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If you enjoy outdoor activities after dark then you need a solid light to guide your way. That’s where the Gearlights Headlamp steps up! It offers a ton of great features and is a reliable source to light the path ahead. Whether you like camping, climbing, or even cycling the Gearlights Headlamp is an excellent choice to consider.

With a comforting headband and adjustable fit, this headlamp isn’t difficult to wear. It won’t cause you any irritation even after long hours and performs surprisingly well. The only downside is the battery-operated power source that requires three AAA batteries. It’s more convenient to have a rechargeable option but the Gearlights Headlamp still delivers.

When it comes to appearance, this lamp is a cool looking model that isn’t too bulky. Wearing lightweight gear is important otherwise it will slow you down which is why so many athletes turn to Gearlight products.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 7 Light Modes
  • 45° Tiltable Head
  • Water-Resistant
  • Red Safety Light
  • Powerful LED Beam
  • Battery Powered


The Gearlights Headlamp offers a ton of great features! It has seven light modes including high, low, flash, and emergency. The high setting gives off a powerful beam while the low conserves battery power. The flash setting is perfect for helping passersby better assess your distance especially in the city where there are so many lights in the background.

The Gearlights Headlamp has a 45° tiltable head which lets you adjust the beam to your liking. This is a helpful feature for hiking or camping when you may want to change your view to different positions frequently. This light isn’t re-chargeable like so many others are, but it consumes little battery power while in use. This means your batteries will last longer, especially if you use quality re-chargeable ones.

With every Gearlights’ product, you purchase it offers a one-year, no-hassle return policy. If you’re not completely satisfied to return your purchase free of charge. Gearlights will replace the item or refund your money.

Weather Resistance

The Gearlights Headlamp is suitable for all weather conditions. Rain, snow, or crystal clear skies, this light will carry you through. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use making a versatile choice to consider. Having an all-weather option is a must for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities when you can’t be sure what the weather will be. An option that can handle all conditions is ideal because you can transition smoothly no matter what mother nature throws your way.

This light is water-resistant which means you won't be slowed down by wet or rainy weather. You could even wear the Gearlights Headlamp while it's snowing outside without issue. Water-resistant electronic devices are a must while you exercise. Otherwise, your sweat alone could end up damaging the delicate equipment. If sweat were to slip inside any part of the gear it would quickly ruin it which is why a water-resistant build is a must.


The Gearlights Headlamp is a safer choice for all your outdoor activities. It offers a red safety light that lets passersby better assess your location and distance. This is a must if you’re out and about in dark conditions, otherwise, you are at risk of injury and potential accidents.

The red light in addition to the white gives people an idea of whether you’re in trouble or if you have stopped for a moment. Without any safety light, it’s easy for other people to miss you when approaching. But, with a built-in red light, it eliminates that risk factor.

This headlamp has seven light modes in total making it a versatile option. The strobe mode is better for passersby to tell how far away you are because it stands out from the other background lights. Whereas, a steady beam easily gets lost in all of the other city lights.


The headband is an important aspect to consider when you’re shopping for any headlamp. Gearlights Headlamp offers an enjoyable band that easily removes and is machine washable. It offers a polymer material that feels good against your skin and won’t cause excessive sweating while you train.

Having breathable materials next to your skin is a must, otherwise, you will be hot and smothered. When your skin can’t breathe it sweats to cool and ventilate. This is why your gear must allow for adequate circulation so you don’t end up covered in perspiration.

A sweaty forehead will cause your lamp to move around and slip from its position which is another reason you want to avoid over sweating. This option helps to lessen the moisture build-up and is washable to remove any build-up of odors.

Odor-control is a must with any kind of athletic gear which is why having a washable band is such a great feature. If you aren’t able to regularly wash your headband then it will start to stink pretty quickly because odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments.


Gearlights Headlamp is a comfortable choice. It is nice and light so it won’t start weighing you down after a while and won’t tire you out. Wearing heavy gear is the fastest way to lose steam which is why you should choose a lighter option if possible.

Weighing just 1.8 oz, Gearlights Headlamp is one of the lighter options available. It’s perfect for running, climbing, and other intensive sports. The total weight with the batteries is 3 oz which is still incredibly feather-like.

The band is adjustable which lets you customize it to offer the best fit. This is important no only for your comfort, but also to ensure it doesn't slip or slide around. The last thing you want is to have your light moving around when you want a steady beam it puts you at risk for injury.

