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Jaybird stepped it up a little with the X3 wireless earbuds. Making some much-needed improvements of the predecessor to give customers a better experience. The sports headphones feature a great battery life so you can keep your music playing for the long haul. They are sweat resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the moisture damaging them when you are going hard at the gym. Some customers have durability problems with the headphones, stating that they don’t last as long as they would have liked. You can generally find them for an affordable and reasonable price, which makes them a decent value even if they don’t last forever.

All and all they seem to be a pretty good pair of wireless Bluetooth sports headphones that a majority of customers appreciate. Yes, they have their downfalls, but the pros seem to outweigh the cons, and most people are left satisfied.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Long battery life

Affordable price point

Carrying case included

Sweat resistant

Secure fit


Proprietary charging cable

Durability problems


The Jaybird X3 sports headphones are fantastic for just about any event that you can think of. They are ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle, however. Whether heading to the gym or going out for a long distance run, these are the perfect companion for your workout. They are sweat-proof, so there is going to be no worrying about them getting ruined when you go particularly hard and start to sweat profusely. You are also going to get some protection if you get caught in a light drizzle when you are out and about, the light moisture from the rain will not damage the earbuds, and they will survive just fine.

Of course, you can use the earbuds for more than just use your workouts. Many customers choose to use them for their everyday use as well. Whether you have a long commute, or you're planning on traveling and want something to wear to keep you distracted. Consumers will wear these for their everyday needs with no problems.

These headphones come equipped with an inline microphone so you can even use them when you need to make or receive hands-free phone calls. It's fantastic for those who like to multi-task, making their phone calls when they are running errands or people who have to take calls for work, giving them the option to pop in the earbuds instead of holding your phone.


The Jaybird X3 features a universal secure fit so it can reach a multitude of consumers, allowing for the perfect and most secure fit possible. They use patented ear fins made out of silicone which is attached to the top and back surfaces of the ears, keeping them safe and secure in your ears. This is important for those who are heading out for a run or a hardcore workout; you won't have to worry about your actions causing the buds to fall out of your years, distracting you and slowing you down while you're on the go. The earbuds come with multiple sized Comply tips and silicon parts so you can get the best fit for optimal comfort.

As long as you get the earbud tip that gives you a pleasant and secure fit, you can also take advantage of some noise isolation. They don't feature actual noise canceling circuitry, but if you get a snug fitting pair that sits inside of your ears, it will help shield out some of the sounds of the outside world so you can focus on your workout without distraction.

As mentioned above, they are sweat and splash proof so you can head out for your workout with fear of them getting ruined by the moisture. You can clean them easily enough as well, as the minimal amounts of water will not do too much to damage them, keeping them in good working order for quite a while.

If you pair the headphones with the MySound app on your smartphone, you can customize the sound so you can have a more personalized experience. You can even save your favorite settings, so you don't have to adjust them each time that you use them, also if you connect to a different device the next time you listen.

You will also get some of the basic features that you would find on many products like this. They come with an inline remote and microphone. This is going to let you adjust your volume and skip tracks right from your earbuds without having to take your device out of your pocket. This makes your workouts much easier since you won't have to stop what you're doing to fiddle with your music. The same goes for taking phone calls. You can answer a call with the press of a button on the remote and the mic lets you talk to the person on the other line with ease.

Sound Quality

The Jaybird X3 headphones don't have a terrible sound quality, but they aren't stellar either. They are more of a midrange pair of headphones so you can expect that the sound will not be up to par with the higher-end ones, but for the average listener, there is not much of a problem in this department. They definitely did upgrade from the previous iteration, offering you a more pleasant listening experience from their predecessor.

The drivers got an upgrade so they can provide you with better sound and more powerful bass, which many athletes can appreciate as it will get them pumped for their workouts, helping them go hard. You will want to ensure that you choose the ear tips that give you a tight seal and secure fit, however, because if not it will decrease your overall listening experience.

If you want to tweak the sound a little bit, you can do so easily through the MySound app on your smartphone. It will let you choose from some pre-set sound profiles, or you can customize one so you can get the best experience possible. The great part about this app is it will let you save your preferences, so when you connect to a different device you don't have to set them all over again.


These wireless earbuds connect to your media player through a Bluetooth connection, so you can easily connect them to any enabled device, whether your phone, mp3 player, computer, or television.

