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No matter what you plan to use earbuds for, whether it be video games, youtube videos, podcasts, phone calls, or music, you expect certain things out of your investment; especially when it comes at a high price.

The JLab Epic Air earbuds claim to provide you with top-of-the-line battery life, premium portable power, Bluetooth 4.1 connection, an unbeatable fit with secure comfort, and the best sound. These earbuds are designed to have seven-hour battery life. The charging case that comes with the earbuds can give you thirty extra hours of playback.

The JLab Epic Air earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth version 4.1. With this version, you should be able to expect great audio quality. There is even an upgraded antenna to help improve connectivity and reduce effects from the environment. You should be able to listen to whatever you desire from up to thirty feet away from the paired device.

These earbuds are designed to fit up and over your ear. There are gel-tips included, eight sets to be exact, that will help personalize the fit for the best comfort and security. Some special tips included are triple flange tips and shallow-fit tips.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Charging/carrying case


Great sound


Not worth the cost

Poor connection

Sound cuts out

Earbuds stop working

Stops charging


The JLab Epic Air earbuds don’t waste valuable space on sensors for your heart rate, or other technologies that can already be found in your phone or purchased separately. Instead, they come equipped with a sound that’s unmatched in comparable earbuds.

JLab used an eight-millimeter driver on the JLab Epic Air earbuds. The driver is the component which converts the electrical signals to sound. The driver unit is comprised of a magnet, voice coils, and a diaphragm.

With JLab’s signature sound (C3), you can expect to have Crystal Clear Clarity. The sound produced is crisp, clean, and rich. The bass pumps hard, mids are song-defining, and the highs are vibrant. The only complaint that consumers have about the sound is when the Bluetooth connection fails, thus cutting out the sound. Otherwise, people rave about the sound quality.


The JLab Epic Air earbuds claim to have a battery life of seven hours when fully charged. On average, earbuds come with a battery life of six to eight hours, so these fall right in the middle. The charging case that comes with the earbuds can provide them with an extra thirty hours of playback.

In total, you should be able to squeeze thirty-seven hours out of these earbuds before you need to find an outlet to plug the case into. The case even has USB and micro USB ports so that you can charge your device from it. There are lights on the case that will tell you how much power is left so that you will be aware when the case needs to be charged.

Some people have not a single complaint about the battery life of the JLab Epic Air. For some, the battery is lasting as long as it claims with no issues. But for some other consumers, they are having trouble with the battery lasting and some even can’t get the battery to charge up at all.


The JLab Epic Air features Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX, which is a technology that uses compression to help minimize latency issues and lessen audio-coding delays. With an upgraded antenna that has Beacon Signal Technology, the Bluetooth connection will be unsurpassed. Beacons are wireless transmitters which use Bluetooth to deliver signals to compatible devices nearby. There will be less interference from the environment as well.

This version of Bluetooth should have no issues and should be able to work up to thirty feet away from the device it is connected to. However, there are a lot of complaints about how the connection is very poor. The sound cuts out when the phone is right in their pocket. And some don’t form a connection to the device at all. Customers wish that the JLab Epic Air had Bluetooth 5 instead.

In order to pair your compatible device with your earbuds, turn on your earbuds, and turn on your Bluetooth in your phone settings. On your earbud remote, press and hold the middle button for ten seconds. When it is ready to pair, you will see “JLab Epic” in the available device list. Choose it, and you’re all set.


The JLab Epic Air is all about helping you find the most secure, comfortable fit. The earbud is secured to your ear with an “ear hook” that goes above and behind your ear. There are eight sets of interchangeable gel-tips, including a triple flange tip and a shallow-fit tip. Hopefully, with all of the choices and combinations possible, you’ll be able to find the perfect for you.

The ear tips come in sizes extra small, small, medium, and large. The set of triple flange tips are size medium. The shallow-fit tips are size medium. There are also cush fins included, which go between the earbud and the ear tip.

There are two position options when placing your ear tip onto your earbud. The first position is snugger, deeper in your ear. The second position is more relaxed and shallow. Try combinations of ear tips and cush fins until you find the perfect fit. If you just can’t get a comfortable fit, you could try other wireless earbuds with interchangeable tips.


Some people prefer the more traditional headphone style that goes over the ears and have a headband. Then there are those who prefer the freedom of earbuds. Your ears can breathe. They don’t slip off your head when you move too quickly. There aren’t any cords to get in the way or become a tangled mess. And they’re so easy to store.

What is especially convenient about the JLab Epic Air earbuds is that they come with their own charging case that doubles as a storage case when your buds are not in use. See other earbuds that come with charging cases here.

