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Anyone who enjoys running in the evening hours needs a quality light to guide their way. Foxelli Headlamp is a great choice to consider! It enables you to run with free hands and ensures you have a bright beam to illuminate the path ahead. Unlike some other options available.

The Foxelli Headlamp offers an ergonomic design and comfortable elastic headband that won’t be irritating after a while. It sits firmly on your head without causing any pain or discomfort even after long periods of wear. The Foxelli Headlamp offers excellent battery life which is a must for running. Its USB charging feature is super convenient and gives you up to 40 hours of continuous light from a single charge.

Anyone shopping on a budget will love the Foxelli Headlamp’s affordable price. This light has five modes including a blinking strobe that gives passersby perspective of your distance.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Elastic Headband
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • 5 Light Modes
  • USB Charging
  • 2.4 Ounces
  • Makes Your Head Sweat


The Foxelli Headlamp looks as good as it feels! It offers a sleek appearance and cool graphic art design that sets it apart from similar styles. Choose from several colorways which include black, forest, spotted yellow, pink, and blue, just to name a few.

This headlamp is perfect for guiding your way through the dark! Whether you enjoy running, hiking, or even cycling this light is an ideal choice. It’s perfect for athletic activities and has a durable design that can withstand tough wear and tear.

The Foxelli Headlamp is adjustable to make it more enjoyable and packs a powerful punch in terms of brightness. Its beam will easily guide you over even the toughest terrain and is a reliable source of light.

USB Rechargeable

Having to charge your headlamp is often a hassle, especially if it’s an outdated method. The USB charging is a super convenient and universally used method. If your cable breaks you most likely already have another one lying around the house. This means you won’t have to search for another specific cable that is expensive and hard to find.

Fully charge your Foxelli Headlamp from any USB port in as little as 4-hours. That’s pretty quick if you ask me! What’s even more impressive - a single charge gives you up to 40-hours of continuous light. Having good battery life is important because the last thing you want is to have your headlamp die midway through your run.

It’s dangerous running or walking after dark and without a light, you could easily end up hurt. This is why Foxelli Headlamp is a great choice to consider. You can use it for all sorts of athletic activities or even while doing routine maintenance around the house or garden.


The Foxelli Headlamp offers an ultra-bright beam and runs off an impressive 160 to 180 lumens. Lumens are a part of luminous flux and tell you how much light emits per second. This gives you an idea of how strong the light coming from your equipment is. Typically, you judge the light while on the highest setting and with brand new batteries. Otherwise, you get less than accurate results.

There is a variety of outputs available starting at a low-intensity 20 lumens and reaching a powerfull 3500 lumens. The lower numbers are ideal for casual reading and other activities that don’t need much distance. The higher the number is the further the light will reach which is you want when you’re running or hiking.

Foxelli Headlamp has a great output reach for most activities and will light your way while on or off-trail with ease. Most compact designs just don’t have the same level of power this one does and won’t perform the way you want in dark conditions.

This headlamp gives you an impressive 300-foot beam which means you can see quite a ways ahead while you run. This will keep you from any accidental slips or falls because you can easily see any obstacles ahead.


Your light source must be waterproof. Otherwise, you could end up caught in the dark, literally. Any kind of electronic equipment is sensitive to moisture and especially to rain. When you’re serious about sticking to your exercise routine a little gloomy weather won’t be enough to keep you indoors which is why you need waterproof gear.

The Foxelli Headlamp has IPX-5 waterproofing. This means that it can withstand smaller water jets projected by a 6.3mm nozzle from any angle. IPX-5 rating’s base accuracy on 15-minutes of testing with the volume of water at 12.5 l/min.

IPX ratings range from IPX-0 through IPX-9, with the highest ratings offering the most water protection. A rating of IPX-5 is quite impressive for this kind of equipment and is more than enough to keep your light shining brightly for a long time to come.


Some headlamps just aren’t comfortable but luckily, the Foxellia Headlamp isn’t one of them! This option is an enjoyable choice that won’t hurt your head after a while. It offers an ergonomic design and elastic headband that prevent irritation.

Comfortable gear is a must while you run otherwise you won’t perform your best or enjoy your time spent exercising. Some headlamps have hard and painful structures that you can’t wear for more than a few minutes without being uncomfortable.

