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Whether you’re a hiker or not, everyone loves socks that are supportive, breathable, comfortable, and protective. Darn Tough Vermont’s have all of that, and more. In every detail of the design, there was careful consideration. 

These socks have a performance fit, meaning they won’t bunch up, slide around, or cause blisters. The knitting process used for these socks is fine gauge knitting, which adds to the durability of the Vermont sock. The materials used in the construction of this sock pull moisture away from the skin, thus keeping it dry, cool, and protected from odor, bacteria, and foot problems. Antimicrobial properties will help to repel odor and bacteria as well.

Darn Tough Vermont’s were built tough so that they could perform in all weather conditions. They’re also designed to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The merino wool that is most present in this sock was chosen for its comfort and breathability, no matter the weather. The seamless design helps to give you an extra comfortable experience that leaves you feeling like you don’t even have socks on.

These socks come with a satisfaction guarantee that has no time limit, no conditions, no strings attached – for life. 

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Odor control



Some dislike snugness


The Darn Tough company was started in Vermont by people who lived there and is, to this day, operating there. Vermont provides the perfect inspiration and testing grounds to help the design team make the best All-Weather socks possible. The state has the most unforgiving climate of the lower forty-eight states, and they snowboard, ski, bike, run and hike in it. These conditions are what help the team design their ideas, test them, and then manufacture them.

The only thing Darn Tough is focused on is producing a product that is better than any the world can offer. Every time they bring a new product to the table, they get back to the drawing board to beat their own reputation. The drive to achieve their goals and the dedication of the staff is what keeps the company going.

Darn Tough runs just one mill. Every single stitch of knitting happens there. All in Northfield, Vermont. By operating under one single roof, it affords the company to have complete control and produced better quality products. Vermont’s from Darn Tough are unmatched in durability, fit, and comfort.


The materials used in the construction of Darn Tough Vermont are Merino Wool (59%), Nylon (39%), and Lycra Spandex (2%). These materials work in unison to provide you with the perfect blend of breathability, comfort, stretch, snugness, and temperature control.

Merino Wool, which makes up 59% of Darn Tough Vermont, is the best fiber to use for comfort and breathability in all weather conditions. The moisture-wicking ability of wool will keep your feet dry and comfortable whether it’s cold or hot outside.

Nylon has 39% of Vermont, and in that portion, it provides you with strength against burst and tears, uniformity, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, air permeability, and more. Nylon isn’t as breathable as the wool, and it doesn’t wick up any moisture, but that is the wool’s job. If you like socks that contain nylon, check these out.

Lycra “spandex” is made by DuPont and it doesn’t contain any rubber or natural latex. Elastane and spandex are the same things, but elastane is known worldwide whereas spandex is a US term. The Lycra, which is just 2% of the material in Darn Tough Vermont will provide shape retention, a secure fit, comfort, durability, and flexibility. For more spandex products, check here.


Blisters on the feet happen when your socks are too loose, move around, bunch up, or fall down. Excessive heat will also cause blisters on your feet. These can become very uncomfortable and painful if you don’t take care of them as soon as you know they’re there.

A proper fit that is meant to stay on and can wick up the moisture from your sweat can be a major help in deterring blisters. The breathability of the material in Darn Tough Vermont will keep your feet dry and cool (or warm in the winter). Always check your feet for sore or red spots that could turn into blisters every time you take your shoes off. There are lots of tips to treat sore feet.

The spandex and nylon are going to help give you support and flexibility, as well as a secure and comfortable fit. These materials will minimize the friction you would typically experience from a sock that isn’t form-fitting. Because Vermont won’t move around, you won’t experience chafing either.

If they do happen to become sopping wet, make sure that you take them off at your earliest convenience and swap them out for a different pair. If you think there’s a chance you will need an extra pair, be sure to keep some on hand. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Another pair of anti-blister socks that could work are these.


Part of what makes Darn Tough Vermont so special is the way they are stitched together. The style is called fine gauge knitting. In the simplest terms, fine gauge knitting produces thinner, more lightweight items. It is commonly used in the construction of cardigans.

“Gauge” is the word used to describe the number of stitches per inch of fabric. The higher numbers mean there are more stitches, which also means that the material being stitched needs to be thinner. Yarns like cashmere and merino (used for Darn Tough Vermont) are finer, making them softer and thinner than regular cotton or wool. Finer stitching also means better durability. If you’re looking for thicker socks, try these.


Even if you’re wearing shoes that have adequate breathability, it won’t matter all that much if what’s inside of them doesn’t support the cause. You need socks that will aid in keeping your feet comfortable and dry.

