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Staying safe has never looked so good thanks to the Emmabin LED Armband. This fun and colorful band makes it easier for passersby to see you when it’s dark making it less likely you’ll get into an accident. Every purchase has four different colored bands including pink, green, blue, and orange. This lets you match the Emmabin with all your favorite outfits and keeps you looking fresh while you train.

Whether you like running, walking, or cycling the Emmabin LED Armband makes the perfect companion. It is battery operated and offers a 360° glow for added safety. A slap band style makes it super easy to wear because there aren’t any annoying fasteners to deal with. Both children and adults will enjoy this effortless design that makes staying safe that much easier. 

The Emmabin armband is one-size-fits-all which means there are enough for the whole family in just one pack. It’s great to have an economical choice of safety gear because most options are just too pricey. With this one, you get great value for your money! The only drawback is its non-rechargeable battery that will need to be replaced every so often. This isn’t an eco-friendly design, but luckily, the batteries last for quite a while before they need replacing.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 360° Glow
  • 4 Colorways
  • Multi-Pack
  • Increases Visibility
  • Slap Band
  • Non-Rechargeable Battery


The Emmabin LED Armband offers something unique compared to other safety lights. Its 360° ultra-high visibility makes this a great choice for all of your athletic activities. This slap band gives you a super-bright glow-in-the-dark safety feature that you can wear just about anywhere. Try it on your forearm, upper arm, ankle, or even through your belt loop.

A slap band is so easy to operate and makes for effortless on-off use. There are no fasteners yet it is completely adjustable. This means you can customize the way it fits to suit your body which makes it one of the more practical and comforting choices available.

The Emmabin LED Armband is a stylish choice of safety gear! Choose from a selection of cool colorways including orange, green, yellow and pink to suit your style. Every color is neon and glows in the dark.


The Emmabin LED Armband is a one-size-fits-all option. The slap band style easily adjusts to practically any arm size which makes it a universal fit. Slap bands are so convenient because it will simply overlap itself if you have a smaller arm.

The dimensions are 4cm x 35cm which means it will easily fit both adults and children alike. This band wears on your leg, arm, ankle, or just about anywhere else you can think of. You can even attach it to strollers for added safety.

The Emmabin LED Armband is an elastic material that makes it more flexible. This means it will never feel stiff or uncomfortable while it's on. The elasticity ensures the band won’t move no matter how sweaty you are. This is important for athletes because sweating is a natural part of exercising and it can easily interfere with your gear.


Some running bands just aren’t comfortable to wear. The materials are too heavy or don’t allow for any airflow around the skin. This will make you hot and sweaty and will lead to irritation from the material rubbing against moist skin. When fabric continuously rubs it causes friction-related irritation that gets pretty darn uncomfortable after a while.

The Emmabin LED Armband utilizes TPU light-guided tubing covered by nylon fabric. Nylon is an excellent material because of it’s breathable structure. It has an open-weave that allows more air to pass through while also wicking excess moisture away from the skin. Moisture-control is a must while you train, otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and your skin will be easily irritated.


The Emmabin LED Armband uses safe TPU light-guided tubing. The tubing enables full 360° glow which makes you easier for other passersby’s to see. Many options available only glow in a small area which doesn’t do much to help people see you in low-lighting. Whereas, with the full band lighting design it illuminates the entire surrounding area from all sides.

People approaching from your front or back must be able to see you. This is why you want an armband that lights fully so that it covers all viewpoints. Having this feature ensures it’s easy for others to see you even in the dark.


The Emmabin LED Armband is battery operated. This enables it to give a continuous glow and powers the safety light feature. A small lithium CR2032 button battery gives you between 50-70 hours of use before you need to replace it. This means that you have to replace the battery relatively frequently, though they are quite inexpensive and sell in multi-packs for better value.

The Emmabin LED Armband is not rechargeable so keep in mind that you do need to use a replaceable battery. Some people find this a bit off-putting, especially considering the environmental and financial drawbacks. However, if you don’t mind using a disposable battery then this is a great option to consider. There aren’t many armbands available that you can charge, most use a battery-powered source that would need replacing.

The plus side of this style is never having to worry about recharging. It’s a pain if you forget because you won’t be able to head straight out but have to wait for your battery to charge. I would recommend bringing an extra battery after a few runs just to be sure that you don’t end up powerless halfway through your route.


The Emmabin LED Armband is a cool looking choice that glows for added effect. Each purchase includes four different colored armbands which include: pink, orange, green, and blue. The colors appear neon which makes them stand out more and is a trending look right now.

