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Do you like being active but hate carrying your phone in your pocket? If so then the i2 Gear Armband might be an excellent choice for you. This will allow you to bring your phone with you, on your arm, for convenience. Not only will it fit your phone, but there’s room for a key, some cash, and an ID, so you bring your essentials without the extra baggage.

It’s is compatible with most cell phones, anything with a screen of up to 6-inches. It can also easily fit consumers with an arms size of up to 15-inches, although there are band extenders available. Consumers have stated that the armband is super comfortable, giving you a pleasant experience while you’re working out.

Don’t let the price tag fool you. It is not a cheap product. The high-quality materials make it durable. This band will be part of your running gear for quite a while before you need to replace it.

If you want to get out and move but hate throwing your phone in your pocket or bag, the i2 Gear Armband is perfect for you. Keep your device at arms reach with ease.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price tag


Comfortable and lightweight

Hold most phones

Storage pockets


Only fits 15" arms

Not machine washable


The i2 Gear Armband has the basic layout that you would expect from a product like this. It wraps around your upper arm, allowing you to carry your phone with you wherever you go. It's ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle, as it will enable you to bring your phone with you on your workouts with ease.

There is a clear pouch in the front that will hold your phone, allowing you to still be able to see and use your device while in the pouch. You will even have the ability to text, call, and access your music without the hassle of taking your device out of the armband.

The i2 Gear Armband has a protective design, made to help keep your phone safe from damage while you're out and about. The sports band is wide enough to ensure you get a secure and durable fit around your arm. There is a reflective strip around the phone pouch, helping keep you visible when running in low light conditions. It also has a 2-inch hook and loop closure on the band so you can be sure that it is going to stay put. You don't want it coming undone while you're wearing it.

The great thing is that the i2 Gear Armband will allow you to carry more than just your phone. When heading out of the house, you will still need to bring along a key, whether for your car or your home, as well as an ID and maybe some money or a card. You'll have the ability to bring these essentials with you as well with ease. The band has a little pouch that's perfect for a key (some customers can fit two). There should enough room in the phone pouch so you can stash your cash and ID in there as well.

There are open slots in the design to allow room for your headphones and charger, allowing you to have access to your phone even when it's inside the pouch.

There are a couple of colors that you will be able to choose from when ordering the band. You can pick between black, blue, purple, or black with a pink reflector. Whether you want a basic color that will go with anything or you want something fun for a pop of color, this band will be a perfect choice.


i2 Gear Armband uses high-quality materials when making this armband. The lycra and neoprene fabric is a common material for this type of product. This is because it works. It will give you a stretchy and soft feeling, preventing uncomfortable rubbing and chafing on your skin.

The mixture of materials that make up the armband is designed with athletes in mind. It can stand up to a decent amount of abuse. The materials aren't going to rip or tear easily at all, making them an excellent choice for this armband.


Most customers can agree that the i2 Gear Armband is super comfortable. The soft materials make for a pleasant feeling along your skin while you're wearing it. It's not going to rub or chafe, irritating the skin. The elastic materials will also help give you the optimal fit so you won't have to experience the band digging into your skin at all.

It will stay in place without a problem. You won't have to deal with the hassle of having to pull the band up your arm throughout your workout. That can become a pain after a while, so it's nice that it's a non-issue with this product.

It does have a lightweight design. When wearing the band alone, it feels almost weightless. The weight comes when you add your cell phone to the mix. Even with the phone attached, it isn't too burdensome. If you have a bigger phone, you'll expect it to be bulky, but for the most part, consumers are ok with the overall size and bulk of the product.


The i2 Gear armband will be able to accommodate many consumers so almost anyone will be able to wear it. The strap itself measures at 15 inches so it will be able to fit people with arms smaller than that with ease. i2 Gear does sell, separately, a strap extender. If you have more massive arms that 15 inches you can always opt for one of these so you can wear it comfortably.

Thanks to the lycra in the band you will get a bit of a stretch to it. You'll be able to get a snug and secure fit that will stay in place. Make sure that you are tightening the band enough that it will stay put on your arm without it being too tight. If it is digging into your arm, then you should loosen it a bit as it shouldn't be that tight.


If you're an athlete, then the i2 Gear Armband might be an ideal product for you. It's going to let you head out for your workouts while still being able to carry your phone around with you, even if you don't have pockets.

