Foot Cure Shoe Deoderizer

  • Previously named FineVine, this natural deodorizer by Foot Cure is simple yet effective.
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Foot stink is a notoriously unwelcome intruder, in both shared and private spaces. With a product like this Citrus and Natural Tea Tree Oil Shoe Deodorizer by Foot Cure, you can leave funky smells behind. Tea tree oil fights off fungus, like the one responsible for athlete’s foot. The refreshing citrus leaves behind a light and lovely scent when it powers through bacteria. All of this while it simultaneously moisturizes your skin.

While this product may not come in the most effective packaging, the stuff inside is what counts. It will squash odor all day, letting you feel confident and fresh. With a focus on the source of odors, primarily bacteria, this doctor-formulated product does more than mask smells. The faster you get your hands on this Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray, the faster you can get it on your feet!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Only Five Ingredients



Great Scent

Safe For All Ages

Moisturizes Skin

Lasts All Day


Bottle May Leak

Not Best For Fungus


Unpleasant odors are usually a warning. When stuff starts to smell bad, it is most frequently an indicator of bacterial growth. Bacteria can not only smell bad, but it can cause other problems to arise, primarily infections or contamination. Since we are hardest on our feet, we want to keep them relatively bacteria-free.

When our feet are being treated for bacteria, odors tend to not stick around. That is because the source of the odors is treated and eliminated. The wonderful thing about citrus essential oils is their ability to target and eliminate harmful bacteria that in turn causes rank smells. A lot of foot products claim to have a large number of essential oils that do the same thing, only to later find out its diluted in a carrier oil.

What makes the Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray different is its potency, while some may only associate citrus oil with a pleasant scent, its medicinal properties kick in when dosed properly. This is tested in a lab for purity and potency, and it truly has the hard-working essential oil it claims to. Reviewers who tried switching socks, shoes, and sneaker balls found that this worked better than all of these more temporary solutions.


When you see tea tree oil, it is usually safe to assume the product is a fungus treatment. Tea tree oil is one of the most widely known and effective natural remedies for fungus. Using less strong commercial products might not combat fungus, even if you apply them as you would foot oil. The guaranteed potency of the Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray helps it deliver the promises it advertises, including combatting athlete’s foot.

Fungi can cause discomfort and pain on your nails and feet. Not only can it make full nails fall off, but it also causes brittleness and breakage. It can make thickened nails crack and split, skin dry and flaky, and your feet itchy. Using the Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray might not be able to fully cure this type of fungus, but you can help treat it and keep it at bay.

If you’re often in locker rooms or on gym mats, it can also help to prevent it by keeping your shoe and feet in a healthier environment. Athlete’s foot is extremely contagious, and having a tool such as the Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray can make you feel a bit safer if you’re involved in team sports or communal exercising. Since the fungus can easily transfer to hands, be sure to keep hands and feet clean before spraying and after!


When shopping for shoe and foot odor sprays, it can be hard to know which way to go. A chemical formula or something natural? A laundry list of complicated ingredients, or just a couple of potent oils? There is no one product for everyone. Like people, there are so many unique ways to create this product.

Despite all these variations, one thing remains the same: the price. When you’re looking at something like this Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray, you might think the price isn’t justified when you compare the ingredients to a similar product. With 15 to 20 ingredients, a lot of the competitors are filled with essential oils you’ve never heard of, boasting benefits you didn’t think possible.

While you could go for one of these more complex formulas, if you’re looking for straight forward odor control, this is a great value. It isn’t about how many different components make a great product when the product is truly great. This Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray manages to keep their formula simple while delivering exactly what they intend to, which is odor elimination. If you’re going to be paying the same thing for products with ingredients you can’t even pronounce, you might as well stick to a potent and tested product you can trust.


Foot sprays can do so many things. Some are soothing, some are healing, some give you that cooling tingle that you can’t get enough of. Others are just for odor. Having one specific goal is what makes the Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray work so well. When they developed this odor eliminating product, all they had in mind was that.

Just a couple sprays on the foot and the shoe work wonders to get rid of stinky smells. Let the product dry in your shoes before wearing them, and you will be amazed at the lack of lingering stench wafting next time you take them off. It can be embarrassing and unpleasant to not be able to take your shoes off underneath your desk at work.

If you just use this while getting ready in the morning you can completely put an end to the shame of stinky feet. This can also be sprayed on socks. It is worth mentioning that whether you plan to wear these with athletic socks and sneakers or barefoot with your favorite flats, the odor-fighting power doesn’t stop. Those tired of empty promises to get rid of funk will feel refreshed after they give the Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray a shot.

Essential Oils

There are only a few ingredients in this product, which may make it seem inferior to others on the market. That is a misconception that many have when it comes to self-care formulas. When there are ingredients that work well, you don’t need to add a bunch of unnecessary, fancy-sounding ones to sell it. The Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray has three different citrus oils, tea tree oil, and water.