It’s nice to have different colors to choose from because you can match them with your outfits. You can also use different colors for different body parts or put two different colored bands over top of each other. Having the two contrasting colors beside each other will make you stand out even more, which is the whole point of wearing a safety band in the first place!


Exercise equipment is expensive which is why you don’t want to end up paying a fortune for a safety band. An Emmabin armband is an inexpensive option that is more economical than most. Every purchase includes multiple bands for an affordable price.

Choose between a two or four-pack which means you get enough for the whole family. This is the perfect product to keep your children and pets safer after dark and the fact that its one-size-fits-all means you won’t have to buy a separate one for smaller children.

Your kids will enjoy wearing the Emmabin LED Armband because of its slap-style that is fun and easy to wear. This design is already popular with school-aged children only they get the added benefit of increased safety while wearing this one.

The only downside to this option is having to replace the battery fairly often. It takes a lithium battery that will only last for somewhere between 50-70 hours of use. Luckily, the batteries are fairly inexpensive and also come in multi-packs for better value. Some people would prefer a rechargeable design because it’s more eco-friendly and eliminates the expense of having to replace the battery every so often.


Staying safe while you exercise is a must, but it’s tough, especially after dark, That’s why you need an extra layer of security when you’re out and about. The Emmabin LED Armband is just the thing you need to help other passersby see you even when it’s dark out.

With a powerful LED glow, this band makes it easy for people to see you. It also helps them to assess how far away you are. The Emmabin armband’s offer TPU light-guided tubing that enables full 360° glow. This means people approaching from behind will be able to see the light too. Similar items only have a small area that glows whereas, this one illuminates all over the whole band.

With so many distracted drivers out and about it’s dangerous running or exercising after dark but sometimes you just don’t have the time when it’s light out. That’s why you must invest in a secondary piece of equipment that keeps you safer. An Emmabin Armband is a great choice to consider! It makes you that much easier for divers and other passersby to spot even when it’s dark outside.


The Emmabin LED Armband offers a solid combination of materials that make it more comfortable to wear. Its elasticized band is flexible and won’t feel stiff while you wear. This is important because every movement you make would be uncomfortable if the band had no give. It could also start to irritate the area by restricting the way you move.

TPU light-guided tubing gives off a powerful glow that lets drivers see you better at night. A soft nylon lining material lets plenty of air circulate your skin preventing excessive sweat. If your skin smothers then you will quickly overheat and that area will likely become irritated from the constant friction against the moisture.

So many slap bands consist of hard materials that aren’t flexible at all. This makes the slap feature work properly, but the Emmabin band manages to combine the flexibility you want with the convenient no-fastener functionality of a slap band.


Some exercise gear is just too difficult to clean but Emmabin armbands are nice and simple. It disassembles for effortless care and the nylon washes well with water. It’s important that your equipment not be tough to clean because it’s easy for this kind of gear to smell bad.

When we exercise, we sweat, it’s just a fact of life. So having gear that you can’t clean regularly is the easiest way to smell. Most armbands are anything but easily cleaned, but this one is. That’s why it’s such a great choice for athletes who know the difference between a good product and a not so great one.0999op

Bottom Line

Overall, the Emmabin LED Armband is a great choice for athletic lifestyles. It is an effective piece of safety gear that makes it easier for drivers and other passersby to see you when it’s dark. Life doesn’t always enable you to exercise during daylight hours which is why you want to invest in additional safety gear if you plan on training after dark.

Unlike similar designs, this one offers a full 360° glow which utilizes TPU light-guided tubing. The tubings’ soft nylon lining material feels good against your skin and helps control moisture by wicking excess sweat away from your skin. The nylon fabric is easy to wash with water and the unit itself disassembles for easy cleaning.

Having that full 360° glow is even safer than your average band with a small lit-up surface. This way passersby can see you clearly while approaching from behind or in front of you. This is a must while exercising at night, otherwise, you’re in danger of a collision.

The Emmabin LED Armband has a cool slap band design that makes it so easy to operate. One-size-fits-all so there are enough bands for the whole family in just one package. Or, if you enjoy running with your dog in tow attach a band around their leg or collar to help drivers see them in the dark.

I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys outdoor exercise after dark. It is a sensible solution to your safety concerns and isn't too expensive. The only drawback is its lithium battery that needs replacing after 50-70 hours of use. Besides this issue, there isn't much about Emmabin armbands worth complaining over.