The Foxelli Headlamp is nice and light so it won’t weigh you down or affect your overall speeds. Wearing heavy gear is just no good while you exercise so any equipment you use must offer lightweight materials as this one does.


The Foxelli Headlamp offers a ton of great features. It has five floodlight light modes which give more choices to suit every occasion. The modes are high, low, strobe, red, and red SOS. The SOS mode comes in handy in case of an emergency and lets other passersby know that you’re in trouble. This could save your life in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

Strobe lighting is a good choice for very limited visibility because the blinking makes it easier for passersby to asses your distance. The blinking light stands out from all of the background lights and makes it easier to tell how far you are from them.

You must stay as safe as possible while you’re out and about which is why it’s so great to have a choice of light modes. It helps to conserve battery life when it’s not pitch black and the low light setting gives you even more battery life.

Another great feature with the Foxelli Headlamp is the risk-free offer. When you purchase this light you have a whole 120-days to try it. If you’re not completely satisfied return it for a whatever reason and get your money back in full.


The last thing you want is a piece of heavy equipment while you exercise! That’s why so many athletes choose the Foxelli Headlamp; it’s ultra-lightweight. Weighing just 2.4 ounces, this option is one of the sleekest on the market. It delivers a powerful performance without any added bulk so you can perform your best no matter what the occasion.

Heavy gear slows you down and gets uncomfortable to wear after a while. It can cause neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and make you tire more easily. That’s why the Foxelli Headlamp is an excellent choice for runners and other athletes who don’t want the extra bulk.


The Foxelli Headlamp offers a comfortable headband that’s ergonomic design feels better on your head. It’s adjustable so you can customize it to suit the size of your head which means it won’t be too tight or so loose that it slides.

Wearing a light that moves around when you move is never a good idea. It could throw off your balance and isn’t reliable enough to protect you in dark conditions. You don’t want to have to stop just to readjust your headlamp every few feet which is why this option is such a great consideration.

The Foxelli Headlamp has an elastic headband that is more enjoyable than other hard materials. It gives you enough leeway so that your head doesn’t get sore but stays nicely in place for peace of mind while you train.


The Foxelli Headlamp is an excellent value. This reasonably priced option offers incredible features that you won’t find even with more expensive options. It is lightweight enough to wear while you exercise and offers a reliable light source.

With a powerful beam and five light modes, the Foxellia Headlamp is a great option to consider. Whether you run, camp, or cycle this light will guide you through the darkest conditions. It has a strobe light that makes it easier for passersby to judge how far away you are. While the SOS red light mode in a life-saver in case of an emergency.


Anytime you wear something on your head while exercising it's going to make you sweat. Unfortunately, this is a drawback to the Foxelli Headlamp. It doesn't have any ventilation incorporated in the strap design which means it makes your head hotter than it would be. The elastic material isn't breathable and you get no circulation around the skin. This will automatically make you hot and sweaty.

Sweaty too much is never enjoyable, especially while you exercise. The sweat may end up running down your forehead and into your eyes making it hard to see. This can be potentially dangerous and you need to be extra careful that your vision isn't affected. Stopping now and then to wipe away excess sweat will. It's not surprising with this style of gear but it would have been nice to have additional ventilation which would prevent all that unnecessary sweating.

Bottom Line

Overall, Foxelli Headlamp is an excellent choice for runners and athletes. It’s bright enough to use while you camp and offers up to 40 hours of battery life from a single USB charge. This headlamp is comfortable to wear and won’t cause any irritation even after long periods of use.

There’s nothing worse than having your light die halfway through your run. It can be dangerous and put you at a greater risk of injury and falls. The Foxelli Headlamp won’t quit when you need it most! Its long-lasting battery life and five light settings give you all the power you need for even the longest training sessions.

This option is a stylish choice with several colorways to choose from. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed for greater comfort. The downside is that it tends to make you sweat more, especially your forehead. But, overall it’s a solid piece of equipment.

I love the five light modes that ensure you never use more power than you need. Choose from high or low output settings and utilize the strobe mode to help passersby gauge your distance. This is important and is an excellent safety feature for city runners. The blinking makes it easier to identify you with all of the other background lights.