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When it comes to all-season armbands Gonex makes a pretty darn great one! Their innovative design offers two zippered pockets for organized storage and a separate hole for your earphones. This design will keep all of your valuables safe and secure which is a total relief!

Having a sweat-proof armband is a must and this one delivers beautifully! It repels water and sweat for a drier, fresher performance. This is ideal for athletes who like to keep their gear smelling fresh because moist environments are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Water/Sweat-Proof
  • Earphone Hole
  • Zip Pockets
  • Velcro Strap
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Only Available In Black


As you know exercising can get pretty sweaty, which is exactly why having water and sweat-proof gear is so important! This is especially true if you’re carrying you cell-phone or other valuable items in your armband. The last thing that you want is to have your items all covered is perspiration because it will make them hard to handle and could even damage them altogether!

This option is made from water and sweat-resistant nylon material that is lightweight and ultra-comfy to wear. Another issue with sweat soaking into the material is that it will quickly allow odors to build up and your gear will become unpleasantly odorous which can be a real pain. Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments like the inside of a sweaty armband which is why ensuring that it's made from the proper materials is a must in order to keep your gear smelling its freshest.

The full coverage waterproof design is perfect for running in all seasons because you won't have to feel restricted by wet and rainy weather. It can be tough having your gear on you when it's raining because keeping it dry can be a hassle but this option is totally safe for running with all your electronics and other valuables despite what the weather outside might be like.

Full Zippered Pockets

This armband has a fully enclosed pocket for storing your valuables which is a hit or miss depending on your personal preferences. Some people prefer a more open design that is more easily accessible while you're on the move. While others enjoy a full enclosure because it’s easier for running year-round and it helps to keep your gear safe and dry when the weather outside is wet and rainy.

The Gonex Armband comes with a secure pocket that can be zipped fully closed but still allows for easy access and a secure place to store your valuables. It has two separate pockets one for storing your cell phone or MP3 player and the other, which is smaller and perfect for keeping credit or debit cards and even cash.

Earphone Hole

Some of these bands are made so that you have to peek your earphones through the zipper which is actually a design flaw. If you’re trying to keep your things dry when it’s raining the last thing you want is to have to leave your zipper slightly open to fit your cords through. This option comes with a handy earphone hole that lets you pop your running headphones through without having to leave any open space where water could seep through.

The one-way slot has reinforced siding that keeps water and debris out while also keeping your headphone cord nice and stable so it won’t bounce around while you run. It can be totally annoying having a cord that’s flying all over with every step you take so this is a really handy feature that makes the world of difference.

Two Sizes

You won’t have to worry about having trouble finding the perfect fit for whichever model of cell phone you have because Gonex designed this one in two sizes to suit any phone. The small size was made for phones that are between 4” and 4.7” (think iPhone 6 & 7), while the large is for anything 4.7” up to 5.7” (iPhone 7+ and Samsung Galaxy S8).

Having the two sizes makes it really easy to choose the right one for you and takes the guesswork out of making your purchase. The sizing also keeps your phone from bouncing around inside the pocket because it’s more tailored to a specific sized model so there’s less open space for it to move around in.

Adjustable Straps

You’ve probably heard of Velcro before? Well, in case you haven’t, Velcro is a convenient kind of fastening system that is totally adjustable. It lets you tailor the fit perfectly to your size and is super easy to fasten. Velcro works by having one side of the strap with tiny loops and the other covered with very small hooks. They connect effortlessly and hold up fairly well even under strenuous conditions and constant physical activity.

The nice thing about this style of a fastener is that you don’t have to manually tie or buckle anything and you can literally maneuver it while you’re in the middle of a run. Some designs you have to stop completely in order to operate but not this one! The Velcro is easy enough to use one handed and won’t slow you down while you’re on the move.

Sponge Back

This product has a spongey back that makes all the more comforting to wear. If you’ve ever worn one of those bands that have a rigid back you know all too well how uncomfortable that can be! Which is exactly why the Gonex Armbands’ spongey next-to-skin material is such a pleasure to wear!

This gentle fabric feels great and won’t rub or cause any friction-related discomfort. If you have a hard material against your skin for very long it will end up chaffing your arm which can be downright painful, but this one is all about your enjoyments so you won’t run into these issues.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Gonex is so sure that you’ll be impressed with its products that it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. On top of that, it’s backed by a 12-month warranty! This means that if you have any issues you can contact Gonex and they’ll replace the item for no charge. This is a great aspect to have with any purchase because it gives you peace of mind and helps you to feel confident in the item that you’re purchasing.

Limited Colorways

If you’re a fan of black then you won’t mind the fact that this option only comes in the one shade. But, if you’re all about options then you might find the dark-only design a little less than thrilling. One nice thing about the black is that it's a versatile shade that looks good with practically any color of clothing so it makes for effortless dressing. There are some other options on the market that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that many people would prefer for the sheer personalization that it offers.

Minimalist Design

Some people will like the bare minimal appearance that this one offers while others might find it to be a tab on the boring side. There is no variation in color or pattern and the exterior is anything but exciting to look at. Despite these drawbacks, it’s an overall sleek looking band that won’t add a bulky appearance to your demeanor while you run.

Some of this type of gear is very bulky and will literally weigh you down while you’re on the move. That’s the nice thing about this option is that it’s sleek and smooth in appearance despite the fact that it’s a little on the dull side.

Zipper Noise

One thing that some wearers found to be a little annoying was the jingling zipper sound when they ran. Because there are two zippers they tend to bounce around with every step which can get a little annoying. It would have been nice to have seen some padded material over the top of the zips which would dampen the sound and make for much more enjoyable wear. But, if you have your music in then you won’t even notice the sound so it’s not too big of an issue.

Bottom Line

The Gonex Armband is perfect for all-season running! It offers an adjustable Velcro strap that’s super comfortable and easy to adjust, along with zip-up pockets that keep your valuables safe and sound. Its sweat and waterproof materials are perfect for keeping your gear fresh and dry no matter what the weather outside might be like.

One thing I really liked about this product was the built-in earphone hole that lets you pop your headphones through without having the leave the zippers open at all. This is really great for ensuring that your gear will stay completely dry and secure while you run.

No matter what size of phone you have there’s an option that will fit it just fine and the spongey backside feels great against bare skin.

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