Enduro Real Food Energy Bar Review

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If you’re looking for a great tasting snack that it is nutritious, then the Enduro Real Food Energy Bar might be right up your alley. Customers love the variety they can choose from when purchasing this product, as well as the fantastic taste. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it has to be bland. This product has proven that.

The Sak bites are full of many organic and all-natural ingredients. You’re not going to encounter any unnecessary fillers. Additionally, there are no added sugars. Each component was picked out for a purpose, and that is to help you reach your goals and push yourself harder at the gym. You’re also going to be able to put your mind at rest, knowing that the snack bites are free of soy, dairy, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, and GMOs.

The Enduro Real Food Energy Bar are the perfect low-calorie snack to get you through the day. Whether you need a little push before the gym or during your workout, this is going to be a great go-to option. Customers will keep them in their car or gym bag, so they’re always on hand when they need them.

Unfortunately, they do have a high price tag. If you’re on a budget, then this might not be the best product for you. However, if you have extra cash to splurge or you want to reward yourself, then this is going to be perfect. It tastes great and is packed full of nutritional value.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great taste

Boosts energy

Variety of flavors




High cost


Brian Maslach created Enduro. He wanted to find a nutritious snack for athletes that were more effective and healthier than the commercial Sports Nutrition products that are on the market. He wanted something that was going to taste phenomenal without all the extra ingredients and additives that you would find and some of the Streamline granola bars or even candy bars. He wanted to make sure that every element in his products was there to help you perform better. Maslach spent numerous years experimenting over and over again with ingredients could have been known to help athletes perform at their Peak.

He started doing his experimentation while he was BMX racing. This is something that he started doing in his Youth and continued through his college years. This was when he began getting more into mountain biking and road cycling. Because of his love for biking, he was led into a career of developing sports nutrition products. He has a strong passion for endurance sports.

He worked in the supplement industry for a while. He took his knowledge from his past experiences to keep tweaking his recipes. After a while, the Enduro Real Food Energy Bar was born.

Once he had his product completed, he put it to the test. He provided training partners and Elite athletes with his energy bars so they could try it out. He wanted to help other athletes by giving them a product that will work well under there world-class training and competition conditions.

It took him years of research and a plethora of iterations of the product. A lot of tweaking and testing happened based off of the feedback from professional athletes. All of this culminated into Brian coming up with the optimal combination of all-natural ingredients to help support your performance.

Each and every ingredient that's put into his products are carefully chosen for a specific reason. They are then combined into something that's great tasting and bite-size so that you can eat it on the go. Easy to eat and digest, so you don't have to worry about it getting in the way with your training. The best part, there are no added fillers, sugar's, or anything else unhealthy or unnecessary in these bars.

Customers are falling in love with Enduro's snack bites. It gives them a healthier alternative to granola bars or candy bars that might be labeled as something nutritious.


If you're looking for something that is quick and easy to eat while you're on the go, then you might want to consider trying the Enduro Real Food Energy Bars. They're packed full of nutrients that can help you get through your day with ease. Whether you need to refuel after a hard workout, give yourself the energy you need before a workout, or you just need a quick bite between meals, then the snack is perfect for you.

These bars are easy to eat, and they are easy on your digestive system. You're not going to have any problems eating it while you are running, racing, training, writing, or any other athletic event. Customers love that they can just toss these in their gym bag or their car, keeping them on hand for when they need them.


If you're trying to monitor the number of calories you're taking in each day, it's important that you're paying attention to everything that you eat. When it comes to the Enduro Real Food Energy Bar, you'll need to keep in mind that each package is two serving sizes. What this means, is that when you are reading the nutritional values on the back of the box, you have to make sure that you're doubling everything. This seems like common sense for most consumers, but there are a lot of people who don't realize that about this product.

These snack bites are only a hundred calories each, which is ideal for a little snack. If you are going to eat the whole package, then you are consuming 200 calories, which is still a pretty decent snack size. If you're looking for a quick bite to hold you over until dinner or the fuel your workout, then this is going to be a perfect option. It'll give you enough energy to get you through the task at hand.

If you're looking for something a little hardier that can be used as a meal replacement, then this isn't going to be an excellent choice for you. The low-calorie snack bites are just that, snacks. If you want to mail replacement, there are much better options on the market for you.


When you open up the package of these snack bites, you're going to find that there are two pieces inside it. Each one of those pieces is one serving. Sometimes there is a bit of confusion thinking that the whole package is one serving. However, that is not the case with this product. Each bag, in fact, has two servings. It can be a little misleading, so make sure you're paying attention to serving sizes. You don't want to calculate your calories wrong, especially if you are counting calories for weight loss.

