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Welcome to WalkJogRun

WalkJogRun Running Routes

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About WalkJogRun

Simply put, it's a free and easy way to create running routes or find one from our member running routes.

  • Calculate Distance
  • Calculate Pace
  • Track Calories Burned Running
  • Explore new Running Routes
  • Log your Runs in our free training diary

How does WalkJogRun work?

Click create route in the top right of the map, then click on the map to set a starting point and then keep clicking from point to point to draw a route. Drag any of the route markers to reposition them. Each turn and the distance is listed in the left column and your pace, total distance and projected calories are shown along the bottom of the map.

Create an account to see all your runs in one place and sign up for our mailing list chock full of goodies.

Building a running community

You can save your maps by clicking on any of your markers and hit "Save Your Route" to add it to the database. Next time you or anyone else looking in your neighborhood is looking for a route, they will see your pin.