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Are you a college student looking for the perfect hoodie to get you through the rough mornings? Are you a runner who needs a comfortable, lightweight hoodie that allows freedom of movement? Do you hit the gym after work and always wish that you had a hoodie suitable for workouts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Icyzone Workout Hoodie may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. This hoodie is made with a relaxed fit, allowing a better range of motion and increased comfort. It is also lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking; all of which help to keep you dry and cool.

This hoodie is made with a simplistic design and isn’t offered in flashy colors. This makes it even more versatile and is easy to pair with any outfit you choose. Pair it with shorts, capris, jeans, or leggings. Layer it on top of your tank top, t-shirt, or long-sleeve shirt.

The Icyzone Workout Hoodie comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. It is offered in black, dark grey, navy, and peach. It has a hood, thumb holes, and a kangaroo pocket. It comes at a very competitive price and, depending on what retailer you purchase it from, has a fair return policy.

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The brand Icyzone offers activewear that focuses on designing clothing for running, gym workouts, and yoga. Icyzone is based in Australia, its design team is in Melbourne. It is their passion to revolutionize the activewear industry.

With more and more people deciding to take control of their health and live a more active lifestyle, there is a need for constant innovation to keep up with the competitive market and consumer demands. Icyzone pays attention to what the customers want and work every day to achieve those goals.

Icyzone products don’t have to be worn solely for workout out, either. Because working out has become so popular, so has wearing gym clothes in casual situations. Therefore, Icyzone products are versatile. For example, you can wear this hoodie to class, on your way to work or to lounge around at home.


Ninety percent of the construction of this workout hoodie is polyester. Polyester is a durable manmade fiber that can handle more wear and tear and washes than some of its competitors. It is less vulnerable to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling.

Polyester isn’t an especially absorbent material, making it harder to stain. It is breathable and can provide moisture management by wicking away moisture from your skin. Because it doesn’t hold onto moisture, it will dry quickly, leaving you drier and cooler (or warmer in chilly weather).

Polyester may be durable and breathable, but it is susceptible to runs and pulls in the material. Also, when it is wet, it has the tendency to stick to skin. It is heat-sensitive, making it easier to scorch or melt. Be very careful if you’re going to print a graphic onto this material, have the dryer on low heat, and don’t iron it.

Polyester isn’t as soft as some of its competitor fabrics. People who have sensitive skin may not take too kindly to the feeling of this material, while others find it to be the perfect amount of softness. If you do have sensitive skin, you may find some relief in wearing a cotton bra. You can find one here.

Ten percent of the construction of this hoodie is made of spandex. Spandex is a very handy material, especially when blended with other materials. Combining the benefits of polyester and spandex leave you with comfort, breathability, durability, and flexibility.

Spandex offers extra durability because, while it can be stretched up to six hundred times its’ original size, it will bounce right back to its original form. This is great for those who plan to be more active. The more you move, the more your clothes move. And it’s frustrating when your clothes stop fitting because they get stretched out and stay that way.


Many workout clothes on the market are simple tank tops, tee shirts, and long-sleeve shirts. The Icyzone Workout Hoodie stepped up to the plate and changed the game. Workout in style, comfort, and convenience.

This hoodie features long sleeves and a lightweight design to keep you comfortable and maintain regulated body temperature. It also has a hood so that you can protect your neck from the sun when you’re running or hiking, cover your head up to nap in study hall, or simply provide more comfort and/or a sense of security.

There are thumb holes in each sleeve so that you can ensure your sleeves stay where they’re supposed to be. This comes in handy when you’re wearing gloves or need to keep your forearms protected. There is a convenient kangaroo pocket to hold your wallet, keys, phone, or inhaler.


It’s important to wear clothing that has some stretch to it, especially when you’re going to be active. It’s about more than comfort, although we all love the comfort that a good pair of stretch jeans can bring to the table. Stretch has more of a purpose in workout gear though.

Whether you’re walking, running, climbing, jumping, hiking, or biking, you need to be able to move freely. Your clothing needs to be able to move with you instead of against you. It’s no fun to fumble with sleeves or workaround clothing that’s too tight. You need clothing that isn’t baggy but still allows you to move without restriction.

Because this hoodie is made with polyester blended with spandex, it does have more stretch to it. It is also designed in a relaxed fit to give you more room to breathe and move. If you’re interested in seeing another stretchy workout hoodie, try this one.


As mentioned above, the Icyzone Workout Hoodie is designed with a relaxed fit. This doesn’t just serve as a means to give you more freedom of movement. Having a more relaxed fit provides you with more comfort and more room.