The company recommends eating these bars before and during workouts. They suggest eating the whole package about an hour or two before you head to the gym or you can eat one every 30 minutes during a training session. Ultimately, how you eat them in when you eat them is up to you.


As you might expect, the ingredients list on these bites is going to vary depending on the flavor that you're purchasing. Even though each and every one of their snacks has a different ingredients list, one thing that you'll notice across-the-board is that they use all-natural ingredients. Additionally, it is entirely free of gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and GMO.

The Cherry brownie snack bites have an ingredients list that includes Adriatic figs, raw and unfiltered honey, rice flour, brown rice syrup, unsweetened dried cherries, cocoa powder, pea protein concentrate, lemon juice, virgin coconut oil, cherry juice concentrate, chocolate extract, and sea salt.

The dark chocolate espresso bar contains rice flour, Adriatic figs, raw and unfiltered honey, 70% cocoa Mass dark chocolate (dried cane syrup, chocolate liquor, Cocoa Butter, vanilla extract), rice syrup, virgin coconut oil, pea protein concentrate, orange juice, lemon juice, coffee bean, and sea salt.

The Fig and dark chocolate bites consist of rice flour, Adriatic figs, Ron unfiltered Honey, brown rice syrup, virgin coconut oil, pea protein concentrate, 70% cocoa Mass dark chocolate (chocolate liquor, Cocoa Butter, dried cane syrup, vanilla extract), orange juice, lemon juice, vanilla extract, and sea salt.

If you decide to go with the cinnamon blueberry you're going to find rice flour, Adriatic figs, brown rice syrup, Ron unfiltered honey, dried blueberries, virgin coconut oil, pea protein concentrate, lemon juice, cinnamon extract, and sea salt.

Finally, if you choose the lemon cranberry you're going to find rotten unfiltered honey, Adriatic figs, rice flour, brown rice syrup, pea protein concentrate, dried cranberries, virgin coconut oil, orange juice, lemon juice, lemon extract, lemon peel, and sea salt.

The vast majority of the ingredients that are used in the snack bites are organic. No, not all of the ingredients are, however, most are.


When it comes time to purchase the Enduro Real Food Energy Bars, there are going to be a couple of different flavors that you can choose from. You'll be able to pick from fig and dark chocolate, dark chocolate espresso, lemon cranberry, or cherry brownie. If you are unsure what you want or you don't have a favorite yet, you can always opt for a variety pack. This will give you the ability to enjoy some of each flavor, letting you pick out one that you love.

Customers love the fact that they have a variety of choices. Sometimes it can get a bit monotonous eating the same snack day in and day out. Thanks to the variety of this product, you don't have to worry about that. If you want to eat the same one all the time, that's fine. However, if you're going to change things up from day-to-day, and you can do that as well.


Taste is an important factor when talking about anything that you're eating. Nobody wants to eat something that tastes like cardboard. Thankfully for most customers, the Enduro Real Food Energy Bar are both nutritious and delicious.

Most customers can agree that these snacks have great taste. Unlike some of the other nutritious sports bar that you find out there, these aren't Bland or have a bad taste to them at all. They're packed full of flavors thanks to the all-natural ingredients. Of course, everyone has a flavor they like better than another one. Not everyone thinks that all of them taste as great, but the vast majority of consumers have at least one flavor that they absolutely love.


Sometimes getting up in the morning and getting to the gym can be a little difficult. Sometimes getting that extra little push to get you through your workout is essential. When you need that little boost to energy to get you started, then reach for one of these snack bites. Packed full of nutritional goodness that can help give you the energy you need to make it through your workout.

Customers love that they can get a little energy boost without all the unnecessary caffeine and sugar from other products. Eating a whole package (two squares) of these about an hour or two before you head to the gym, or eating a square every half hour or so while you're there, you can help give you the push that you need so you can push yourself.


One of the biggest complaints about this product is the cost. It has a much higher price tag than a lot of competitors. Keep in mind, they do use a lot of organic and all-natural ingredients, but so do a lot of other brands.

Customers love the taste and the energy boost they get when they eat this. They can appreciate that it can help push them through their workouts. However, a lot of them don't like the cost. They simply believe that it's not entirely worth all the extra money.

That said, if you have the money to splurge or you want to use the snack bars as a reward for reaching your goals at the gym, then you probably won't regret it. Most customers genuinely do love this product.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a quick snack that is easy to eat and even easier to digest, then you come to the right place. The Enduro Real Food Energy Bar Is a great option to have on hand when you need a little boost to get you through your workout. Customers love the great taste and even higher nutritional value. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean it has to be Bland.

Yes, this product does have a reasonably high price tag which turns a lot of customers away. However, if you have a little bit of extra money to splurge, then customers think that this product is well worth it.