Yes, that is all that is in this product. Grapefruit, orange, and lemon oils are used to create a well-balanced sweet and tart scent. That scent doesn’t just mask the odor, it neutralizes it. In addition to the great smelling antibacterial powers, these oils will help to soften and soothe the skin. If your feet usually look dry and a bit unrefined, you might be shocked to see their appearance improving when you use the Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray.

That is because these essential oils are treating the skin, eliminating the bacteria, and helping you get back to healthy and happy feet. Speaking of happy, these citrus oils have a scent that is reported to boost mood and alleviate stress. What more can you want than a refreshing scent that makes you feel better too.

The tea tree oil is a super oil that deals with athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is itchy and inconvenient, so when you start to treat it with tea tree essential oils, it will feel like day and night. The fact that this Foot Cure Deodorizer Spray manages to do so much with only four essential oils and water is truly spectacular.

Long Lasting

There are usually few opportunities to take your shoes off and spray them throughout the day, especially at work. Retail positions are one of the most common jobs in many places. If you’ve ever worked a sales floor, you know that breaks are rare and breaks where you get to sit down are even rarer. Though this shouldn’t be the reality, it is.

So when you have seriously bad foot odor, whatever you use to treat it has got to last. That doesn't mean last for an hour or two before you need to reapply. Reviewers said this lasted all day. Through work, practices, nights out on the town, and more. That kind of long-lasting deodorizer is hard to come by.

For all-day comfort and confidence about your feet, you need to use something like the Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray. Other brands might require a spritz multiple times a day, or a refresher in your shoes after a workout. This one doesn’t require any extra work. You simply use it once on clean feet and shoes and forget about them.


If you don’t want to be putting caustic substances on your body, you have to avoid a whole lot of self-care products. While this may not seem too difficult in theory, it is tricky in today’s society. Many labels boast naturalness or organic ingredients and aren’t able to back up these claims. Without knowing which products to trust, shopping for skincare gets increasingly harder.

This Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray has a transparent list of ingredients. You know exactly what you're putting on because it only has four ingredients and water. Citrus oils and tea tree oil are coming together to make a completely natural solution for odor elimination.

This is safe to use on children and older generations. Some even claimed to use it safely on their pets! A product with these abilities can make you feel more comfortable with your care products. This being used with a homemade sneaker ball would be a match made in heaven! Feeling good about what you’re putting on your body is necessary and you can rest easy when you choose the Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray.


Of all the reviews for this Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray, there was only one complaint. It wasn’t with the product itself, oddly enough. It was with the packaging of this product. It comes in a spray bottle for convenient use. That usually wouldn’t be a problem. With bottles like this, you often find that they are sealed at the screw top so that no product leaks out.

Even those who had the product leak asserted that they loved the product, they just wish they had gotten more of it to use. Leakage is an easy fix and for the brand to not amend this after the first couple complaints seem negligent. If willing to take the risk of faulty packaging, this is a fantastic product for the whole family.

Since most people can’t afford to buy something they won’t be able to use, a product that guarantees the product makes it in one piece is crucial. It seems that Foot Cure does guarantee their product. If you use the product and continue to have foot odor they will completely refund you. However, these instances of the product leaking did not appear to be amended.


Nothing is better than a fresh citrus scent. Not only does is awake the senses but it also refreshes the mind. Citrus scents have been tied to an improved mood and better focus. Even without these benefits, the scent itself is incredibly lovely.

Tea tree oil smells similar to eucalyptus which can be a bit overpowering for some. The citrus cuts some of that deep scent to have a more well-rounded, balanced smelling deodorizing spray. Reviewers loved the fresh scent and felt proud to sport it when they went out.

This didn’t smell like the usual chemicals or overly earthy foot care product at all. The Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray smells how waking up feels. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself and see! You’ll soon be singing its praises in the reviews.


Since this can be used on both feet and shoes, there is a bit of wiggle room for just how you want to use this product. Maybe you just need fungal treatment and odor control, or maybe your shoes need some extra love and care. Either way, this products works on both shoes and feet equally well. While uneven spraying or over spraying could stain certain fabrics, there are virtually no shoes you can’t spray with this.

Instead of having to get individual products for your daughter’s stinky shoes and your husband’s athlete’s foot, you can treat both with the Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray. It is great for all ages and all bacterial and fungal problems.

Bottom Line

Those who like to keep it natural will love the simplicity of the Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray. Its scent is super refreshing, without a chemical odor or overly herbal undertone. It works to combat bacteria and common fungi quickly and painlessly. Just a spritz in the morning and you’re good to go.

There are inconsistencies with the packaging of this product that caused some leakage in transit but the product itself is outstanding. Even those who received leaky bottles had trouble finding bad things to say about the Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray! Don’t settle for shoes that stink up a room. Take action with the Foot Cure Deodorizing Spray.