Because it is roomy, you can easily layer other clothing underneath. If it’s going to be fifty-five degrees at the beginning of your day and seventy-five degrees at the end of your day, this hoodie makes it easy to accommodate. Simply wear a t-shirt and/or tank top under the hoodie and take layers off as needed. When it cools down again in the evening, throw the layers back on. Because the hoodie fits loosely, you’ll still have plenty of room to move.

Moisture Management

Moisture management is an important feature in any piece of clothing, for any occasion, in any season. It’s not only summertime that gets you sweating. You can sweat when you’re walking to the mailbox, sitting at work, going for a hike, or working out at the gym. It only makes sense that your clothes should be able to manage that moisture accordingly.

This hoodie can effectively help to manage the moisture from your sweat as well as your body temperature. By managing the moisture inside of your clothes, your body temperature will be much easier to regulate. The polyester fabric in this hoodie offers great breathability, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying properties. If you need waterproof protection for outdoor activities, try this jacket.


It’s important to study the size chart of any product you’re purchasing without being able to try it on first. Every brand and product is sized differently. If you wear a large in one hoodie, you may need a small in another.

The Icyzone Workout Hoodie is available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. Size small is equivalent to a US size 4 - 6. The length, from shoulder to waist, is 25 ¼ inches long. The bust circumference is 38 ½ inches. The sleeve length is 28 ¾ inches. The hem (waist) circumference is 34 ½ inches.

Size medium is equivalent to a US size 6 - 8. The length, from shoulder to waist, is 25 ½ inches. The bust circumference is 40 ½ inches. The length of the sleeves is 28 ¾ inches. The hem circumference is 36 ½ inches.

Size large is equivalent to a US size 8 - 10. The body length is 26 inches. The bust circumference is 42 ½ inches. The length of the sleeves is 29 inches. And the hem circumference is 38 ½ inches.

Size extra-large is equivalent to a US size 10 - 12. The body length is 26 ¼ inches. The bust circumference is 44 ½ inches. The length of the sleeves is 29 inches. The hem circumference is 40 ½ inches.

These measurements are taken by hand when being constructed. Icyzone claims a tolerance of 1 - 3 centimeters. They appreciate your understanding.


To some, a variety of colors isn’t very important, especially when it comes to activewear. For those who prefer neutral colors, this hoodie has you covered. It is available in black, dark grey, navy, and peach. This makes it easy to pair the hoodie with any outfit.

For those who need a larger variety of colors, you’re in luck. There are many other long-sleeve activewear options that can offer up more than your typical neutral tones. For a running tee with more color schemes, check here.


The great thing about activewear is that it has become a fashion trend to wear it both in and out of the gym. This workout hoodie can be perfect for the gym, yoga, running, hiking, going to casual occasions, or even lounging around your house. Who doesn’t love saving money by using one piece of clothing for so many occasions?

Whether you’re in the gym, on the trails, or sitting at home, it’s convenient to have one article of clothing to wear anywhere you’d like. Don’t stop with the hoodie. Invest in a versatile tee-shirt, sports bra, shoes, and even pants. If you’d like to invest in a pair of versatile sweatpants, check here.


Depending on what retailer you purchase the Icyzone Workout Hoodie from, you will have a limited time to return the product for a refund. When purchased on Amazon, select sizes and colors will come with free returns. Simply select your preference in size and color and you will see if your selection is included in the free returns.

If your product does, in fact, qualify for a free return, you will need to check the deadline for a return. Make sure that your product has not been used or washed. To begin the return process, navigate to your orders, select the product, and choose “return or replace items”. In this box, you will see your deadline date.

You will be prompted to print a shipping label (at no cost to you). Simply print the label and send the item to the address on the label.

If you purchase this hoodie directly from Icyzone, their return policy lasts for thirty days. Once the thirty days have passed, you are no longer eligible for an exchange or a refund. If you’re still within the thirty-day post-purchase period, you must send the product back in unused and unwashed condition, along with the original packaging.

Once they receive your purchase, they will inspect it. They will then send an email to let you know that they received your return and they will let you know whether or not they approved the refund. If approved, you will receive a credit to your original form of payment.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a comfortable, functional, lightweight hoodie to wear anytime, anywhere, for any reason, look no farther. This hoodie is made from polyester and spandex, allowing it to be efficient at wicking moisture, drying quickly, regulating body temperature, and providing an increased range of motion.

Although there aren’t reviews submitted for this hoodie thus far, and it has a small color selection, it does come at a great price. The Icyzone Workout Hoodie even comes with a limited time refund policy, depending on the retailer, making it worth trying.