For most customers don't have any problems getting the headphones to connect. It is a pretty easy and standard procedure to get them to connect. You press and hold the power button until you hear the voice prompt through the earbud then find the headphones in your phones Bluetooth menu. Once you get the initial connection, the earphones will remember your device to make future links even more accessible.

The problem that some consumers have, though, is that they will randomly lose connection. It usually re-connects itself, but it can be frustrating, especially when at the gym or out for a jog, to have your music cut in and out on you. It also doesn't have a very good range so you're going to want to make sure that you keep your media player close by and don't stray too far from your headphones or you will lose your music.


Most customers can agree that the Jaybird X3 earbuds are super comfortable. They come with a variety of sized ear tips so you can pick the size that will give you a more comfortable and secure fit. They come with two sets of tips, both silicone, and foam so you can pick the ones that are the most pleasant in your ears for optimal comfort.

The best part and the most prominent contributor to the comfort level is the way they fit. As long as you choose the correct tip and get a good fit, you can ensure that they are going to stay in place while you are out and about — no need to keep fiddling with the earbuds because they just keep falling out while you are active. Since you won't have to deal with worry about them falling out, you will have a more pleasant experience throughout the day.


The Jaybird X3 headphones are just like your typical wireless earbuds. They have two buds attached by a cable that sits around the back of your neck while you are wearing them. They have an inline remote and microphone on the cord so you can control your music and talk on the phone while you are out being active.

There are a couple of different color options that you can choose from you so can get a simple and primary color, or you can opt for something bright and fun to give yourself a little flair while you are at the gym. You can choose from road rash red, gray, white, alpha green, army green, blackout, or Sparta white.

Jaybird upgraded the overall aesthetics of the earbuds, giving you a better look than the predecessor. They're plastic, but they have a smoother look than the previous iteration. They feel a bit bulky, but they are actually a little thinner this time around, giving them a sleeker look to them.

Overall, they look pretty good and just like what you would expect from a pair of wireless sports headphones.


Customers have given mixed reviews about the sustainability of the earbuds. They do have some issues that frustrate many since, after a while, the headphones will stop working and become unusable. The actual headphones themselves have a decent build and seem to stay intact. They may be plastic, but they won't break on you very quickly. Additionally, they are sweat and splash resistant so you won't have to worry about moisture damaging them while you're hitting the gym.

Most of the problems come with one or both of the buds not working after a couple of months to a year, making them useless. Another gripe about them is that after a while the battery will stop holding a charge, the battery life will start to decrease gradually until the battery no longer works. That is common with products with a rechargeable battery, but these ones tend to wear just a little faster than expected.

Power Source

The biggest problem that customers have with the Jaybird X3 headphones is that they use a proprietary charger instead of on to the typical one you can pick up at just about any store. The unique adapter you need to charge the earbuds is small and is easily lost. Since it is a proprietary cable, it is rather difficult to replace if you lose or break yours. It can be super frustrating, and customers do not like this feature at all. They would have liked to have seen a standard cable charger instead.

The X3's did upgrade their battery from their previous iteration, moving on to the use of a lithium-ion for extended battery life and more reliable charge. When listening to your music at moderate volumes, you should be able to get about 8 hours of play on a full charge. If you find yourself with a low battery and need a little juice in a pinch, you plug it in for about 15 minutes to get about an hour of playback.


The Jaybird X3 comes with a relatively high MSPR, however, nowadays you can generally find them for about half of that price, bringing them to the low end of the spectrum when it comes to price. If you are paying the lower rate for them, then they are not a bad value at all. They will last you a decent amount of time, at least a couple of months before they wear down on you, if not longer. Although, customers have stated that they would not recommend paying full price for them because, at that point, they are not worth the cost.

Bottom Line

If you need a decent pair of sports headphones that are comfortable and have adequate sound, then you may want to keep the Jaybird X3 earbuds in mind. They are great for those who lead an active lifestyle and need something to wear to the gym or out for a long distance run to help them tune out the world around them and focus on the task ahead of them. Of course, customers use them for a plethora of other activities as well, including travel and commutes. They have a reasonably decent value but might not have the best durability. The longevity of them is pretty hit or miss and it may be a gamble for you. If you want reliable and high quality, there are better options, but if you want decent and comfortable with an affordable price tag, then these ones have you covered.