Dakine Hot Laps Waist Bag Review

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In 1979, the Dakine brand was founded in Hawaii and soon moved to the mountains of Oregon. Their primary focus has always been packs and various accessories. This makes it is no surprise they are the brains behind products such as the Hot Laps waist bag.

Bikers or hikers looking to ditch the bulk of backpacks will love this compact pack. Specially designed to provide lumbar support and avoid that dreaded back sweat, the Dakine Hot Laps is ready to accompany you on your next fun adventure.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Compact
  • Compression Straps
  • 2L Reservoir
  • Phaser Bite Valve
  • Adequate Storage

Bluesign Approved Material

  • Short Waist Straps
  • Inconvenient Magnet Placement
  • Slightly Pricey


Compression straps are often the most sought after feature on any travel or hydration pack. You may not expect a similar feature in a fanny pack style, but this one from Dakine meets that demand. The compression on this pack ensures that it will stay close to the body even if the bladder isn’t full. No matter how much you have packed into this, or how little, and how full your water reservoir is, you can adjust the Hot Laps to be flush against your back while cycling or hiking. Its adjustable compression straps are on the sides of the pack, so they sit where your hips are. This feature doesn’t limit the width or depth of the bag either, so you can ensure that anything you carry will still be accommodated regardless of how you adjust the compression side straps. Due to the strength of the materials, the straps can be adjusted time and time again without damaging the integrity of the straps, ensuring a long time of use from this product by Dakine.


Some people may not be convinced about switching from a backpack to a fanny-style pack for a whole slew of reasons. There is less space to utilize for transporting necessary items, and if you’re using it as a hydration pack, less fluid capacity. With this in mind, it may not be the easiest for people to justify the cost of an item such as this Dakine Hot Laps. It is priced comparably to some of the lower-end hydration packs, but you can also find some of the full-sized options on sale or discounted at a similar rate as well. You might not want to buy something that is discounted or lower-quality however, and you might not have needs for maximum capacity in your travel gear. If that is the case, you can be perfectly happy with this Dakine Hot Laps. It is worth considering for someone who prefers more minimalism in their endeavors and likes to keep things easy and super portable. Many reviewers found this to be worth its price, which is worth mentioning, but if you are able to get a full-sized backpack at the same cost or only slightly higher, it may prove difficult to justify buying this.

Important Features

One of the best parts of this Dakine Hot Laps is the lifetime warranty. If you have any concerns about the longevity of your gear, a lifetime guarantee will instantly quell them. This fanny pack is made to be ultra-lightweight and easy to use. The compression straps hold it comfortably against you and the bladder that is included with this product by Dakine is lumbar -shaped to help offer the utmost support when wearing it. A feature that the Dakine Hot Laps unfortunately lacks is a belt extender or a longer waist strap. Many customers found that this would not fit comfortably on their waist. Many people hike and cycle who are not svelte or thin, and there is nothing wrong with that. Athletic gear should be able to accommodate those who are built slightly larger or have a larger frame or more belly fat, and this disappointed a lot of people. Getting active makes the body feel good, so products to help you get active should be made with more than just one type of body in mind.


Fabric that is Bluesign approved is essentially tear-proof, something you definitely want if you’re going to be wearing it cycling or hiking. The fabric on the printed version of the Dakine Hot Laps is 600D Bluesign approved, and the solid is 200D Bluesign approved. Not only is this a worry-free fabric that will hold up to the toughest activities, but it is also really easy to maintain, making cleaning and care a breeze. This pack can be hand washed with cold water, mild soap, and a soft brush but if that is too labor-intensive for your liking, you can also toss it into your front-loading washer. If you do decide to go down this route, you are going to want to use a pillowcase or a sock/undergarments bag to ensure it doesn’t get tangled up during washing. Ensure that it is fully dry before storing or reusing to prevent mold or mustiness! A low-maintenance pack such as this one has unlimited possibilities, and you don’t have to worry about taking it out into less than pristine areas!


One of the greatest assets the Dakine Hot Laps has is its compact size. Even if you fill it to the maximum capacity, it remains relatively small and easy to manage regardless of how much you stuff into it. Backpacks can get really bulky, and they can really weigh you down in the outdoors, especially if you are needlessly using a large pack that you don’t necessarily need. This is measuring at only 30cmx18cmx11cm, and its weight is a mere pound. With a full water compartment, this becomes a little bit weighted which can enhance your workout when cycling or hiking, but it won’t feel like you’re dragging it along every time you get active while wearing it. The small size is perfect for the casual traveler or hiker. If you love long walks or short treks in the mountains, the Dakine Hot Laps is equipped to handle that and more. Reviewers fell in love with how discreet this was, it can barely even be seen from the front when wearing it against your lower back. Though it is so small and easy to wear, many found it hard far more space than one would even expect or need for their ride.


