Learn How To Soothe Your Sore Feet at Home

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We’ve uncovered the facts and figures associated with foot pain, and the main suspects involved. Today we’re going to talk about how to go about remedying the problem right at home! Of course, some cases must be addressed by a medical professional. However, there are some things I’d like to go over with you all. Some cases can be cured by simple lifestyle changes or a few minutes of foot-focused exercise. There are other ways to go about it, too, such as toe separators, massages, and more! We’ll talk about just that today and get down to the nitty-gritty on solving your foot pain problems at home.

General Causes

If you’re super curious about a more in-depth look at the causes, check out this article I wrote on it. However, I think it’s important to also take a brief look at it in this article since the causes are a huge part of solving problems with pain. If you don’t know what’s going on, you have little chance to fix it. 

Some of the aforementioned issues include:foot-pain-blog1

  • Obesity
  • Being on your feet for extended periods
  • Incorrect shoe sizing
  • Tightness in your muscles, including your calves
  • Incorrect stretching before exercise
  • Flat feet
  • Bunions
  • … and more!

There’s a seemingly endless list of causes, and it can be complicated putting your finger on the main cause. However, most people have a pretty solid idea of where, exactly, most of their problems are originating from. We’ll talk about all sorts of specific problems in later blogs, so watch for those!


Soothing Sore Feet

Luckily, there are so many different ways to tackle the problem right at home. You’re almost sure to find a way that works for you! Trying even a couple of these solutions can lead to much happier feet, and, as a result, a much happier you! So, let’s get down to business. Brace yourselves for a flurry of fantastic foot pain remedies!

  • Lifestyle changes: There is a strong correlation between obesity and foot pain. This is due to the stress put on joints, and especially on your knees and calves. Tight calves can lead to pesky Plantar Fasciitis! Losing weight can benefit your health in quite a few ways, so it’s a great first step. However, it isn’t just about losing weight at all.
    Athletes need to pay attention to their feet, too. Stretching properly, and using after-workout equipment, can really make a huge difference. Foot rollers, which we went over above, can provide some release for your muscles, and work out any kinks you may have. If you haven’t been flexing your feet properly – before and after a workout – then it’s time to start.
  • Massage therapy: If you can spare the cash, some massage therapy may be in order. Those who have high-tier insurance plans may actually be able to get away with just a co-pay… but this is often not the case, unfortunately. I’ll tell yah right now, though- massages are absolutely the way to go. Make sure you’re going to somebody reputable who actually has a degree! There are plenty of people practicing who aren’t really qualified to be doing the things you need for easing foot pain. Foot spas can also give you some nice results if you want to stay at home.
  • Podiatrist visit: Last, but certainly not least, a podiatrist visit may be in order. You can get a referral through your PCP for one in your area. Although you can also see your PCP, most people do report better results by seeing a specialist on the matter. After all, when you work with feet day in and day out you’re pretty good at treating foot-related problems… and also, y’know, there’s those years of medical school. Podiatrists can both diagnose your pain and also whip up a treatment plan so that you can get better results than some home therapies can offer.foot-pain-blog6
  • Toe Separators: The dancer’s delight! If you’re a fan of ballet then you know exactly what these are. Yogis are all over them, too. Toe separators help correct the alignment in your feet which can help you with bunions and a slew of other problems. If you wear heels these are essential to correct the damage you’re doing to your feet. But hey, no judgment on that end. I’m a huge fan of heels myself. You just have to learn how to take care of your feet if you’re going to rock stilettos on the daily!
  • Foot rollers: Oooh-la-la! It’s a spa in a small package, honestly. Foot rollers will make you groan out loud while you’re using them (which can get awkward with thin walls… Totally not speaking from personal experience). They’re pretty cheap, too, and normally reliable. Even if they don’t completely get rid of your pain, you should still invest in one. They’re just that good. Trust me.
  • Night braces: Have you invested in a night brace yet? They are crucial to healthy feet and can help solve quite a few issues related to your health. Night braces are the go-to treatment for non-surgical intervention in many, many cases. Your doctor will probably recommend them at some point, so you might as well jump the gun! We have a great list on the best ones out there, so go ahead and check that out. And, as always, it only has the best of the best on it… so you know you’re getting an excellent product with some bang for your buck.
  • Insoles: This is a pretty common one that most people know about. If you’re on your feet all day then insoles are an absolute must. They provide a soft, cushioned resting place for your feet which will soothe you all day long. Insoles also offer excellent arch support, and there is a wide range to choose from. Many of them are fairly specific to different activities, but whatever works for you is your best bet. I suggest trying a couple out and seeing whether they help or not. A Gel-infused insole is always nice, and so are the ones made with memory foam. They definitely won’t solve the whole problem, but they are certainly going to help. If you’re a runner, try insoles specific to runners.


There you have it! You now have a toolbox full of options for foot pain relief. If none of these work, again, I implore you to seek out professional help and a solid diagnosis. Your feet are nothing to fu- uh, screw with. You know what I’m talking about. I don’t really need to expand on that thought (although, in true form, I probably will). Feet are literally your main mode of transportation. Compromising them means compromising the health of the rest of your body, as well as your mobility. No bueno! Big no-no. Alright, I’m done.


That’s all we’ve got today! Make sure to stay tuned for the best up-to-date info you need. We have many exciting articles on the horizon!