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Choosing the right hydration reservoir can be tough when you’re unsure which one will best meet your needs. The Hydrapak Shape Shift is a solid hassle-free choice that will satisfy your thirst and more! It’s made with a 91cm Hydraflex tube for effortless sips and a plug-n-play push-button valve so you won’t have to disconnect the tube when it’s not in use. Whether you’re hiking, backpacking, or even cycling this is a great choice. 

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy To Clean
  • Slide Closure
  • Reversible
  • 91cm Hydraflex Tube
  • Mouthpiece Leaks With Wear

Easy Care

If you’re all about no-fuss care then you’ll love this reservoir! You can quite literally turn this one inside out which means that you’ll have no trouble cleaning all those normally hard to reach spots. This also helps it to dry so much faster and prevents the growth of nasty germs and bacteria.

Bacteria thrive in moist environments which is why it’s so important to regularly clean and sanitize your hydration bladder. But, doing so is normally such a pain that it makes you want to skip the scrub down every now and then. This is why I can’t get enough of the Hydrapak Reversible Reservoir because it’s such an easy item to care for! It really makes a big difference in how frequently I’m able to sanitize my equipment.

Slide Closure

Hydration equipment can be tough to close sometimes, especially if it’s designed with a difficult mechanism. The Hydrapak Shape-Shift was made with a handy slider closure that makes the filling, emptying, and storing a hassle-free task. This innovative top design guarantees a secure no-spill piece of equipment that will carry you through whatever activity you should choose to engage.

Other forms of fasteners can be downright annoying and can often come undone while you’re on the move. If that happens you could end up spilling your precious liquid all over yourself and have to finish off your day without anything to drink. This is why the sliding top is really a great choice because it’s easy-to-use and securely sealed for worry-free usability.


The tube is one of the more important parts of any hydration reservoir because it’s where the liquid flows from the bag to your mouth. Without a good tube, you’ll find that the flow of liquid is anything but satisfying and it can end up frustrating you because of clogs, spills, and limited flow.

This item has a 91cm Hydraflex tube that was made to offer a smooth and bountiful drink without any restriction in flow or nerve-wracking clogs. One of the coolest features with this tube is its plug-n-play push button valve. This neat little valve lets you leave the tube in the bag even after you’ve removed the reservoir itself.


The type of valve used can make the world of difference with this type of equipment and luckily the Hydrapak Shape-Shift was made well. It offers an innovative Blaster bite valve that twists on or off and helps to eliminate accidental leaks or drips when it’s not in use.

A bite valve is an easy kind to operate because you can use it hands-free. This is ideal when you’re hiking or cycling because you don’t want to have to stop every time you’re thirsty. Having an easy hydration system has actually been proven to promote better hydration because it doesn’t interrupt your flow while you’re on the move. Most people don’t want to have to stop what they’re doing just to take a drink and will actually go thirsty over having to be inconvenienced which is this design is ideal.

Proper hydration is a must especially while you’re engaged in any sort of physical activity because you could end up feeling unwell if your body starts to feel the effects of dehydration.

BPA & PVC Free

This reservoir is made from a tough and long-lasting thermoplastic polyurethane material that offers a more flexible structure. It’s BPA and PVC-free which means that you get nothing other than pure hydration when you store your liquids in this bladder.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is added to tons of commercial products like food containers and even our hygiene products. It’s most commonly found in plastics used to make nearly everything from baby bottles to footwear. Nowadays, there are many experts who claim that BPA has harmful effects when we’re exposed to it including infertility in both men and women.

Polyvinyl plastic (PVC) is found in all sorts of plastic products. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly used thermoplastics polymers in the whole world. Despite being so widely used it’s also known to emit toxic fumes when exposed to heat and some experts claim that it is unsafe for any kind of prolonged exposure.


The nice thing about this reservoir is that it can be used for all sorts of outdoor activities. It comes in both 2 and 3L capacities which really makes it that much more versatile. Whether you’re planning on day hiking, backpack, running, or even cycling this is the perfect choice of reservoir's to meet all of your hydration needs.

The choice of sizes means that you won’t have to lug around too much liquid for shorter trips, while at the same time ensures that you won’t run dry for longer outings. The 3L is big enough to wear while you’re camping, hiking, or any other activity that requires hours of commitment.

There’s nothing worse than running out of your liquid halfway through your journey which is why it’s so great to have the option of picking a larger reservoir. There are tons of bladders that comes in only one size which is usually too small for those extended outings.

Enhanced Flow

Flow is one of the biggest areas of concern when it comes to hydration bladders because no one wants to struggle just to get a drink! The Hydrapak Shape Shit was designed with powerful features that ensure you get 20% more flow with every sip you take. This is a great feature that makes it so much easier to stay hydrated while you’re on the go! When the flow of liquid is too restrictive it can actually discourage you from drinking because it's uncomfortable trying to forcefully suck your water out of the tube. But, with this one's enhanced flow, you'll find that you actually enjoy keeping well hydrated.

Low Profile

This hydration pack has a removable baffle that helps it to keep a low profile while it's filled which means it will sit flatter in your pack. This allows for better stabilization even during high-impact activities so it won't bounce around on your back. That's important when you're engaged in physical activity because the shifting load on your back could throw you off balance and even put you at a greater risk of injury. This option sits nice and flush against your back and is barely noticeable even while you're on the move. Essentially this design is like a Ziploc bag, sliding together to smooth lock and pulling or sliding apart for an effortless unlock.


This options' dual FlexGrips make the reservoir super easy to carry, as well as to access when it's in your pack. These FlexGrips give you a better surface that you can easily grip while you're filling or pouring. This is an excellent feature because some of these reservoirs are difficult to get a good grip on which means it's that much easier for them to slip out of your hand when you're filling or loading your pack.


Hydrapak is a brand that claims to offer “Technically advanced products that allow you to push further.” This line spends thousands of hours ensuring that its products are made of the highest quality materials and are designed with the best possible features geared towards outdoor athletic activities. Hydrapak has partnered with some of the most well-known brands in the industry like Salomon and Osprey. ⎯ If you haven’t heard of these two brands then check out my review of the Salomon Trailblazer and Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir!

Hydrapak is all about performance-driven creations and its products really do stand out from the rest. Innovative technologies are at the heart of its designs and you’ll find that its products outperform most others in the same category.

Bottom Line

The Hydrapak Shape-Shift turned out to be an impressive choice of hydration reservoir that is geared towards all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether your sport of choice is hiking, backpacking, cycling, or even just for when you’re out camping for the weekend, this hydration pack will quench your thirst in a hurry.

It’s super easy to keep clean thanks to its reversible design that lets you reach all of the hard spots with ease. A sliding closure makes for effortless filling and emptying and ensures no-spill operation.

One of the best features with this bladder is its 91cm Hydraflex tube. This innovative aspect provides 20% more flow so you can get a fully satisfying draw every time you sip. This will help to encourage better hydration and takes barely any effort to get the kind of drink you’re looking for. It also comes with a plug-n-play push-button valve that lets you leave the tube right in your pack even when it’s not in use.

The BPA and PVC free materials used to make this reservoir make it a healthier choice that gives you nothing but pure and simply liquid. A low-profile baffle ensures that the bladder will stay nice and flat against your back. This is a great feature because no wants a load that sticks out and shifts with every step.