of their bars contain organic honey as a sweetener. The use of honey as a sweetener provides you with a whole slew of health benefits. It can provide you with vitamins and minerals that you need to keep going, without any added chemicals.

Yes, there is one variant of the bars that contain cane sugar, but this is all-natural and organic as well. This is only found in the peanut butter, hemp, and flax bar.


If you are looking for something to carry around with you for a quick snack when you need it, you don't generally want to spend an arm and a leg. After all, it is just a quick bite to eat when you are feeling drained between meals.

Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars are not the cheapest snack on the market, but they are by no means the most expensive either. They are slightly higher than the average price. If you are on a budget and don't want to spend a lot of money, then these might not be the best option for you.

However, considering that the bars are made of all-natural ingredients and each and every one of them is hand-rolled, you can expect them to cost a little more than some of the others that are mass-produced.

Bottom Line

If you are always on the go and want to keep a snack on hand, then Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars might be the perfect go-to options. The low calorie and all-natural bar can provide you with the energy you need to get you to your next meal. Whether you need the push to get you through your workout and you just need a quick bite between meals, these granola bars make a great choice.

Customers love the great taste and variety of flavors. Yes, some consumers stated that the bars a little dry, but overall had a decent texture. Keep in mind if you have food allergies to tree nuts, soy, dairy, or gluten, you are going to want to avoid the snacks.

Overall, customers enjoy these snacks. Most would recommend them to others.