The merino wool that is used to make Darn Tough Vermont is breathable merino wool. The material will help to provide ventilation, wick away moisture, control the temperature, and protect your feet from foot odors that can cause bacteria and disease. For other foot odor products, check here.

The wool was strategically chosen, as was the fine gauge stitching, to make a sock that would be thin enough to be comfortable yet thick enough to protect. You can have both breathability and support. Nylon and spandex are placed in just the right areas to keep your socks functional and help to resist any issues.

Wool is very great at wicking moisture. Very great as in it can hold one-third of its own weight in moisture that it has collected from your feet or external elements. Keep in mind, if you plan on sweating a lot or getting your feet wet, pack an extra pair to protect yourself from abrasions, irritation, rashes, blisters, diseases, and odors.


Darn Tough Vermont is functional in both summer and winter. Most people assume if something is made of wool it must be way too warm to wear in the summer. Those people are incorrect, at least when it comes to wool that is thin and soft. The wool in these socks can perform to their best ability in both winter and summer.

The lightweight and breathable wool is going to keep your feet happy whether you’re running long distances, hiking in the woods, or sitting on the porch. Your feet won’t become overly sweaty because the wool will wick it up, thus keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

When it comes to winter wear, it doesn't matter if your winter boots are warm. You need socks to back them up. If you wear ones made of cotton, your feet are more likely to perspire and because cotton doesn’t wick it up, you will end up with wet feet which will result in cold and uncomfortable feet. Fine gauge knitted wool is a great insulator that wicks up moisture to keep feet comfortable in any weather.

If you want to check out cotton socks, look here.


From head to toe, the most important thing is that you are comfortable. In your skin and in what you are wearing. Darn Tough is aware of this, that is why every detail in this sock is there with comfort in mind. Of course, durability, stability, breathability, flexibility, etc are important factors. But if you think about it, they all will cause comfort, and without them, discomfort. It’s really a team effort.

Darn Tough Vermont is made with a True Seamless design. This means that the seam was designed to be undetectable. The technique results in a premium smooth, unnoticeable feel. Seamless socks will work to reduce irritation caused by stitching. This irritation often results in sores and/or blisters. Nobody wants that.

The cushioning inside is mid-level underfoot. This creates a warm and comfortable experience no matter the conditions. The cushion is set up to rebound all day long, keeping you on the trails, in the parks, on your feet longer. If you’re on your feet all day, you may want to check out these foot care tips.


Creating for performance, Darn Tough Vermont is form-fitting with enough give to comfortably move with you, stride for stride. The ribbed support won’t allow your socks to slip off or bunch up, protecting you from sores and blisters that could lead to worse issues. Some consumers have reported that the sock runs small, however, keep in mind that they are supposed to be a more snug fit to provide support.

The height of these socks is considered to be micro-crew. This is a shorter style of the original crew height. The top of the sock lands just above where your standing hiking boots would come to. This ensures that your shins and calves are protected from abrasions and irritations. For other boot-length socks, check here.


If you’re somebody who struggles with foot odor, you are not alone. There are so many people who have this embarrassing issue. Even if your feet are concealed inside of socks and/or shoes, the odors that are being produced will still be present in the room. Nobody wants that.

The great news is that this is a problem that can be solved. An act as simple as purchasing ones that are treated with antimicrobial properties can free you from the prison of constantly worrying whether people can smell your feet or not.

An antimicrobial treatment will prevent bacteria from growing in the fabric. This will ward off odors. Bacteria in your skin feed off of components in your sweat. This is why they multiply in your socks if you sweat a lot. Without breathable and antimicrobial, they will feast on your sweat, their waste will multiply and grow and thus create the smell.


One of the most important things to look for when you’re purchasing any kind of product is whether or not it comes with a warranty or a money-back guarantee. Darn Tough understands that not everybody has the same taste and the same shaped feet. There are many reasons someone may be dissatisfied with a pair of socks.

Therefore, they are guaranteed for life. There aren’t any conditions nor strings attached. If your Darn Tough Vermont socks aren’t the most durable, comfortable, form-fitting ones you’ve owned, you may return them (no questions asked) for a different pair of socks.

Bottom Line

Some of the great features of Darn Tough Vermont include durability, comfort, support, flexibility, secure fit, breathability, all-season temperature control, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial properties for odor control, along with fine-gauge knitting and a seamless toe.

The socks are slightly on the expensive side. However, they are designed for top-of-the-line quality in performance. After all, there is a lifetime guarantee, so what do you have to lose? Some consumers aren’t fans of the snug fit. And that is perfectly okay. Everyone’s feet are not built exactly the same. What works for some may not work for others. At the end of the day, it’s worth giving Vermont’s a shot. You can even choose between nine fun color schemes.