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If you’re shopping for a pair of sports earphones than the Fitbit Flyer is a great place to start! It offers powerful sound thanks to the WavesMaxx audio enhancements that deliver a deep base with every note. A comfortable cable and secure-fitting earbuds make this an enjoyable choice for all of your athletic activities. It comes with three sizes of ear gels for a customized fit that prevents irritation even after hours of wear.

Not every pair of athletic earphones can stand up to the test! It takes a certain kind to handle the strain of a good workout which is where the Fitbit Flyer comes in. Its impressive design features and quality construction make this a must-have pair for athletes. The only downside is the price tag but they’re certainly worth paying more for. 


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • WavesMaxx Audio Enhancement
  • 16 Bit Stereo Sound
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Sweat-Proof
  • Dual Microphone
  • Expensive


Even the toughest workouts aren’t too much for the Fitbit Flyer headphones! Designed for athletic activities, they’re long-lasting and sweatproof which means they can withstand nearly anything. Their wireless style makes these earphones an ideal choice for sporting because there’s no cords or wires to hang in your way. Ultra-comfortable wearability and a smooth exterior appearance make this a must-have! If you enjoy crisp, clear sound that won’t quit before your workout ends, you’ll love this pair! The secure-fitting design means that your earphones won’t pop out no matter how much running, jumping, twisting, or lifting you might be doing.

All around the Fitbit Flyer headphones are a well-designed pair for listening to your tunes while you’re on the move. Whether it’s running, walking, lifting, or cycling that drives you to test your limits, these headphones will be there every step of the way.

Personalized Fit

Don’t you just hate it when your earphones don’t fit properly?! It’s so uncomfortable and leaves your ears sore and sensitive after a while. That’s why people can’t get enough of Fitbits’ Flyer! These earphones deliver a customized fit that is way more comfortable than its competitors.

Complete with interchangeable ear tips, wings, and fins there’s no telling just how great these things will fit! It comes with tons of different sized tips so you can easily find the ones that fit your ears just right. Being able to choose from different sizes means that you won’t ever have to suffer through your workout. Instead, you can enjoy having crystal-clear music without any of the pain associated with wearing this style of listening device.


If you’re serious about staying in shape a little bad weather isn’t enough to stop you! Unfortunately, it will be enough to wreck your earphones. This is exactly why you need a pair made from waterproof materials. The Fitbit Flyer headphones have a water-resistant design that utilizes hydrophobic nano-coating technology. This innovative feature makes them splash, sweat, and even rainproof! Talk about a win-win situation. Hydrophobic materials naturally repel water and are the most effective way to control moisture.

Think back to grade school chemistry and you’ll remember hearing about molecules that don’t mix with water. Or, you’ve probably heard the saying, ‘oil and water don’t mix.’ This is a prime example of something that’s hydrophobic. Hydrophobic molecules are the kind that doesn’t dissolve in water. Utilizing these in the material makes a product more waterproof than any other design because it’s chemically impossible for the water molecules to penetrate the fabric!


When it comes to sound this pair is impressive! Precise engineering delivers crisp notes and powerful bass for dynamic playback. Enhanced by WavesMaxx audio enhancements the powerful playback will surprise you coming from such a small speaker. Having quality sound is a must while you exercise because it helps to get you pumped.

With good music in your ears, you can push through even the toughest routines with ease. Having the enhanced audio is a real bonus because most of this kind of listening device really lacks in sound quality. The bass is really incredible because you can amplify it with the Power Boost enhancements. This feature pumps out the bassy tunes and has integrated WavesMaxx audio technology. With 16 bit stereo sound and an in-ear style bud, the Fitbit Flyer will rock your world!

Dual Microphone

Hands-free calls are a blessing! When you’re out for a run or just can’t manage everything at once it’s a great feature to have. This pair comes with a dual microphone that produces the highest quality hands-free calling. It doesn’t matter what the background is like you’ll still get crisp, clear sounds on both ends of the call.

Wind and other sounds that generally suppress the microphone aren’t an issue with this innovative design! Made to block out interference and simply gives you the best voice experience around. A built-in communication box offers three buttons for hands-free and effortless control. This is so convenient especially for those times when you don’t want to have to handle your device!