Having a comfortable band will prevent all kinds of discomfort. Wearing a tight band cuts off your circulation which will give you a headache and may even make you feel dizzy or lightheaded. Being able to adjust the fit makes it so you won't ever have to wear something too tight. It also ensures that your light isn't too loose that it slides around.


The Gearlights Headlamp offers an impressively bright beam with an output of 200 lumens. Lumens tell you how much light emits per second and give you an idea of how strong the beam coming from your equipment is. Typically, you judge the light while on the highest setting and with brand new batteries. Otherwise, you get less than accurate results.

There is a variety of outputs available starting at a low-intensity 20 lumens and reaching a powerfull 3500 lumens. The lower amounts are ideal for casual occasions and activities that don’t need much distance. The higher the number is the further the light will reach which is you want when you’re running or hiking.

The Gearlights Headlamp has a great output range for most exercises and will easily light your way while climbing or hiking. Most condensed designs just don’t have the same level of power this one does and won’t perform the way you want in dark conditions.

This headlamp offers advanced American LED technology that replicates the color and definition you see during daylight hours. This is an impressive feat that isn’t an easy task to accomplish. With this level of brightness, you can safely maneuver in dark conditions and feel confident while you’re on the go.


The Gearlights Headlamp offers a shock-resistant design. This means you can drop it and it will still work just fine. This is a must when it comes to exercise gear because with all the bouncing and moving around you do it’s easy enough to drop something.

If you light breaks just from being dropped you will end up replacing it more often which would get quite costly. Whereas, with this one, you can be as tough as you want and it will still work perfectly.

Gearlights drop-test their products to ensure it withstands impact effectively so you have peace of mind knowing it will last. This makes it an ideal choice for all of your outdoor activities like camping, hiking, running, and more.


Easy operation is a must when it comes to your workout equipment which is where the Gearlights Headlamp excels. This item is super easy to control and works through a simple push-button. All modes and settings operate through the same button by using a long-press to switch modes.

It might sound a little outdated, but this method is tried and true. When it comes to quick modes switches or on-off operation the last thing you want is to fumble around with multiple switches, unsure which does what. With this option, you simply control with the one-button making it easier overall.


The Gearlight Headlight retails for an affordable price. It’s nice to see a high-quality item sell for a reasonable number because so many just aren’t affordable. You get a ton of great features and don’t have to pay a fortune for them. Similar items retail for nearly triple the price of the Gearlights Headlamp and don’t offer anywhere near the kind of impressive aspects.

When considering the value of any item it's not just the price that you need to consider. Other factors like quality, durability, and features are all important elements that make something more valuable. Luckily, this option scores well in practically every way but still retails for an affordable price.

Gearlights Headlamp sells in a two-pack which means you get twice the value. This is super handy for couples and anyone who wants to pack a spare light in case something should fail with the first.


The downside with the Gearlight Headlamp is the power source. It is not rechargeable, instead, it operates on three AAA batteries. This isn’t the ideal way to power your light source and can easily run out of juice halfway through your activity.

It will also end up being costly unless you invest in some rechargeable batteries to use. There are options available like the Foxelli Headlamp that is USB rechargeable. This is a more practical solution that is much more convenient for everyday occasions.

Despite being battery-operated, Gearlights Headlamp delivers a bright beam and powerful LED illumination that is ideal for all of your outdoor and athletic activities. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping, climbing, or any other kind of physically demanding athletics, this option is a great choice to consider.

Bottom Line

Overall, Gearlights Headlamp is a great choice for all of your outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy running, camping, hiking, or even climbing this option will light your way. It offers a comfortable headband that stays put while you exercise and a powerful LED beam.

I like the appearance of this light because it’s sleek and minimalistic. It offers seven light modes including a flash and emergency SOS option. The blinking strobe setting lets passersby assess how far away you are especially when there are all sorts of other lights in the background.

A handy feature is the 45° tilting head. This lets you aim your beam wherever you need including small crevices and higher elevations. When you enjoy climbing you face all sorts of unexpected surfaces so it’s great being able to adjust the beam without having to look in that exact direction.

The weather-resistant qualities are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Gearlights Headlamp is water-resistant so you can use it rain or shine without having it break. This also protects the equipment from perspiration that would otherwise creep inside.

Gearlights Headlamp is an economical choice. You get two lights for the price of one which is ideal if you like to bring along a backup. This comes in handy, especially with a battery-operated light because if it dies you will have another option to fall back on. I love the fact that this one is so affordable despite the fact that you get two headlamps with every purchase.