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The “dad sneaker” receives a makeover with a modern twist with a monoblock outsole, neoprene heel, and double density EVA midsole. It is the perfectly crafted details of the upper that gives this sneaker its crisp, trendy look. There are three materials used in harmony to make up the upper of the shoe. These materials include leather, suede, and nylon. Layering these materials gives the shoe more dimension.

There is an extra piece of material where the first metal eyelet for the laces is that includes the Diesel logo. The top of the tongue is also stamped with the logo. These sneakers come in sizes seven through twelve, in whole and half sizes, except for twelve and a half. The color options available include balsam green/dark forest, indigo, pirate black/black, and star white.

The Diesel brand has been a leader in the denim and casual fashion world for a long time, known for going outside and ahead of trends in the industry. At the time of Diesel’s founding, diesel was considered an alternative energy source. Because of this, it was an appropriate word to represent an alternative taste in casual wear. Diesel always retains its roots, and in recent years has evolved into the world of premium casual wear.

Diesel has successfully become an alternative to the established luxury market. They produce no less than three thousand new products each and every season. Each product comes from great creative freedom, thus ensuring consistent innovation.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Double density midsole
  • Quality materials
  • Trusted brand
  • Suitable for many terrains
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • High price
  • No narrow/wide size


The Diesel brand got its start in 1978 when Renzo Rosso founded the company. He chose the name Diesel for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was easily understood and people all around the world pronounced it the same way. This international lifestyle company produces a broad range of clothing and accessories in a few different collections. These collections include Diesel, Diesel Black Gold, and Diesel Kid.

The founders’ vision was that the brand would always operate with a hunger for self-expression and distinctiveness. The Diesel brand has experienced immense growth since it opened its doors. They have acquired a positive reputation in the denim and fashion market, grown to be known for thinking outside of the box and always being a step ahead of the game.

The brand actually offers much more than just apparel. They have also developed many other products such as watches and jewelry, bicycles, strollers, and even a complete home collection.


There are three materials used in harmony as the upper material of the Diesel S-Brentha. These materials are leather, suede, and nylon. There are benefits and disadvantages to each of these materials, such is the case with all things.

What you get from suede material is a very fancy, unique, smooth look. The texture and feel are captivating, making it a great material for aesthetics. It is definitely a plus for those wanting to up their style game. The disadvantage of suede material is that it is very easy to get clean. Snow and rain does horrors to suede if you don’t keep them clean and cared for properly.

Leather gives you comfort by being flexible and contouring to the shape of your foot over time. It will also help to keep your feet dry and cool by absorbing moisture and expelling it as vapor. The leather isn’t as easy to get dirty/stained/ruined as suede. You can wash most anything off of the material with water without affecting the shoe.
Leather looks polished and can be worn in virtually all environments/situations (besides walking in creeks or mountain climbing, of course).

You’ll always look clean and sharp in leather as long as you take care of it. The downside to leather is that it is not animal-friendly, considering it is made from their hide. It is also more expensive than other materials, but that’s because it’s more durable.

Lastly, the nylon part of the upper. Nylon was the worlds first synthetic fiber. It is a plastic polymer that is made by joining adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine. The end result is a breathable, sturdy, lightweight fabric. One of the coolest things about nylon is that it is resilient; able to stretch up to thirty-three percent its length and proceed to go back to its original shape.

Nylon is also abrasion resistant (even more so than wool), static resistant (not initially, but technology has helped), quick drying (absorbs less than eight percent of its weight in water), and mildew resistant.
A downside to nylon fabric is that it is typically acid dyed. When the acid dye is used instead of solution dye, the material is more likely to have issues with bleaching, fading, reactions to certain liquids, etc.


The midsole is double density EVA. In double density shoes, the outsole is typically around three millimeters thick with a density of one. The next layer (midsole) has a density of around 0.45. Better resistance to abrasion and more protection are offered by double density shoes. They are more expensive, but they will also last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Double density midsoles have quickly become a favorite among the protective footwear companies. The midsole of the shoe is very important because it is the source of the majority of cushioning in a shoe. EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate which is a copolymer that is similar to rubber. Today, most running and casual shoes have midsoles that are made from EVA.

One great thing about EVA material is that it tends to be soft and cushioned and demands very little as far as a break-in period. Double density shoes are actually climate controlling as well. The material allows the feet to stay insulated and warm when the weather is cold. When the weather is hot, the material will give you air circulation, keeping your feet cool.

