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If you love to get outside to workout, whether running, walking, or anything else, you don’t want a little cold weather stopping you. Thanks to the Gore R3 running vest, you don’t have to let it. This garment will allow you to stay warm and comfortable throughout your workout, even if it’s a bit frigid outside. 

The Gore R3 is entirely wind-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about that cold air trickling into the vest and making you cold. That said, it is also extremely breathable. It’s going to stop the wind from entering while still allowing vapor to escape so you can stay dry while preventing overheating. 

Customers love this product. The Gore R3 running vest is packed full of great features that you can take advantage of to make your life easier. It’s wind-resistant, water repellant, and offer phenomenal breathability. There are pockets for storage and reflective detailing for safety.

No matter what you are doing or where you are going, you can appreciate the Gore R3 running vest. It will keep you feeling great!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Zippered pockets

Reflective details

Completely windproof

Maximum breathability

Water repellant

Stellar versatility


Limited color choice

High price tag

Runs a little small


The lightweight and wind-resistant Gore R3 vest is the perfect layer to keep on hand when there is a chill in the air. You can pop it on over your other active apparel for an extra layer of protection and warmth.

For the most part, customers use the Gore R3 for their running vest when the weather turns cold. It is a nice thing to have on hand as it will warm your core and easily slips over your other layers. It gives you a lightweight and comfortable experience, so while you are on the run.

Of course, it's not just runners who can take advantage of the Gore R3. You can take advantage of the vest for any of your outdoor adventures. Whether you are enjoying a brisk walk around the neighborhood or hitting the bike trails, this vest is the perfect companion.

There are a handful of customers who love the Gore R3 for casual wear. It makes a decent go-to vest for the spring and fall months. Are you heading to school or work? Are you running errands? Grab this vest, and you are good to go.


When it comes to your athletic apparel, including your outerwear, you want to make sure that you are staying as comfortable as possible. When you are hitting the trails and pushing yourself to your limits, you don't want your clothing to cause any unnecessary discomfort.

The good news is that the Gore R3 vest provides you with exceptional comfort. The vest has light padding to provide you with the warmth and protection that you need. There is a small flap underneath the zipper which will help keep your zipper from catching on your apparel or rubbing against you, causing pain or discomfort.

The Gore R3 features elastic binding on the edges for added comfort. The armholes and the hem have a little stretch to them to help give you a better fit. It's going to help prevent the vest from riding up and allowing it to stay in place. There is no need to have to keep readjusting your garment because it doesn't want to stay in place.

Most of the comfort you get from the Gore R3 comes from the fact that it can keep you warm and toasty on chilly days. Not only that, but it can prevent you from getting too hot thanks to the fantastic breathability. It offers the perfect balance between warm and cool for optimal comfort. Don't let the cold prevent you from staying comfy and cozy.


The Gore R3 consists entirely of polyester. Most athletic apparel uses polyester, and for a good reason. It's excellent material all around. Polyester is a super-strong synthetic fiber. You are not going to have to worry about accidental rips or tears if you snag it while wearing this vest. It's going to stay intact for quite a while.

Additionally, polyester is hydrophobic, meaning that it hates being wet just about as much as you do. The material itself will naturally help repel water, so you are staying dry, and when it does get wet, it will dry quickly. The Gore R3 is also treated with an outer fabric treatment, DWR, that gives you extra protection from the moisture around you. Whether you're pushing yourself extra hard and sweating up a storm, or you get caught in an actual rainstorm, this vest will do a great job at keeping you warm.

The use of Gore Windstopper fabrics in the construction of the Gore R3 running vest helps give you incredible protection from the elements. The material is wholly wind-resistant while still allowing for a breathable environment. It repels water with ease, but can even allow the moisture from your body to escape and evaporate. It's a great technology and a fantastic fabric for this type of product.


When you are heading out for any activity, you want to make sure that the clothes you choose to wear are breathable enough to keep you comfortable. This goes for your running vest as well. You want to have decent airflow through the materials so you can prevent overheating while you're pushing yourself.

Thankfully, the Gore R3 offers that ventilation that you need to keep you from getting too hot. Thanks to the Gore Windstopper technology integrated into the construction of the vest, you get the perfect balance of warmth and breathability. The garment is entirely wind-resistant, which would lead you to believe that air can't get through. However, that is not the case. There is a thin membrane that blocks the wind from getting through, but it will allow the vapor to escape. This ensures that your sweat can leave the vest, keeping you dry and cool while you're on the run.

The Gore R3 offers a great balance between keeping you warm and preventing overheating. The insulation of the vest will keep you warm when the temperatures drop. However, thanks to the breathability, the jacket will also prevent you from getting too hot and overheating. If you are getting too warm, you can always unzip the vest a little to add more airflow into the garment.


