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These slip-on sneakers have a unique style. The tongue is attached to the upper all around, making the need for laves nonexistent. However, they still added eyelets to the design for aesthetics. It’s definitely different enough to catch people’s attention as they walk by.

The upper of these sneakers are built with panels of nylon knit and leather. Sixty-five percent is leather and thirty-five percent is nylon. There is a pull tab on the back to make for easier donning and they are slip-on style. Attached to the eyelets on the outside of the shoe is a tag that has humorous instructions printed on it. The rubber outsole consists of three layers and two colors. It is thick and ridged, allowing for optimal grip and support.

Typically, these sneakers are available in sizes seven through twelve in whole and half sizes. These sizes are only offered in medium width; there is not an option for narrow or wide accommodation. If you do find that you need more of an adjustable fit, you can always utilize the lacing system.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great grip and support
  • Comfortable
  • Slip-on design
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Versatile
  • No narrow/wide width
  • Expensive


Renzo Rosso is the name of the man who founded Diesel. He began his story by stitching jeans on his mother’s machine when he was fifteen years old. He produced low-riding and bell-bottomed jeans when he first started. Wearing his jeans during his daily life was how he decided to advertise them.

Renzo began working for a company called Moltex in 1976. The company manufactured clothing and its owner was a man named Adriano Goldschmied. He continued to work for Moltex for two years and then he decided to ask his father for a loan to purchase a forty percent holding. Rosso then changed the company name to Diesel and being marketing jeans among that brand name and others.

Five hundred thousand dollars is what it took to purchase Goldschmied’s interest in Diesel. Rosso did this in 1985. In doing so, he became the sole owner of the company. Mexico and the United States both licensed Russ Togs, Inc to sell Diesel brand products in 1990. Russ Togs, unfortunately, went under in 1991 and sold Rosso the Diesel Sportswear brand.

Keeping up with the fashion trends, Diesel launched its first retail website in 1995, displaying images of their collections. In 1997, the first pair of Diesel jeans were sold online. A virtual store was then opened, which offered home delivery.

Diesel’s products are manufactured in Italy. There are five thousand stores within eighty countries, as well as two hundred and seventy stores that feature one Diesel brand.


A combination of nylon knit material and leather is what makes up the upper of the S-le. Sixty-five percent is made of leather and thirty-five percent is made of nylon. The upper also features a pull tab on the back to make it easier to slip into them.

The upper of a shoe is important for a few reasons. You need your foot to be at least somewhat protected from the elements, more or less depending on the activity. You’ll want to be protected from moisture and dirt, punctures, abrasions, foot sweat and odor, ankle injuries, etc.

The leather portion of the upper of this sneaker will help keep your feet cool and dry by absorbing your sweat and/or other moisture and expelling it as vapor. The leather is also flexible and will conform to the shape of your foot over time. The nylon knit will also help keep you cool with increased airflow and provide you with comfort via flexibility.

The leather is a more durable material and will better stand up to stains, abrasions, moisture, and punctures. The nylon will give you some protection in these areas, but not near as much as the portions of the sneaker where leather is used.


The outsole on the Diesel S-le sneakers is made of three layers of rubber in two tones. It was designed to be thick and have deep ridges, allowing the shoe to have optimal grip and support. Rubber soles are desirable in the footwear industry because they are flexible and comfortable; more so than the alternative leather soles.

They are made to be thicker than the leather soles because they’re typically designed for more rugged/active terrain/wear. The more thickness there is means the more support there is for your feet, and thus, your whole body. Being triple layered, these soles should be able to provide ample support for your day.

Rubber is not a breathable material, like leather, so that is one disadvantage. Your soles won’t be able to provide airflow in these sneakers, but the upper does the job just fine. The thicker look makes them less “classy” but exponentially more functional. Rubber is very durable as long as it’s cared for properly. When it does wear out, it will either be expensive to replace the sole, or you won’t have the option to replace the sole at all.


Having even just adequate airflow/breathability in a pair of shoes is crucial to the overall experience of spending a day in them. It only makes sense. If you’re walking around all day in a pair of shoes that have little to no airflow, you’re going to become uncomfortable, probably rather quickly.

When your feet don’t have a way to get rid of excess heat, you’ll end up stepping in your own sweat all day. This will cause bacteria to grow and an odor to have a chance to form. It can also cause irritation to your skin. All of this can lead to poor foot health, thus causing pain and discomfort that is just simply unnecessary.

