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If you’ve ever run after dark or in the early morning hours before the sun has fully risen then you know how dangerous the low visibility can be! If you can’t resist the lure of jogging when the lights are low then you need a piece of gear that will help to keep you better protected from drivers and other passerbys who might not be able to see you until it’s too late. The Fuel Belt Armband is the perfect piece of equipment to help you put your safety first! It’s designed to increase your visibility with drivers and other pedestrians which can prevent potential accidents and ensure that you’re safe while you pound the pavement.

This reflective and blinking Fuel Belt LED Armband is the best investment towards your personal well-being that you could make and will let you keep running in the hours that you enjoy the most.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reflective Neon
  • Dual Settings
  • Red LED Lights
  • Adjustable Velcro
  • Increased Visibility 
  • Poor Wiring
  • Prone To Shorts

Dual Settings

A must-have feature when you’re dealing with an LED armband is settings! Having control over the aspects that are going to keep you safe while you run can give you peace of mind and put you in control of your own well-being. This option comes with dual settings option that let you choose whichever option makes you feel the safest.

You’re able to pick between continuous or blinking lights and can even mix and match depending on the type of terrain you’re running. Now it’s not an easy choice to make because each setting has its benefits and drawbacks which we’ll compare so you can feel assured while making your decision.

Blinking lights are often perceived as making you visible quicker than a steady light. Perhaps that’s because the blinking would stand out from all of the background lights of a cityscape. With all of the buildings and other motorists, a steady light might take longer to separate from the other lights and could slow the reaction time of oncoming motorists and pedestrians. Whereas, a steady light would let passerbys better assess how far away you are and also make it easier for them to figure out what you are.

Some users like to reserve the blinking for when visibility is the most limited, like when it’s raining outside. But, whichever option you choose you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be much more visible to the potential dangers approaching.


The band is one of the most important deciding factors when you’re purchasing this style of protective gear. It can literally make or break a product because if it’s not comfortable to wear then no one would feel compelled to strap it to themselves while they run. A band that’s too tight could end up cutting off your circulation and causing you quite a bit of discomfort and a band that’s too loose won’t stay in place properly.

The Fuel Belt Armband was designed with an ideal band because it’s made from stretchy elastic that will feel the most comfortable while it’s on your arm. It’s also adjustable so you can customize it to fit perfectly. This is a great feature because it makes this product suitable for runners of all shapes and sizes.

Reflective Neon

When you think of bright and visual color I’ll bet neon yellow comes to mind first! Which is exactly why this band has a bright neon yellow exterior which only helps to make you more visible in lower light conditions. Controlled studies have found that bright colored gear without reflective properties just isn’t enough to help increase your visibility. In fact, the majority of drivers found that bright colored clothing offered the same level of visibility as black items did!

Luckily, the Fuel Belt Armband has a reflective neon yellow exterior which is proven to provide the most increase in visibility which means it will keep you the safest.

LED Lights

Strategically placed red LED lights are what makes this band something special. They are designed to offer the most visibility and be seen the quickest when you’re in limited lighting. LED or light emitting diode is shown to produce light that’s 90% more efficient than your average light bulb which is why it’s so important that this type of lighting be used with this kind of gear. LED bulbs also last for way longer than normal ones do so you'll get more use out of your gear than you normally would.

Velcro Closure

This band fastens with a Velcro closure that helps to make all the easier to adjust. Velcro is a kind of closure that is known as a hook-and-loop. This design works by fastening two strips of material together. One strip is made with small loops and the other with tiny hooks that connect to the loops. Usually, these are made from nylon and polyester and the hooks are much more rigid compared to the loops.

This style of a fastener is by far the easiest to use and can totally be adjusted to fit you perfectly. This is why Velcro is one of the most popular styles available and can commonly be found on children’s clothing because it’s so easy to use.


One of the downsides to this product is that it’s less than durable! Some wearers ran into issues with the wiring and actually had it start to short-circuit while they were wearing it. This can pose a problem because it can put you in danger if you haven’t noticed that the lights have stopped working. If you notice that the lights are being inconsistent don’t just dismiss it as the battery running low. Make sure that you take the time to inspect the band thoroughly in case it’s, in fact, the wiring coming loose.


While this style of protective gear is great for runners, there are some areas of its design that could have been improved on! The plus side is that you can simply wrap this band around your arm and go which means that you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy protective gear or lights while you’re on the run. The downside lies in certain design aspects that fail to impress.

The main design flaw is in the Velcro which only covers a small area of the band and can leave part of the strap hanging loosely on your arm. While this isn’t a big deal it can be a little annoying for some. Keep in mind though, that most people’s arm falls within the size that the Velcro will fully attach but if you have a larger or very small structure you might run into some issues with the design of the strap.


While you would expect something as small as this band to be quite lightweight it’s actually a bit on the bulky side. Some runners felt that it was a bit too heavy for this style of gear which can be offputting especially with this type of physical activity. When you’re out for a run the last thing you want is something weighing you down, but just keep in mind that it’s not so heavy that it will slow you down and when compared to other types of safety lights it doesn’t seem so bad.


One thing that’s really great about this product is its price tag! This option is very affordable and can really offer you a lot of benefits for such an accessible selling price. Some similar options retail for quite a bit more and really don’t offer anything extra in terms of features and benefits. Though, as with anything that’s relatively inexpensive there will be drawbacks which I’ve mentioned earlier. So it’s something to consider when making your decision.


This band is relatively comfortable to wear, though the material can dig into your skin if you wear it too tightly. As long as you adjust the fit properly you shouldn’t have any issues with it being uncomfortable but just be aware of how tight you're making it. It’s easy to pull this style of closure too tight thinking that it will be more secure and better in the end. But this isn’t exactly true! Pulling something too tight will cut off your circulation and can make the material dig into your skin causing you to be uncomfortable.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Fuel Belt Armband is a fairly decent product considering its affordable price. It does offer some great features that will help to keep you safer while you’re running in low lighting conditions. I really liked the fact that it utilizes LED lighting because they’re longer lasting and offer up to 90% more power than standard lightbulbs do!

The Velcro strap offers some serious positives but also has an issue with its design can be a little annoying. The fact that it’s so easy to use and is totally adjustable is a great thing but when it was made the Velcro wasn’t extended enough. This makes it so that some people have an issue with the band hanging loosely at the end.

Another great aspect is the dual settings that let you decide whether you want to use blinking or continuous lights. As I’ve already discussed, each option has it’s aspects that should be taken into consideration but both will help to keep you safer in the end.

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