The charging case can grant your earbuds up to thirty extra hours, giving you a total of thirty-seven. When you run out of juice, just plug the case in. The case can also power up your phone via the USB and micro USB ports it has. There are lights on the case to indicate how much power is left so that you will know when it’s time to charge the case.

Noise Cancellation

If you’re looking for a truly sensational audio experience, the JLab Epic Air can give that to you. These earbuds have Active Noise Canceling technology (ANC). If you have ANC turned on, you will be able to focus one hundred percent on the music and drown out all of the sounds around you. ANC will cancel as much as ninety percent of ambient noise, enabling your music to sound better than ever.

This feature is also great for listening to podcasts, watching videos, and taking phone calls. You can enjoy the audio to its fullest potential. You must keep in mind that if you are going to be using the noise cancellation feature while you’re outdoors, especially near a road, you will not be able to hear cars approaching or people hollering.


There is only one button on each earbud of the JLab Epic Air headset. However, these two buttons control a wide array of commands. On the left earbud, when you tap the button one time, you can either play, pause, answer a call, or end a call. It would obviously depend on what you’re doing at the time.

When you double tap on the left earbud’s button you activate and/or deactivate Siri and/or Google Assist. Lastly, when you press and hold the button for one second, the volume will decrease. If you want to decrease the volume more, just hold the button down until you get where you want to be.

On the right earbud, you can skip forward a track with a single press of the button. When you double tap it, you can skip backward a track. And when you press and hold the button for one second, the volume will go up. If you want to increase the volume by more than one notch, simply hold the button down longer. Release when you’re satisfied.


One area where the JLab Epic Air excelled in is the level of comfort they provide. The general consensus had nothing negative to say about the comfort of these earbuds. If the stock gel tips don’t fit your ears comfortably, there are eight sets of alternative tips to try, along with Cush Fins that go in between the earbud and the gel tip.

There are also two positions that the tips can be in when putting onto the earbud. They can be placed so that they will go deeper into your ear, or they can be placed for a more relaxed fit. It is all completely up to the consumer to determine what fit is right for them. There is an optional pop-on neckband that will offer additional cushioning for your neck.


It’s not just people who are extremely active that have to deal with sweat. Therefore, it’s not only active people who can enjoy the sweat-resistance of the JLab Epic Air earbuds. Sweat is a normal part of life; whether you’re sitting in your car on lunch break, running a marathon, or working out at the gym. The last thing you want is for your sweat to ruin your headphones.

The JLab Epic Air earbuds are designed to resist sweat, with an IP rating of IPX4. This rating means that the earbuds can withstand splashes from any direction. For other sweat-resistant options, check here.

There has been a consumer report that when they sweat heavily, it made the buttons on the earbuds malfunction. This hasn’t been a common claim, though, so there is no need to panic. Especially because there is a warranty with the JLab Epic Air earbuds.


Purchasing any kind of product can be a stressful decision. Make it easier on yourself and go for products that come with either a thirty-day money-back guarantee, a decent warranty, or both. The JLab Epic Air comes with both!

`The JLab team is committed to the satisfaction of their customers. Therefore, they are more than willing to repair, replace, or refund products that fall under the warranty or the thirty-day money-back guarantee. Your JLab Epic Air is covered under warranty for two years. In these two years, if something goes wrong (mechanically), that isn’t your fault, JLab will repair it or replace it. You can not ask for a refund if you are beyond your thirty-day guarantee.

If you do decide, during the first thirty days after your purchase, that you would like to return and/or exchange your JLab Epic Air earbuds, you may do so by visiting the JLab website for contact information and instructions.

Bottom Line

The positives about the JLab Epic Air are actually few. Firstly, they are wireless (Bluetooth), saving you from the hassle of cords hanging and getting tangled. There is also a very convenient carrying/charging case that you can store the earbuds in. You can also charge your earbuds in it, getting up to thirty additional hours of playback time. There are other headsets that also come with charging cases.

A couple of other areas where consumers haven’t had many complaints are comfort and sound. The sound is flawless according to many happy customers, and the comfort was perfect, thanks to the many options for a personalized fit.

There are many areas where the JLab Epic Air earbuds are lacking, however. According to many customers, the Bluetooth connection leaves a lot to be desired. The connection cuts in and out way too easily and does not reach up to thirty feet as it should. The sound cuts in and out when your phone isn’t placed just right.

The earbuds often stop working and/or stop charging. In general, the opinion is that the JLab Epic Air earbuds aren’t worth the cost. But, if you think they may work for you, there’s nothing to lose with the money-back guarantee and warranty.