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Exercising after dark requires added safety gear to prevent accidents. Whether you cycle, run or walk you need something more to keep yourself out of harm’s way. That’s where the EverlightFX steps up! This safety light works on your bike or attaches to your arm for a convenient way to let passersby know you’re there.

The EverlightFX offers easy USB charging and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Choose from a variety of colorways to suit your style and enjoy the sense of security it brings to your fitness regime. You could even attach one of the lights to your dog’s collar so they’re safer too!

Anyone shopping on a budget will love how affordable this option is! You get two lights for the price of one and the array of features is quite impressive. Despite a few people having issues with durability, this option will last a long time so long as you take care while using it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 6 Light Settings
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 6-15 Hour Battery Life
  • 1.5 Charging Time
  • 2 Units Included
  • Power Button Sticks


The EverlightFX is a bike tail light that works in a variety of ways. You can use this light for all of your athletic activities like running, jogging, cycling, or walking. It offers a sleek appearance and smooth operation that make this an ideal choice for any after-dark occasions.

It clips on for easy use and includes a handy carrying case for those times when you aren’t using it. The EverlightFX is USB rechargeable meaning you can plug it into any USB port for a convenient way to power your device. This is far more convenient than having to use a specific charging cable that might be difficult to replace if yours fails.

This light is small enough to keep in your pocket and weighs next to nothing. This makes it a great choice for workouts when the last thing you want is heavy gear. Overall, the EverlightFX presents the style of light you need while you’re on the move and it looks good while doing it.

A modern look and multitude of available colorways only add to the allure this product offers. It’s a great choice for people, pets, and even as an added safety light for strollers too.

USB Rechargeable

Nowadays, USB ports are everywhere you look. Whether it’s your laptop, desktop pc, or even your car, you would be hard-pressed to find somewhere without an easily accessible USB port. There are even charging stations right inside some of your favorite shops where you can power up your device.

Gone are the days of single-use charging cables that are a total pain to replace. Unfortunately, the world of exercise lighting hasn’t quite caught on with the current trend. Most lights available still use an outdated method to charge, or worse, they use disposable batteries. That’s why the EverlightFX is such an impressive choice; because it takes full advantage of the convenience that USB-charging offers.

You can charge up this light practically anywhere making it an effortless choice. In today's fast-paced world, the last thing you need is any more hassles which is why you should always consider the power source and charge technique before purchasing your next piece of equipment.


Let’s face it, everything is too darn expensive! That’s why you want an item that is truly valuable for the right price. Luckily, the EverlightFX offers exactly what you need. This item is an affordable choice that gives you incredible value.

EverlightFX products are two-for-one because you get two lights for one reasonable price. This means you can put one on your pet’s collar or give one to your running buddy without breaking the bank. Or, just keep one put away to replace yours when it runs out of steam.

Whatever you choose to do with the second light is up to you. All I know is I love getting more for my money which is why I found the EverlightFX to be a great value.


When it comes to your safety light the last thing you want is uncomfortable or bulky. The EverlightFX is anything but bulky! This option is easy and comfortable to wear and comes with two handy hook-and-loop armbands. The lights attach to the armbands so you can wear them in plain sight and ensure your safety at all times.

The arm is the best place to wear your safety light while you run because it’s a highly visible area. If you plan to wear them on your bike, the EverlightFX clips on for a secure safety feature. The clips are tough as nails and won’t break with a little wear and tear so you can feel assured while you train.


It’s nice having a versatile safety light that works in a variety of ways. With the EverlightFX, you have a ton of options. Use it as your rear safety light while you cycle or strap it to your arm for a highly visible lighted armband.

Or, if you’re a dog owner you can attach the EverlightFX to your pups' collar so it’s easy for passersby to spot your four-legged friend. With two ways to attach this light, it’s easy to switch up the way you use it and you won't be without a way to use it.

No matter what activity you enjoy this option will be a beneficial addition to your regimen. Runners, walkers, and cyclists all benefit from having a safety light whether it’s day or night. You can never be too careful and adding light will help make you more visible to motorists and other passersby.


Weather-proof equipment is a must while you train. Otherwise, your light won't last very long at all. Rain, snow, and even your sweat are all hard on any electronic equipment which is why your light must be water-resistant.