The airflow provided by the S-le sneakers is definitely sufficient. The nylon knit is just that-knit. This means that the portions of the upper with this material are automatically going to have more airflow. Even the portions that are made of leather still have adequate airflow. Leather has the unique quality of being able to absorb moisture and expel it.

Even though the outsole is not breathable, you will still have plenty of airflow from the upper material. At the end of the day, depending on your own feet and adventure, you should be able to step out of dry, odorless shoes.


There are many things about these sneakers that can offer you all-day comfort. The top of the sneaker supports your Achilles heel but then dips down on the sides to fall below your ankle bones, giving you more freedom for pivoting and changing direction easily. Having a slip-on design, for a lot of people, means instant comfort because it is similar to sliding into a pair of slippers.

The tongue is not separate from the upper. They are stitched together, eliminating the need for a lacing system, though they still included one for aesthetics. Of course, you’re more than welcome to utilize the eyelets since they’re there. If you decide to use laces, having the customization freedom to loosen and tighten the shoes at will is going to prove useful.

The thick triple layered rubber sole will provide plenty of support for your feet which will take the pressure off of your arches, shins, calves, thighs, hips, and back. This detail could save you from some pain and discomfort related to being on your feet.

The flexible and contouring leather on the upper of the sneaker will provide comfort in multiple ways. The flexibility will give you comfort as soon as you step into them. The contouring ability will give you comfort continually as it forms to the shape of your foot more and more over time. The leather will also help keep your feet dry and cool, which will undoubtedly result in more comfort.


There are two options as far as the color scheme of this sneaker. You can choose between black or star white. Each comes with its own set of contrasting and accent color detailing. Each would be fairly easy to match any outfit choice with as well. The fact that these sneakers are casual and versatile helps a lot with matching clothes and colors too.

The black option consists of an all black (varying shades) upper, orange details around the opening of the shoe and on the underside of the eyelets, a grey pull tab at the Achilles heel, and two shades of grey on the outsole. You can play it safe and pair black with black, or you can decide to be bold and wear bright colors such as orange, yellow, red, or purple to compliment and/or contrast the orange detailing of the sneaker.

The star white option consists of an upper that has panels of white, off white, and black, orange details around the opening of the shoe and on the underside of the eyelets, a black pull tab at the Achilles heel, and tones of off-white and dark grey on the outsole. Play it safe and wear white, black, or brown colors on top, or be bold and wear contrasting and/or complementary colors to orange from the color wheel.

No matter what you choose, you will pick out your clothes with ease thanks to the simplicity of the design of this sneaker. Any colors and any styles will easily pair with the Diesel S-le in either color option.


The fit of a shoe is obviously extremely important for so many reasons. You need to be able to have a shoe that at least gives you the illusion that it is catered to the size and shape of your feet. Shoes that have lacing systems, zippers, clasps, and narrow and wide widths are great choices for people who need the flexibility of customizing the fit of their shoes.

While this sneaker is not intended for use with laces because it is a slip-on shoe, it does have a lacing system still. You are more than welcome to make use of it. Although, the tongue is sewn to the upper, so there may not be as much room for adjustment as you’d typically expect from a lacing system.

This sneaker doesn’t have any zippers or clasps or buckles to help with the fit. Nor does it come in narrow or wide widths to accommodate those who need these sizes. Because of these facts, people who have foot pain, discomfort, swelling, diabetes symptoms, or plantar fasciitis may want to heavily consider what they need and do not need out of a sneaker.


The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of these sneakers speaks to the longevity of their life. Both rubber and leather have outstanding reputations of being able to last many, many years when properly cared for. Make sure that you have the proper cleaning supplies needed for your specific shoe so that you can extend the life of your shoes as much as possible, thus helping extend the life of your wallet.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that are casual enough to throw on for pretty much any occasion, yet are comfortable enough to last for pretty much any occasion, you may have found your match. These sneakers are set to keep you looking great and feeling great as long as you need.

The laid back, easy going style will come in handy for walks, workouts, dinners, work, etc. You can even keep a spare pair in the trunk of your car for those spontaneous adventures that we all have (or wish we had), replacements for emergencies, or to act as a hero in a pinch for someone else.

Keep on walking through your day without having to worry about whether or not your feet are sweating profusely and producing the odor everyone is smelling in the office. These sneakers provide plenty of airflow to keep your feet dry, cool, odorless, and healthy. If you are someone who has more issues with this than others, you may want to invest in powder to help with the sweat and odor to prevent bacteria and poor foot health.

You will be protected from the elements by the triple-layered, sturdy rubber outsole and the durable leather upper.