Appearances can definitely be deceiving and that was the case for this Hot Laps fanny pack by Dakine. At first glance, you probably wouldn’t think this really had much space inside at all, it is relatively tiny and compact compared to other hydration packs for the trail. Surprisingly, most reviewers felt that there was more than enough room to carry all their essentials. In this tiny pack, a pump, a repair kit for bike emergencies, a first-aid kit, as well as a light covering to store access layers all fit perfectly. Even with a full bladder, there was easy storage of all your needed items, which can be crucial when trying to maintain proper safety while still keeping super portable. The inside is organized with little cubbies for all your things to be in their proper place, a feature that is definitely easy to love for anyone who values a tidy storage pack. If you want something small that still can handle all your necessary things for safety and comfort, then the Dakine Hot Laps is a truly supreme choice.


Fanny packs aren’t exactly cutting-edge. Though we have seen a few come back with the eighties revival styles in recent years, especially for concert goers, it still won’t be necessarily groundbreaking in terms of fashion for you to come out rocking a fanny pack. That being said, this pack really isn’t limited in terms of how it looks. Its printed style is, honestly, quite ugly cute. If you want something to add a bit of flair then you would probably be super happy with the looks that Dakine provides with this. If you just want something sleek and easy to wear for all occasions, their plain black is just that - simple and low key. This isn't the obnoxious fanny pack many come to expect from the style. This is an athletic staple for those that want to cut the bulk and enhance their performance. They have camo and a light gray for those looking to expand their travel-gear horizons. The compression straps taper from thick at the hip to thinner at the tummy, which helps keep this a bit more comfortable, as well as more sleek, when viewing it from the front or side.


One of the biggest things that cyclists dread is getting back sweat from their hydration or backpack. This is honestly a huge price to pay for hydration, and many put up with it because they think there is no other viable option. Waist packs help to avoid the bulk and heat of a full-sized backpack, and thank goodness for that. The incredibly breathable material helps heat flow out and away from the body, where it belongs. Mesh with extreme ventilation is visible from the back of the pack. Where it rests against your body, the material isn’t solid but perforated, giving you the best breathability possible. This may not be very big so it doesn’t cover a lot of your back, but this still makes all the difference for the area which it does cover. Those who like to work up a sweat known that the lower back can get very damp and uncomfortable due to sweat during a workout, and that multiplies when coupled with material fully covering and restricting the area from the outside air. The lightweight and breezy material help to completely avoid these downfalls that a normal pack may succumb to.

Water Capacity

Though this Dakine Hot Laps pack is advertised as 5L, that isn’t the capacity of the bladder itself. The reservoir of this Dakine is actually 2L. This is a fair amount of water for something with such a minimal design, but it may be slightly misleading considering the advertisement of the 5L bag. If you’re reading this, that will be immediately cleared up for you, but for those that don’t research before they buy, this could cause some problems for them when ordering online. The reservoir itself actually isn’t made by Dakine, but the company Hydrapak. This company ensures that their materials are BPA-free, a necessary reassurance in this day and age, especially if you’re planning on frequently using the built-in bladder. This is an easy reservoir to fill and clean and even allows you to add ice if it is your preference. There are a lot of benefits to going outside your brand when choosing the reservoir itself. One being that Hydrapak works especially hard to create hydration solutions because it is the only thing they focus on. The company specifically makes reservoirs and sports water bottles, ensuring their crafted product is going to be top-notch.

Water Flow

So many reviewers raved about the water flow on this Dakine product. It stands to reason that many waist-level storage items such as this one leave a lot to be desired when they have a reservoir and tubing due to having to work against gravity to drink. Dakine figured a solution and utilizes Hydrapak’s Phaser bite valve. If you have ever blown up a pool floatation device, you probably know how this works. You bite on a soft section on the end of the tubing to then signal the water to start flowing down the tube. The tube is then attached to the waist pack with a magnetic attachment. It clips on and off the waist really easily, adding an effortless feature to this already stacked accessory. Reviewers felt this very convenient and easy to use, with a few expressing disappointment that their hand sometimes knocked the drinking hose off of the magnet attaching it, which is an easy fix, as you just have to put it back in place.

Bottom Line

Hydration accessories are great but sometimes you just don’t want all that bulk. Ones that are designed specifically for more convenient and less bulky wear are just one fantastic solution to avoid the additional weight. There were a few very specific complaints about this Dakine product, one being the inadequate waist strap size and another being the slightly high price tag, but otherwise, there were very few negative remarks to be said about this item. Those who want a compact but effective addition to their cycling or hiking gear will be thrilled at the specifications of this Hot Laps by Dakine.