EverlightFX offers IPX4 waterproof casing that enables it to withstand wet and rainy weather. The IP rating system tells us how resistant an item is environmental factors like dust and liquid. A rating of IPX4 signifies that the item protects from, “Splashing water, no matter the direction.”

As you can imagine, if something is safe from splashing water it is surely okay with a little rain or sweat! This is a must-have feature when it comes to running or athletic gear. Otherwise, you will end up with malfunctions and other issues that leave you light source less than reliable.


Another massively important aspect of athletic equipment is battery life. The last thing you want is to have your safety light run out of power halfway through your routine. This leaves you vulnerable to injury and at risk while you run. Luckily, the EverlightFX offers an incredible battery life that lasts between 6 to 15-hours.

This is incredibly impressive for such a small design and is more than enough to power you through even the longest runs. With handy USB charging, you can recharge this light practically anywhere including your car, wall socket, and even your laptop pc. It charges super fast and is ready to ride in under 1½-hours.


The straps are the part that makes direct contact with your skin. So, it’s only natural that they need to be comfortable. More than that, they should offer a stay-put design that doesn’t slip or slide around while you train. The EverlightFX offers exactly that! With strong hook & loop straps, it’s easy to wear and stays perfectly in place for the duration of your workout.

Hook & loop fasteners are called Velcro which is the most widely used manufacturer of this type of fastening system. People like using Velcro because it’s easy to operate and generally stays in place well despite how much you move around. You probably remember being a child with Velcro sneakers and how much you loved them. Well, it’s not just for children’s apparel, it’s perfect for adult-sized gear too.

The EverlightFX offers two adjustable armbands with Velcro fasteners that are comforting to wear. They easily adjust to fit the size of your arm and are a snap to operate.


The EverlightFX offers six lighted settings that give you every kind of safety lighting you need. Choose from different kinds of light patterns like three red or three white. There’s also a flashing option that helps passersby better assess how far away you are.

This option has three bright LED lights for a brilliant and powerful display. High-visibility LED bulbs power this set making it a long-lasting and super visible option. LED bulbs last longer than traditional ones and are more environmentally friendly too. LED lights use less power to run than traditional bulbs which means the battery will last longer.

The EverlightFX has several power settings to choose from so you can opt for a lower setting if you are concerned with saving battery. Overall, this option omits the perfect level of light to increase visibility and keep you safe while you're out and about.


An issue several users have had is with the light not being all that durable. Some people run into issues with the power button and claim that it stops working or gets harder to push. While other issues center around the clip breaking after a few months of use.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect this kind of equipment to last too long, but there are ways to extend its lifespan. Be careful when using the clip and be sure you aren’t forcing it when you attach it. Just slide it gently over the material and never use too much force. This will make it last much longer.

When you push the power button, do so gently, don’t aggressively ram it. This will only cause the button to stop working or to jam every time you press it. Taking an extra second to use care while operating your gear will make the world of difference in terms of lifespan.

Bottom Line

Overall, the EverlightFX is a great safety light for runners, cyclists, and even walkers. It gives you the kind of powerful LED indicator you need whether it’s day or night and ensures that passersby can see you better. This light is perfect for attaching to your bicycle or for strapping around your arm and it offers six lighting modes.

The EverlightFX is a cool looking choice that comes in several colorways to suit every style. You can attach it to your pets’ collar to ensure their safety or clip it just about anywhere to increase your visibility. One of my favorite features is the USB rechargeable battery! It’s so convenient and gives you up to 15-hours of use from a single charge. You can use this one in any weather conditions thanks to its IPX4 water-resistance rating. This means that it will withstand continuous splashing of water and can easily handle a bit of rain or snow. It’s made with a shock-resistant body that can handle being dropped now and again.

The EverlightFX offers comforting hook & loop straps that adjust to fit any arm size. This guarantees that the armband stays right where you want it to and doesn’t slip or slide down your arm. The clip is great for attaching the light to your bicycle or even your dogs’ collar while you’re out for a stroll. It makes the wearer easy for other passersby to spot which means you will be less likely to end up in an accident.

This product is a great value especially because you get two lights for the price of one! It’s tough finding a product that offers a ton of great features but still sells for an affordable price. But the EverlightFX checks all the right boxes and is worth trying if you enjoy after-dark activities.