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No matter what outdoor activity you crave, the Gregory 3D Hydro reservoir will satisfy your needs! It offers an innovative soft-molded 3D design and Speedclip mounting system for hassle-free wearability. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, or backpacking, this pack will keep you feeling hydrated every step of the way.

The 3D Hydro promises leak-free use and is a safer choice thanks to its BPA and PVC free materials. It comes in two sizes to suit various demands so you won’t have to feel unnecessarily weighed down.  This hydration pack delivers a solid performance and comes highly rated among its users.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • BPA & PVC Free
  • Soft-Molded 3D Design
  • DryLock Bite Valve
  • 2 & 3 L Capacities
  • Quick-Drying
  • Unclear BPS Content


When it comes to this product the name really says it all! It offers an innovative soft molded 3D design that is ideal for reducing drying times. It can be a pain trying to dry out your water bladder which is why this one is such a relief! The 3D shaped reservoir dries like a bottle which helps to lessen bacteria growth for a healthier result. Bacteria thrive in moist environments which is why it’s important that your gear dry sooner rather than later. Every moment that it’s damp is a time when bacteria could potentially be multiplied inside. This can have negative results and can even make you feel unwell if you drink the contaminated liquid.


This reservoir is made from polyethylene film that is BPA and PVC free. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a compound often used in plastics which studies have proven to be harmful to the brain and reproductive system because of its estrogen content. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also known as vinyl, is found in all sorts of products ranging from building supplies to food packaging. While it may be commonplace, it’s also proven to be one of the most toxic plastics. Vinyl chloride, the active chemical in PVC is a known carcinogen which is why it is not advisable to consume liquid stored in a container made from it.

PVC has a high level of chlorine which actually makes a toxic pollutant called dioxins. It’s also very bad for the environment which is all the more reason that products containing this material should be avoided.

Not only is the 3D Hydro reservoir made using quality materials that are safer for you and the world around you, but it delivers an optimal performance too! It has a rubberized fill port that helps to prevent any leakage from happening so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t end up losing liquid on your travels.

Bite Valve

One of the key elements of any reservoir is its mouthpiece! This is the part that controls the flow, as well as prevents leaking when it’s not in use. This one comes with a high-performance DryLock magnetic bite valve that puts you in total control. You’re able to fully lock off the valve for worry-free travels so you won’t have to stress over any accidental dripping that could occur. Its push-button design lets you disconnect your tube when it's not in use and fully seals to contain your liquid.


It’s true that one size really doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to hydration needs. Luckily, the 3D Hydro comes in two sizes so you can choose whichever suits your style. If you’re planning on longer outings, try opting for the larger 3 L size that will last you as long as you need without running short. Whereas, if you’re headed out for a shorter time you might want to lessen your load and opt for the smaller 2 L option. This makes it more enjoyable to use because it's sized more appropriately and won’t end up weighing you down unnecessarily.


No more slow mounting when you’re using this pack because it offers a SpeedClip mounting system. This innovative design feature can be used one-handed thanks to its lock-and-go link between the Crescent Handle and Speedclip systems. It mounts easily inside of the hydration sleeve so you can get out and go that much quicker.


Unlike traditional reservoirs, this one offers a soft-molded 3D shape that acts more like a bottle than a bladder. This makes it longer-lasting and much more durable than other designs. Most reservoirs have weak seams because of their bag-like style but this one is structured more like a water bottle than a bag so you don’t have those issues around the seams. Instead, you’re left with a tough product that will be able to withstand daily use with ease. This will help to save you money in the long run because you won’t have to replace your hydration pack as often.


This a reasonably priced option that packs a ton of great features all for an affordable price! It’s made to last longer thanks to its soft molded 3D structure that is similar to a water bottle instead of a bag. Its effortless SpeedClip hydration hanger offers a crescent-shaped handle which allows for one-handed lock-and-go use. A magnetic DryLock bite valve is perfect for leak-free use and ensures that you won’t have any unwanted dripping while you hike backpack or cycle.

You’re able to choose from one of two reservoir sizes, 2 or 3 L, which is great for accommodating different activity levels. All of these benefits can be yours for an affordable price that won’t break your bank.


This option was made with a full-length baffle that allows for maximized stability because it ensures your liquid stays flat against your back. Positioning is crucial because if your pack doesn’t sit properly it will cause all sorts of sloshing about and can throw your balance off while you train. This could be dangerous, especially if you’re hiking or maneuvering on difficult terrain where you need stable footing.

The baffle is what helps to control the shape and positioning of your pack. It affects how easy the equipment slides in and out of your backpack and helps to evenly disperse the weight for a more comfortable experience.


While we know this option is made using BPA free materials there is no mention of it being BPS free. With so much hype surrounding the use of BPA, many retailers choose to you another material, bisphenol S (BPS) in its stead. But, research has now shown that this compound could potentially be just as harmful which is why it’s so important to use products that are free from both BPA and BPS entirely. While we can only hope that this option doesn't contain any trace amounts of BPS there is no mention in the manufacturer's information that specifies whether it does or does not.

When you’re shopping for this type of gear that is made primarily of plastic and vinyl materials, it’s very important to inspect the label and ensure that it is completely free from harmful chemicals. A great option that is guaranteed to be BPA, BPS, and taste-free is the Platypus Big Zip Evo reservoir.

With that being said, this option does claim to offer taste-free liquid housing and delivers nicely on its promise. The overall taste is fresh and pure rather than tasting like chemicals or plastic as with some of these types of products.


Gregory Mountain Products is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It strives to produce quality packs that are both reliable and comforting to wear. One of the main aspects that this brand focuses on is the way their packs fit and feel and they’re notorious for their customized chassis technologies. This results in a type of product that feels tailor-made to suit your body type and really delivers nicely on their whole concept.

Gregory utilizes innovative technologies and hand-crafted prototypes that help to streamline their operations. Their products are very reliable and will carry you wherever you might choose to roam.

Bottom Line

The 3D Hydro hydration pack from Gregory is a solid choice for hiking, backpacking, and even cycling. It offers innovative design features that ensure you’re always comfortable while you wear it and helps to make this a forward-thinking choice. A soft-molded 3D structure sets this one apart from the rest because it’s easier to handle and is liken to a water bottle more so than you’re average bladder type pack. This results in faster drying times and a more hygienic environment because bacteria thrive in moist places.

Complete with a magnetic DryLock bite valve, this pack is guaranteed to be leak-free and is super easy to operate. In fact, you can even handle it one-handed thanks to its convenient crescent-shaped handle and SpeedClip attachment system. This means that you can easily use it while you’re on the move so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing just to have a drink.

If you’re concerned with opening and closing your reservoir you can stop right now! This option was made with rubberized grip for easier handling. The rubber helps to tightly seal the opening so you won’t have to fret over accidental spills while it’s not in use.