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It’s important to protect yourself and your possessions when traveling. Places with the most tourist attractions tend to have a lot of pick-pocketers, too. If you’re not careful with where you put your phone, IDs, and wallet, a pick-pocketer might swipe them. Money belts like the GeoBelt are a super easy and super affordable way to counter that. With their many compartments, they keep your valuables and important possessions tucked out of sight under your clothes. In addition, GeoBelt is RFID-blocking to prevent electronic pick-pocketing as well as physical pick-pocketing. Read on to learn more about GeoBelt and how it can benefit you for your next trip.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Durable ripstop nylon

Lots of compartments

Flexible strap



May appear bulky

Pockets hard to access


Let’s start with the most important feature of this money belt - the compartments. It’s crucial that these are just the right size - not too big to add extra bulk, but not so small that you can’t fit your things in them. They should also have seperated pockets to facilitate organization, but not so many that you get confused as to where your things are.

GeoBelt has it all balanced pretty nicely. It has two zippered pockets, and the bigger one has three smaller pockets inside it along with a keyring. On the back of the belt is a hidden pocket. Though a couple of reviewers said it was too slim, the vast majority agree that the compartments are roomy while not adding bulk.

How to Wear It

Though they look like fanny packs, money belts are worn differently. They are worn under your clothes rather than over them. Tucked out of sight, they protect your possessions from pick-pocketers that would usually target purses and wallets.

With that said, you can also wear them over your clothes. This way, you can access the pockets more easily and it could be more comfortable. Note that this would undermine the discretion of the money belt; by putting it on display, your possessions are not as secure as if it was hidden.


The material of a product determines its durability. With things like money belts, which come in close contact with your body, the material also determines how comfortable it will feel.

GeoBelt is made with 210D ripstop nylon. This material is commonly used for camping or hiking gear and anything else that requires durability. In this material, a grid of thick threads is integrated into the nylon to make it harder to rip or unravel. As a bonus, it also renders it water-resistant.

The downside of ripstop nylon is that it’s easier to wear down along the seams. However, none of the reviewers reported this happening with the GeoBelt. All had good feedback about the material, one saying that even after their trip, the money belt looked brand new.

To ensure comfort, different materials are used in the strap and the backing. For more information on these, read out ‘Strap’ and ‘Comfort’ sections.


The whole point of money belts is to help you keep your valuables and important possessions safe from pick-pocketers. To do this, the most important thing is to be discreet. It doesn’t matter how secure the zippers are or how hidden the pockets are - if the thief doesn’t even notice the money belt, your possessions will stay safe for sure!

Because of this, money belts are worn inside your clothing, unlike fanny packs which are worn outside. GeoBelt claims to be slim enough to be unnoticeable under your clothes, and some reviewers have confirmed this. One reviewer, however, warns that GeoBelt is slightly bulky and would be too noticeable for small, skinny people to wear under clothing. If you are small-framed, just keep in mind that the money belt might be visible.


Unlike fanny packs, money belts are meant to be worn under your clothes. They come right in contact with your skin, so it’s important that they’re comfortable enough not to chafe. Comfort is especially important because, when traveling, you’ll likely be out and wearing the money belt for an entire day at a time.

To prevent chafing, GeoBelt has a soft mesh backing. The padded backing is comfortable against the skin and reduces the likelihood of irritation. In addition, the mesh is breathable and moisture repelling, wicking your sweat away rather than pressing it against you. Reviewers say that GeoBelt is light, soft, and comfortable.


With your passport, wallet, keys, and other valuable possessions stored in it, it goes without saying that security is crucial! Not only does GeoBelt prevent physical pick-pocketing, its RFID blocking material even prevents so-called electronic pick-pocketing.

First off, GeoBelt has durable YKK zippers and a strong strap buckle on the side of the pouch. The buckle position makes it hard for anyone but yourself to reach and release it. In addition, 5 layers of RFID-blocking are integrated into the pouches, preventing scanners from reaching your passport and credit cards. Bonus: it saves you the bulkiness of an RFID sleeve.


The money belt is held in place by an elasticized strap around the waist. This FeatherLastic strap is made to be flexible and comfortable. GeoBelt claims that it fits waists that measure from 28 inches to 82 inches. It’s quite a large range, but thanks to its elasticity and its adjustable buckle, it’s believable. In addition, no reviewers have complained of sizing issues.

The size flexibility is impressive. Compared to other money belts like the VENTURE 4th RFID-blocking money belt, for example, it’s much more inclusive of all kinds of body types.


As important as security is, convenience should also be considered. You’ll be storing your cash, credit cards, IDs, and phone in the money belt - items that you want to keep safe but will also need to pull out during the day.

Because it’s worn under your clothes, items stored inside the GeoBelt aren’t super convenient to take out at any moment. This is especially true for wintertime traveling when layers of clothes get in the way. As a result, GeoBelt may be inconvenient to keep your money and phone.

On the bright side - if it’s hard for you to access, at least you know that pick-pocketers can’t reach your stuff easily, either.

Free Power Adapter

With the purchase of a GeoBelt, you get a free travel power adapter to facilitate your traveling. The power adapter converts US plugs to fit sockets in the EU. It works for most European countries, such as France, Belgium, and Poland. You can also use it with C and F wall sockets. The downside is that it’s not compatible with plugs in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and perhaps some other countries.

Since the power adapter comes free with the GeoBelt, it’s not the best quality. Reviewers admit that it seems cheap. However, it still works and is a nice addition to the money belt. It’s always handy to have a power adapter for when you need it - even if you have one already, this one can serve as a backup to make your travels a bit easier.


Despite having more special features than a plain ol’ fanny pack, GeoBelt costs the same, if not less. It’s not the cheapest (its price can’t beat that of the VENTURE 4th money belt) but it definitely isn’t expensive.

For your next trip, it’s definitely worth the money to invest in GeoBelt. Spending a little now can mean saving a lot later if you actually get pick-pocketed. Even if you don’t, GeoBelt gives you a peace of mind and spares you the energy of having to guard your bag and your wallet 24/7.

Bottom Line

We recommend GeoBelt to any and all frequent travelers. For an affordable price, you can keep your possessions safe from pick-pocketers and give yourself peace of mind. The numerous roomy compartments, RFID-blocking layers, and durable material make it effective and protective. In addition, it guarantees comfort with its flexible strap and mesh backing. Though GeoBelt may appear bulky and you might have trouble accessing the pockets, the benefits definitely outweigh the downsides. Take the GeoBelt with you on your next trip and you won’t regret it!