The comfort constantly provided by the EVA double density midsole will go a long way when you’re facing a daunting day spent on your feet. The extra cushioning will make all the difference. They are also pretty durable. They can withstand temperatures that raise up to two hundred and three degrees Fahrenheit. All of these characteristics contribute to the reasons why EVA double density midsoles are logical and cost-effective.


The outsole of this sneaker is rubber and considered a monoblock style sole. Monoblock means that the heel and the sole are together as a single unit. Typically, this style of a sole is utilized in casual shoes, sports shoes, and boots. High heels, for example, would have a heel and sole that are separate.

Rubber soles have quite a few advantages. They have great wear resistance, meaning you go harder and farther before your shoes have had enough. Rubber is also waterproof, offering your feet additional protection from the elements. Since rubber is thick and sturdy, it will protect you from punctures better than other materials and will throw in some bonus comfort.

The flexibility of rubber typically makes shoes comfortable right off the bat. This means you won’t have to wear them around the house for a week before braving wearing them for a whole day. If you have foot problems, this may not be true for you so keep in mind you may have to still break them in.

Great shock absorption will keep you comfortable and help protect the rest of your body from pain, discomfort, and fatigue. Shock absorption takes the energy from each foot strike instead of making your legs and back take the beating. Rubber is a bit heavy though so your legs may still become fatigued from long walks.


Thanks to the multiple color options available, it should be easy to match these sneakers with anything you’ve got in your closet. The color options that are offered in the S-brentha are balsam green, indigo, pirate black, and star white.

The green sneaker has accents of yellow and orange on the sole near the heel, at the opening, and in the middle of the tongue (the piece of fabric that keeps the laces in place). Since there are already multiple colors incorporated in this shoe, you may not want to add more colors to your outfit. It would be safe to keep the same color scheme going, but if you’re not a “safe” person, feel free to have fun with it!

The indigo sneaker looks like blue jean material, with different shades of blue mixed in to look more authentic. The opening of the shoe is colored yellow and the fabric in the middle of the tongue is orange. You can pair any color with these shoes, just like with your denim jeans.

The black option is all black, except a bit of grey and white in the sole and yellow around the opening of the shoe. You can match anything with black as long as the shades are correct. The colors that are hard to match with black are brown and blue. It may be in your best interest to keep it classic and wear all black, or be bold and mix some bright colors in your outfit.

The last option is a star white. The sole includes yellow and light blue accents. The opening of the shoe is, surprise, yellow. White can easily be paired with all shades of all colors. In this case, be sure to choose colors that go well with the yellow and light blue (maybe other shades of these colors).


These sneakers offer as much comfort as they could fit in every detail. The upper material is a perfect blend of premium suede, leather, and nylon. It is flexible and breathable, allowing for a very little break in time and dryer, cooler feet. The leather is special because it can absorb the moisture from the inside of your shoe and expel it as vapor, a characteristic that no other material shares.

There are five eyelets in the lacing system of this sneaker. This allows for adjustments to achieve a secure, comfortable fit for your feet; even when they swell from being on them for a long time.

The midsole, which is responsible for most of the cushioning in a shoe, is double density EVA. This material is soft and capable of climate control. They will give you step-in comfort as well as insulation in the cold and good air circulation in the heat.


The eyes are instantly attracted to these shoes with their sleek, just barely below the ankle, modern design. The majority of the shoe is a solid color with pops of brighter colors in the soles, on the tongue, and around the opening; offering a contrast that is dramatic enough to look great but subtle enough to not be too loud.

The top eyelet is larger than the rest and attached to an extra piece of material that is sewn onto the upper. It is just another detail that adds to the appealing look of these sneakers. They are versatile enough that they can be worn with any color and style outfit for workouts, walking, employment, etc.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

While the Diesel S-brentha sneaker may come with a hefty price tag and is only offered in medium width (no narrow wide widths), they do make up for their shortcomings with many other desirable features. They may nickname this style of a shoe the “dad shoe”, but there is nothing about this sneaker that screams forty-year-old dad. Whether you’re fifteen or seventy-five, you can wear whatever you want, including these sleek, attractive sneakers.

Adding to the appeal of this sneaker is the comfort level that is provided by the flexible, breathable leather/suede/nylon upper, the double density midsole made of cushioned EVA, and the flexible, yet sturdy, rubber outsole.

Step into your day and tackle whatever comes your way in the stylish, updated “dad shoe” that will have all of the other dads asking where to get a pair.