When heading out for a run, you want to make sure you are staying safe and protected. Safety is crucial when it comes to any activity. If you aren't taking the proper precautions, then you run the risk of getting seriously hurt. The Gore R3 can help you with that in a couple of different ways.

First and foremost, the Gore R3 can provide you protection from the weather around you. It will not only keep you warm in the cold, but it will also protect you from overheating as well. Additionally, the vest is wind-resistant, giving you an extra layer of protection between you and the frigid wind. Finally, the garment is water repellant. Whether it's your sweat or the rain, you can be sure that this vest will keep you dry and comfy while you are out and about.

Another form of protection the Gore R3 offers customers is reflective detailing. This is especially vital when heading out in low light conditions. Whether it's sun up, sundown, or just a gloomy and overcast day, this vest will help make sure others can see you at all times. The front and back of the Gore R3 feature the logo in reflective materials so you can be sure passers-by can know where you are. There is no need for unnecessary accidents.

If you do a lot of running in the dim light or after dark, you might want to consider pairing the vest with additional reflective gear, just to be safe. It's nice knowing that the Gore R3 offers some for your safety, but every little bit helps. After all, your safety is important.


The Gore R3 has a simple form that works for most customers. It features a full zip front closure for ease in putting it on and taking it off. The zipper itself has a semi-lock slider so the zipper won't slide down on you while you're out and about. Under the zipper is a small flap of material that aids in keeping it from getting stuck or snagged on your bottom layers. Additionally, the vest features zip tags to make the zipping process just a little bit easier.

One feature that most customers love about the Gore R3 is that it has pockets. The best part is that they zip! It's convenient when to head out the door to have a place to stash your essentials, like your phone, keys, and/or cash. The fact that the pockets zip is just a bonus. You will be able to enjoy your workout, knowing that your belongings are safe in your vest. You can also take advantage of a small internal pocket for extra storage space. Who doesn't love pockets?

The running vest features flat-lock seams that have reflective print. Additionally, you can take advantage of the reflective logo on both the front and back of the garments. The Gore R3 want to help you stay safe and sound while you're out in low-light conditions.

The Gore R3 comes in a couple of different color options so you can try to find one that fits your style. You can choose between black, terra gray, or neon yellow. No, there aren't a lot of options, but most customers are content with these choices.


The Gore R3 offers you an active fit. An active fit means that it should be somewhere between your traditional fit and one that is more slimming. It's a bit more relaxed than the slim but not too much. You want your vest to be snug enough that it won't get in your way while you're out and about. However, you still need enough wiggle room that you can move freely. You also want a little extra room for base layers when the temperature gets colder.

According to customers, the Gore R3 vest is running a little too small. You might want to consider purchasing a larger size than you usually would to make up for this discrepancy. If you are not sure what you need, you can always take a look at the chart, so be sure to get the right size the first time.

The vest is available in sizes small through XX-large.


Consumers can agree that the Gore R3 offers a decent amount of strength. The vest has a fantastic construction that will not suffer from premature wear and tear. The use of polyester fibers ensures that the vest won't develop holes or tears if you snag it on a branch while you're on the go.

Customers love the fact that the vest has a long lifespan. This means that they can purchase it once and not have to worry about replacing it for a while. There are no worries of taking it out of the closet to find the zipper broke or the seams falling apart.


The Gore R3 running vest does have a pretty steep price tag. When compared to other products, it's on the high end of the spectrum. However, most customers don't mind spending the little extra money for a superior product.

The long lifespan is just one of the reasons the Gore R3 costs as much as it does. It is a great product all the way around. The vest is packed full of great technologies and features that you can take advantage of while you're out and about.

It's wind-resistant and repels water. The vest will warm you up in the cold but prevents overheating. To top it off, there are pockets! The vest is full of greatness, making it well worth the extra cost.

Bottom Line

If you want to get out of the house and don't want to let the cold weather stop you, the Gore R3 running vest might be the perfect option for you. Just because the intended use if for running doesn't mean you are limited to only that activity. Customers wear the vest for a plethora of activities, including biking, hiking, or walking around the neighborhood. Whatever you choose to do, the Gore R3 vest will keep you comfortable.

Yes, the vest has a high price tag, but don't let that scare you away. Consumers think that the Gore R3 is well worth the cost thanks to the amazing longevity and all the fantastic features offered. The garment is wind and water-resistant, so you will be sure to stay dry and warm for the duration of your run. Additionally, it provides the perfect amount of breathability to keep you from getting too warm, preventing overheating.

The simple style of the Gore R3 works for most customers, preferring something that doesn't stand out too much in a crowd. The vest has pockets, which is a big deal for a lot of customers. You will be able to stash your essentials without having to grab an extra bag.

Overall, the Gore R3 running vest is a fantastic product that consumers adore. It will give you everything you are looking for in this type of product, and more.