Battery life is very important with this type of gear! The Fitbit Flyer offers up to 6 hours of playtime and a handy quick-charge feature. With the quick-charge, you can get up to one hour of playtime after just 15 minutes which is impressive. The micro-USB charging port is very convenient because you can easily replace the cable once it wears out. In fact, most people already have one lying around their house. Having a device with a unique charger is a pain because you can’t find a replacement cord without having to special order one.

While this is a decent battery life there are better options available. The PowerBeats3 Wireless, for example, give you up to 11 hours of playtime and take just five minutes to charge!


An adjustable cable makes this pair one comfortable choice for athletic activities! You can customize the fit so that it’s perfectly secure and won’t slip or slide around. This is a big deal because it’s difficult to find a secure-fitting option. This is especially true when you engage in high-intensity workouts because you’re constantly moving and you’re all sweaty.

The adjustable cable has multiple different size levels which make the Fitbit Flyer an appropriate choice for nearly everyone. Whether you have a petite frame or burly structure you can wear this pair without issue.


The Fitbit Flyer is compatible with most devices including Windows and OSX computers, A2DP Bluetooth mono and stereo devices, Android, OS, and Windows smartphones. This is great because there are lots of devices that just aren’t compatible with more than one or two of these at a time.

With so many options for Apple products that won’t connect to Android models you really miss out on a lot of great products. It’s nice to see that cross over connectivity with this pair because you can utilize it no matter what type of device you own. These headphones remember up to eight devices and will automatically pair with the Fitbit Ionic. This means that you can talk on the phone without ever having to handle your device.


If you’re shopping for an inexpensive pair than this isn’t the one for you! The Fitbit Flyer earphones retail for a high-end price and won’t be accessible to everyone who would consider picking up a pair. In terms of quality, it does offer a reasonable level and presents an impressive array of features. However, there are other options that sell for less and are just as impressive.

It’s a matter of personal taste and with this product, you will pay more for the brand name. It’s true that higher quality items are more expensive but this is a little too steep for my liking. But, if you’re willing to pay a pretty penny for your headphones then this is a great pair to start with! This is a stylish option offers something more than your average pair. They look great with practically any style of athletic apparel and are ideal for high-intensity workouts. If you’re looking for a stay-put fit and powerful sound quality then it will be worth the higher price.

If you’re shopping on a budget you should consider keeping a looking out for sale prices. The Fitbit Flyer does go on sale and you can find considerably cheaper sellers online than in retail stores.


An issue that some users experience is a possible design flaw that causes one earphone to stop working. While most people don’t have this issue, there were a number of reviews from unsatisfied customers. For those who reported this issue, it happens after very little use and usually within the first two months from the purchase. Keep in mind that Fitbit does offer a 45-day return time when you can get a refund for a defective product.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Fitbit Flyer is a good choice of sports earphones! It offers crystal clear 16-bit stereo sound and built-in WavesMaxx audio enhancements. This makes each note sound crisp and gives it a nice bass that literally thumps in your ears. I really like the hands-free dual microphone that lets you control your music or talk on the phone without handling your device. This is super convenient, especially when you’re exercising! It’s tricky to hold your device with sweaty hands so this feature is a real blessing.

The battery life is impressive but doesn’t compare to other options like the Jaybird X3 Earbuds or Apple AirPods. You do get a full six hours of playtime and it takes only 15 minutes to charge them enough to play for an hour. The quick-charge feature does come in very handy and will save you lots of time.

The adjustable cable makes the Fitbit Flyer enjoyable choice, while the different sizes of ear gels ensure a secure fit. The ear gels are really important because if they’re too big it will hurt your ears and they’ll fall out if they’re too small. The connectivity is good across all types of device and will work with Android, Apple, and Windows products without any issue.

The Fitbit Flyer is quite expensive and there are similar options that sell for a lot cheaper! Though, if you’re willing to pay more for quality earphones than this is a good place to start looking! The stylish design and impressive sound quality are well worth paying a little more to have. However, if you’re shopping on a budget try browsing for the best deal because you can save a ton of money by shopping around online.