Customers use this band for running, gym workouts, yoga, biking, hiking, or any other physical activity. It's sweat resistant, so it's going to give your phone a little protection from the moisture of your body. You can go hard without risking the condition of your device.

The band will stay securely on your arm, keeping your belongings safe and sound, no matter how hard you are going. The thick band and 2-inch hook and loop closure will make sure that it won't break or come loose while you're on the go.

Of course, it isn't only for those who like to get out and go. Some consumers prefer to use it when they are cleaning their houses or doing yard work. It lets you take your phone, and therefore your music, along with you wherever you go — no need to shove your phone in your pockets when you can carry it right on your arm.


Users of this armband will get the basic features that you would expect from a running band. There is a compartment for you to store your phone. It wraps around your arm with a thick hook and loop closure, giving you a secure fit.

This band will also allow you to take a little extra. As mentioned above, you can bring along a key or two thanks to the key pocket next to the phone pouch. There is also enough room in the phone compartment that you can easily stash your ID, credit cards, or some cash if you need to. This will allow you to take your essentials with you while you're out and about.

The transparent screen protector will allow you to have access to your phone still while it's in the pocket. You don't have to dig it out in order to send a message or control your music. You can always use your phone while getting the protection you need from your armband.

The i2 Gear Armband features a space for you to run your headphones out in three different spots. Whether your jack is on the side or in the center, you will be able to run your cord out of the pouch. This is ideal for those who are using wired headphones, allowing you to run the cable out of the pouch so you can still use them with this band.


When purchasing an armband, you want to make sure that you are getting something that will hold up. You don't want it to fall apart shortly after you get it. Not only does that hurt your wallet, but in this case, it can damage your phone. If you're going for a run and your armband falls apart, you run the risk of your device falling and shattering. Thankfully, that is not something that you will have to worry about with the i2 Gear Armband.

The high-quality materials are not going to rip and tear easily, ensuring that you will be able to keep the band intact for a while. It's stretchy, but sturdy and will not lose that stretch over time as some other products might.

The thick hook and loop closure is secure, so you don't have to worry about it coming undone. It's a secure fastener and will not lose it's stickiness for some time, making sure that it won't fall apart while you're in the middle of a workout.


To get the most out of the longevity of the i2 Gear armband, you want to make sure that it's being taken care of properly. You will wear it when you're working out and sweating a lot. After some time, it can start to develop an odor, and nobody wants that.

You can wash the armband by hand, with mild soap, without a problem. You will also want to hang it up to dry. You shouldn't throw it in the washer, as this will speed up the wear and tear process.


Don't let the cheap price tag on the i2 Gear Armband is a great product. It has a very affordable price tag, but that doesn't mean that it can't stand up to the abuse it will endure. It's tough so that it can handle your workouts just fine.

It is budget-friendly and highly durable. It has some great features that you can take advantage of while you're on the go. It is a great value and an excellent investment.


It is essential to make sure that you are getting an armband that will fit your device. If your phone doesn't fit in the band, then it's useless to you. The good news about the i2 Gear Armband is that it is very versatile. It can comfortably accommodate a plethora of phones.

The band can carry a phone with a display up to 6-inches, allowing you to carry around most phones without a problem. The pocket is compatible with phones up to 5.92 x 3.1 x .34 inches.

There are holes in the pocket on the left, right, and center so you can use your sync cable and your headphones with ease. Regardless of your device, you should be able to use your headphones without the band getting in the way.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a way to bring your phone along with you on your workouts, you might want to consider the use of an armband. With products like the i2 Gear Armband, you will eliminate the need to throw your phone in your pocket while you're out and about. This will give you a way to keep it within arms reach.

The transparent protective screen protector will still let you use your phone, unrestricted. You can do everything you would on your phone, all without taking it out of the pouch. Answer your texts, make phone calls, control your music, and more while still having the convenience of this armband.

It is super comfortable, fitting arms up to 15-inches. If you need something a little bigger, they do sell extenders. The durable and stretchy materials that make up the construction are super comfortable. You won't have to worry about it sliding down your arm mid-workout. It will stay where it needs to the whole time you're active.

The price is right, and the product is excellent. Customers love the i2 Gear Armband for their workout needs.